Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring randomness...

Happy first day of spring!

Here is a bit of spring randomness...a little of this and a little of that.

Time to spruce up the urns on my front porch...and the door garden. Don't you love poking around in the dirt after the last blast of cold? Lots of things to do to make things pretty again!


Yesterday, instead of making things pretty outside, I was sorting and moving a few things around inside. I have a few old chests where I store magazines. I pulled these past issues of British Country Living out and flipped through them. I love this magazine!!! It is my favorite! It's like taking a trip to England while sitting on your couch...sipping a cup o' tea, of course.

It features wonderful artisans and their wares. It's pages are full of beautiful landscapes, country homes and farms, scrumptious recipes, gorgeous crafts...just all sorts of wondrous things. 

I have been a fan for years, and have many years worth of issues that I cannot part with, and still pull out from time to time. Every issue is a keeper.

I've decided to hook the borders of Libby Bert. The top I'm hooking as it is draw, but I might make some changes to the bottom. Who knows?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Irish Women

Meet Mary Shore, my Irish great grandmother. I don't know that much about her, other than the fact that she is a link in my Irish roots.

This is Mary's daughter Julia, my grandmother. My Uncle Joe is on her lap.

This lovely lady had a great deal of influence on me when I was young. She still does. 

She was intelligent, witty, graceful, devout...and strong. We were very close. Today, I wear her gold wedding band on my right index finger. She is with me every day.

These are Irish women...my very own.

Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! Annie and I will be preparing a "boiled dinner" today. Corned beef and cabbage, and, as Annie requested, "lots of carrots". The girl loves her carrots...and potatoes. 


Enjoy the day,

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Annie and I got our German bunnies out today. 

I love these sweet brown hares. 

We sprinkled them across the mantle with some real...and not so real greens.

I have stopped buying bunnies to add to this collection. I have enough. I store them in a plastic bin and they all fit nicely into their winter home.  Any more, and they would be squished. The fellow with the cart was the last to join the group. 

I like his expression. They each have their own personality.  

Some are more somber...and some look amused. They all look happy to be out in the sunshine...resting in the green grass.

Are bunnies making an appearance at your house these days?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, March 5, 2015

...a finish...maybe

Libby Bert is finished...well, maybe. 

As I mentioned on an earlier post, I might not hook the top and bottom border and turn her into a pillow with a proddy edge. She would be a large pillow at twenty four inches square. 

With the borders she is 24x36. I haven't decided yet. I'm waiting for a new pattern I ordered to arrive and I want to jump right in hooking it. It is a large rug, but one I have wanted to tackle for a long while. More on that later.

I like Libby Bert. I like her folky face and her colors. She's a funky girl!

Aaaaah...what heralds spring better than Daffodils? 

When I was in high school the Key Club sold daffodils on the first day of spring as a fund raiser.  Every grey blazer...and every black habit...was adorned for the day with a happy yellow flower. I bet they still do it to this day!

I know many of you are still struggling with bitter cold temperatures...and many of you have additional snow. I hope that this is the grand finale for Old Man Winter. It's going to be a messy spring thaw! I think our cold temps are done. Our trees are full of tiny chartreuse leaves and the azaleas are already popping. Hang in there!!!

Enjoy the day,

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Kitchen Window

The robins have arrived at our house!

Mother robin and her baby are nesting in my kitchen window this month.

The month of March is my birthday month, and this year it is what is called a milestone year. I asked my friend, Angela Hillstrom...http://www.ofclothandhand.com/ if she would make a robin for me to help celebrate. Of course, Angela went to work and not only stitched up a wonderful robin...she got my baby girl in as well. Isn't this the sweetest momma bird feeding her baby berries you have ever seen?

Angela's work is so very wonderful...and original! She uses only early fabric and hand stitches every piece. Such clever and creative designs...they are works of art!

Annie loves herself in the red bonnet.  Momma robin is wearing an early doll cape. Her perch is an old rusty spring with berries growing on it.

We will be enjoying this sweet mother robin and her fledgling all month! Annie did ask me where the twinkly lights went. She loves firing them up every evening, so I think they will be back tonight.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Libby Bert & Blooming Roses

I just picked this beauty in my backyard. It is a Don Juan and it has a beautiful scent. This old rosebush just keeps going, turning out roses year after year, for the past twenty some years...even in February.

Making a little progress on "Libby Bert". I was low on a specific blue so I had to order a bit more. Of course it is not the exact color I had, but I will mix it in the best I can. It seems the hooking muses have it out for me lately. Regardless, I am enjoying Libby.

For those of you that asked, the pattern is "Libby Bert". I cannot remember the company and cannot find it anywhere on the internet. Sorry. It is dated 2006 so I've had it a good while. I'm thinking about making her into a pillow with a proddy edge. She'd be cute on my white slipcovered sofa for the summer. Time will tell.

For all of you in the path of this next weather front, stay safe. I know spring is out there somewhere!

Enjoy the day,

Friday, February 20, 2015

Brrrrrr...&..."a pox on that rug!"

We're freezing down here in the Sunshine State! Oh, the sun is still shining, but the temperature is a new low for us. My house was a chilly fifty three degrees this morning...I was forced to fire up the heater. I know these temps in the 30's would be welcomed by many of you at this point, but for us it is wicked cold. 

This is the time of year when our roads are swelled by "snow birds". License tags from the North practically outnumber the locals...Ontario, Michigan, Massachusetts, Ohio. The people in those cars are surely grateful for the 30's...and the sunshine. They will be thanking their lucky stars this weekend when we are back up in the 70's! Count us among the grateful!

Usually, around this time I am gearing up to put my white slipcovers on my living room furniture. The sun gets stronger every day and I don't want to risk fading on my sofa...it gets a lot of sun. 

I took a few pics this morning...a final salute to our "winter" home.

This year I gathered all my Shooner Redware on the bookcases. I've enjoyed it there and might end up leaving it. 

I put the rug I was working on...Thistle Down Moon from Maggie Bonanomi...away for now. I just could not get into it. It wasn't fun anymore. I can't find the book with the original in it, so that was frustrating me. I have a horrible feeling that it might have, accidentally, found it's way into the recycling bin with a pile of magazines. It occurred to me as I was hooking on that rug, that the last couple of rugs I have hooked have been that same pallet...with green leaves and black background. I think I was "bored".

 So, I pulled out this Liberty Bert rug and have been working to finish her. I had all the wool with her, and the backing on which she is drawn is a delight to hook on. I'm convinced the change in colors has restored my enthusiasm.

Have a great weekend...try to stay warm...and safe!

Enjoy the day,