Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Hooking Chair...a new look

So, my hooking chair has a new look. Gone is the mantle...replaced with a lovely old worn pumpkin pine chest...and a black painted shelf. 

I'm loving the colors...love this color combo...black and mustard...perfect this time of year.

I've sprinkled the shelves with some of my favorite things and fall folk art. Here, on one shelf, sits the tiniest Schneeman pumpkin head doll...smiling among the pewter whale oil lamps.

Pumpkin Tyme...Ole Raggs U.S.A., Angela Hillstrom from an original drawing by Lori Brechlin. I have to admit this fine fellow is one of my very favorite pieces. The detail on this little guy is unbelievable. I'm so happy he lives here with us.

Another creation of Angela's is this sweet little witch. Can you see the detail in her shoes and socks?

A few pieces of Shooner redware and some old leather books...I'm looking forward to changing up the shelf to reflect the season.

I'm liking my new hooking corner. Now if I could just get myself into that chair to hook!


We made a trip to Orlando last week for a quick meeting. The Gaylord Palms is a huge resort that is enclosed in a biosphere kinda thing. I took this pic sitting on our balcony. Yes, that's a ship out there...a restaurant, actually. Years ago Annie and I enjoyed a grouper sandwich right there on it's deck. There are huge fish swimming in that aqua blue water. All of this is inside...and air conditioned!

Because of the hurricane, and the many cancelations in Florida hotels, our large group was able to book the rooms and conference rooms needed for our meeting. We practically had the place to ourselves! I hope the Eggs Benedict I enjoyed on this balcony helped their bottom line.

Florida continues to recover from Irma. We have friends who dealt with trees through their roofs and one family who is still using a canoe to get in and out of their home. The arrival of the pumpkins for the Youth Group Pumpkin Patch at the church on the corner of our street...it signaled things were getting back to normal. A welcome yearly adventure is our trip to the patch with the wagon. All is well in suburbia. 

Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year!

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

...after the storm

Hello friends. First, thank you for sending prayers and kind thoughts our way as we prepared for Irma. We so appreciated all your comments.

Second, in view of the devastation in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands by Maria...I can barely bring myself to post about our experience with a Cat 2. I have been struggling to load these pics for a week. Finally, today our internet cooperated so I thought I'd go ahead and share our "week with Irma".

Mr. MW and I spent Saturday before the storm putting up the Fabric Shield and plywood on our windows. It was all ready to go...stored since the last hurricane in the attic. It is still is a big job. My husband worked two fourteen hour days making our house secure. The biggest worries for us...losing the roof...or having a tree come down on us.

front door

We were as prepared as possible...food, water, radio, battery powered candles and lanterns (real candles give off too much heat when you loose power).  By Sunday afternoon the winds and rain had picked up so we hunkered down in our sunroom. We have hurricane windows there and we also put up the Fabric Shield. 

Annie, sleeping late after a scary night. Those little seed l.e.d lights stayed on all day and night.

We lost power very early Sunday evening.  The three of us slept on the chaises where we usually watch tv. 

We left the back door...a hurricane proof door...uncovered for an exit and for light. 

Mr. MW put this little plant outside the backdoor...our canary in the coal mine.

It was still there and upright after the storm. It is in a corner and protected on three sides but we were still impressed that it was there the next morning!

It was a long and scary night. While Mr. MW and Annie slept, I listened as the wind howled and things hit the roof with a big boom. I also listened to the radio and was relieved when the storm moved on around 4:30 a.m.

We left my old Volvo outside against the garage door to prevent the door blowing in.

...across the street...

Bert and Ernie...our live oaks probably protected us...

...but there were many trees down in the neighborhood...

...on our block...

The oaks that came down were laurel oaks...not live oaks.

Within hours our neighbors were all out...old and young, kids, dogs...everybody helping everybody. We live on the best street with the best neighbors!!! A group of eight homes, we are a close knit bunch that look out for each other. By mid morning the street cleaner had made two passes and the trash trucks had made their usual Monday pick-ups. It was amazing! 

She was exhausted!

We went three full days without power. After a hurricane the humidity is gone...sucked up by the storm. Outside it was cool and breezy for a couple of days. Inside our temps held at 79...thanks to Bert and Ernie. The scariest part was the darkness and quiet at night. We had police come down the street in the middle of the night shining big lights that lit up the whole street. Good guys!

My husband's firm had no power all week so we had him home for five days. Annie loved it! He checked a lot off his honey-do list. He did have a few phone conferences. One conference with the Florida Bar brought us some bad news. We had a trip to Boston planned with our Bar family for early October. I had made reservations for our family to spend four nights in Colonial Williamsburg on the way up...then on to Boston for a few nights with the board. Our return trip home was on the auto train. I had booked a bedroom cabin...Annie loves sleeping on the train! The Executive Committee, including Mr. MW, decided we should change plans and keep the meeting in Florida. Many members were still without power in their homes and offices at the time of the call. With so much of the state hurting, our dollars are needed here. So, we will be going to Orlando instead of Boston. Annie is disappointed, but she keeps seeing the devastation of Puerto Rico on the tv and keeps saying,  "We were so lucky, Mommy." What a kid I have! I am always amazed at her empathy for those who suffer. And yes, we were very lucky. Our group will be making a contribution to help those who have not been so lucky.

So, we are back to normal. It took a while for the cable to get back even after the power was restored. 
We are grateful beyond words. The storm was a Cat 2 by the time it hit us. We were hit by the "clean side" of the storm. We are in a no flood, no evacuation zone. Our roof stayed on...our trees stayed upright. 

Once again, thank you all for your prayers and support...you're the best!

Today, all our supplies are once again packed up and in the attic...ready for the next one.

Enjoy the day,

p.s. The time has finally come. Our beloved Volvo bit the dust. After many attempts to nurse her back to health we have decided to let her go.

Even that hard decision was met with folly. The tow truck carrying her to the great beyond broke down. Have you ever seen a tow truck getting towed by a tow truck? It was a long...hard good-bye.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

It's scary down here!

Trying to keep occupied by pulling out some orange and black. We've been waiting for Irma for days and it's nerve wracking. We've done what we could in order to prepare...considering the store shelves emptied out early in the week. We have been here before, just never for a storm of this magnitude. 

Please keep all of those in the path of this storm, as well as those who have already been touched by Irma, in your thoughts and prayers. We have so many friends who are our family in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area...so many people we love all over the state. 

I've been away from blogging...family keeping me busy. I know my friends in blogland are all out there...please think good thoughts and send some down our way.

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What's New

Summer is in full swing which means we have been traveling to Florida Bar meetings with Mr.MW, Mom has been stitching Halloween and Christmas goodies, and Annie...Annie has recently scooped up a couple of new awards.

First, this is where my mantle use to be. This old pine chest-of-drawers use to hold our t.v. on top. I had to get rid of the mantle and move it to this wall to make room for this...

I ordered this piece from The Seraph in the spring and it arrived last week. I love the piece...lots of needed storage! 

Also ordered this table from The Seraph for the family room. Love the tiger maple top on this traditional porringer table. 

These two pieces arrived the day before we left for Boca Raton for the annual Florida Bar Convention. Whew!!! It was close!


We had a great time in Boca. Annie received a President's Award from the outgoing president, Bill Schifino on the left...and a Lifetime Membership Medal (around her neck) from the incoming president, Michael Higer, on the right. She was so surprised...and so were her parents!!! 
It's hard for me to get good pics because so many people are taking photos...professional photographers for the Bar...people with cell phones...I end up in the back row...but I think you can see how happy our girl was to be honored by these wonderful friends.

That this organization and these great friends go out of their way to recognize Annie is amazing. Her dad has been on the Board of Governors for thirteen...starting fourteen...years. Annie has only missed one meeting in all that time. That's over eighty five meetings! These folks are our family.


Speaking of family...meet Will...our first great nephew. His dad, our nephew, is on the Young Lawyers Board. His mom, also a lawyer, works for the Governor of Florida.

Finally, thirteen nephews...three nieces...finally, one of them reproduced! Welcome, Baby William!


I've done a wee bit of hooking. Yesterday, I mostly reverse hooked...yuck!

Hope you are all enjoying these summer days. We have had so much rain my door garden is full of soggy dead herbs. My gorgeous rosemary and lavender plants...drowned. With calls for rain all week, I don't expect any survivors. I'll just stay inside...and reverse hook.

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Randomness...early summer

Shooner redware bank

Hello friends...hope these early days of summer are treating you well.

Summer, to me, always comes with a reading list. And it seems this year Annie and I share a common subject...Colonial America/ the American Revolution.

We are planning a trip later this year and, as preparation, Annie and I are reading/learning all we can about the early days of America.

Having traveled to historic towns like Philadelphia, Alexandria, Boston, Concord and Lexington, Annie knows a good bit of our country's history. She can tell you why her mother's home state of Virginia is called "the mother of presidents" (eight of them born there...the most of any state) and name the big ones...like Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. 

 Annie has been fortunate to visit Valley Forge, Mount Vernon, Independence Hall and the home of Betsy Ross among other sites of historical importance. I always try to prepare her before our visits so she will know what she is seeing so she can enjoy it, and not be overwhelmed or bored.

I never know how much Annie retains from our visits so I was absolutely over the moon when we found the Eyewitness book above in Barnes and Noble. Paging through it we saw lots of familiar sights from our visit to Philadelphia a few years ago. Annie proceeded to tell me all about the pictures we were looking at and telling me things like, "This is Independence Hall in Philadelphia." I was one proud mama...and teacher! Even better, Annie was so proud of herself. 

So...we are brushing up on our history for our next adventure. 

I am reading 1776. David McCullough is a wonderful writer and I am loving every word. In my opinion it should be required reading for every American...especially these days. Patriots like these, I fear we have seen the last of their breed. 

The coasters in the photo are pics of our trip to Philadelphia and are a wonderful way to preserve memories and see them every day. Made them with Shutterfly.


For those of you who are stitchers, I wanted to share with you this great tray made by Lori and Peter Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm fame. This handy tray attaches to the arm of your chair and holds all things necessary for your stitching pleasure.

I am a chronic needle loser! This tray comes with a magnet attached to it. I added my favorite needleminder and it works like a charm. All my sewing goodies in one place...love it!
Great little helper this talented team came up with!

Sadly. I have not made any progress on my Karen Kahle rug. I've have been doing some seasonal stitching for the fall. Mostly I have been spending time with my girl...in addition to our Colonial studies, we have a few art projects going. Never enough time. 

Take good care everybody! The Fourth of July will be here momentarily!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Key West

We just returned from a visit to Key West. It was so hot all I could think was...we are surely melting!

Despite all the HOT, Key West is a unique and beautiful place.

This quote, right on the sidewalk, perfectly describes the colors of Key West. I've added my own pics to share the lovely colors of this tropical island...our country's southern most point. The photos have not been enhanced...the colors you see are the true colors of the photos as taken. Enjoy a little taste of the Conch Republic!

This sunset was so beautiful! Took this sitting on our balcony...sipping green tea.


Remember the antique bricks I mentioned months back? My Christmas present from Mr. MW has been a slow but steady project.  A friend came by to check it out and was nice enough to let me take his picture. At this stage we are letting the sand settle before adding the cement. More pics coming. I love it!

Hope all is well with everybody.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, May 29, 2017

Thank you!

Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge

This photo was taken years ago in Washington, D.C.. This statue is part of the Vietnam War Memorial. The soldier on the left, with the hat and holding the rifle, was a classmate of mine from high school. He modeled for the artist years after his safe return from duty in Vietnam. 

To my friend, who has since passed away, and all those who served and did not return home...thank you.

Enjoy the day,