Monday, March 10, 2014

Adventures in plumbing and power...

We've had a couple of tough weeks when it comes to modern conveniences. A dead hot water heater started the ball rolling, and roll it did. We went from old water heater...located in a very bad new heater with a water softener and a new location. From there we went to removal of new water heater and water softener back to old location and new copper pipes (yikes$$$) and a carbon water filter instead of a softener. The original electric panel was outdated so that was replaced as well. Our wonderful neighbors let us "borrow" some volts so Annie was entertained during the no electricity day...we ran those heavy duty extension cords from their house to ours so she had her dvd player to watch "Raymond".  We have wonderful neighbors and we all take good care of one and other....we are truly blessed.

The heating mess involved attic access. Our attic, I am embarrassed to say, is a colossal mess. The fellow who originally came and "sold" us the job told me it would be no problem getting up there and through the boxes of Christmas, Halloween and various useless junk. He said his guys could work around the stuff...they couldn't. He was wrong, it took lots of time to relocate all the boxes....meaning they brought it all down into the garage with me helping. It also took a lot of time to access the dead heater through Annie's closet rather than tear up the tiger maple counter in the laundry room where the heater is took four hours just to get the old one out. The guy was pretty much wrong about the whole job. The plumbers...the guys working thirteen and a half hours the first day so we would have hot water...they were boys.

They also had my back when the bad sales guy made an appearance after I told the dispatch operator not to ever send him back . He came back on his own and tried to get himself out of the hot water he was in with the head of the company, the guys installing, me and Mr.MW. I literally told him to get out of my took three times before he complied..then he sat in his car and sulked. He's been "taken care of" by the head of the company. It seems he has botched jobs before this one.

The whole ordeal was exhausting, but it turned out fine in the end. We have a new water heater, new pipes, a carbon filter that I love, a new, safe and up to code electrical panel...and a cleaned out attic (carloads were taken to the Salvation Army)...and I didn't get taken to jail for assault.

And they are coming today to fix this one little remnant of the job...

...a little hole in the back of Annie's closet. Sweet fancy Moses!!!

p.s. The electrician was explaining something to me about volts and wires and stuff and seemed to think I knew what he was talking about. I told him the only first hand experience I'd ever had with power was as a teacher walking into a room and having kids sit down in their seats and get quiet.


My white slipcovers are in the wash as I write this. It's best to get them out of the dryer a bit damp as they go on more easily that way. My bunnies are chomping at the bit to escape their hiding places and welcome the springtime. It will be fun to play in my house after all the "excitement"!

This little fellow is giving me the stink-eye, he's so weary of being in the cabinet looking out at freedom.

Hope you all are having some warmer weather. Our weekend was so gorgeous it lifted our spirits with it's beauty!

Enjoy the day,

Welcome to my new followers...I am so happy to have you come by. I'll be catching up with all of you this week.


  1. OMG Robyn ! I am so glad all of that madness is over for you.
    I'm surprised that guy still has a job, he sounds like a repeat offender =)
    Have fun bringing out the bunnies, Spring is almost here!


  2. What an ordeal! My 90-year-old parents in Dunedin had problems with a crew of roofers who left a big time mess and haven't come back to finish the rest. But at least the roof isn't leaking. I am dreading having a new ADA toilet put in the master bath. The one in there has a broken piece which is why it backs up. Only took 5 different trips from plumbers over two years to diagnose it.

  3. Oh my gosh,you poor dear ! Seems like when one thing goes it all starts rolling down hill.Glad that things are finally being taken fixed.Can't wait to see your bunnies and other Spring goodies.Love the big bunny ! Be blessed,Jen

  4. Yikes Robyn, to bad but glad that's all over with. I adore your Bunny's, wonderful to see them hopping about, Hugs Francine.

  5. Oh my Robyn....that's a lot to go thru. I'm glad you came out ok on the other side and things are back to normal. I agree, it seems like one thing always leads to another. Your bunny is adorable. hugs, Lori

  6. Oh, my Robyn ~
    What an adventure and not necessarily a good one. Thankfully the end results were good.
    I love your "power" experience :) I just think electricity is magic.
    It's springlike in Ohio today but old man winter is supposed to appear once again on Wednesday...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  7. What an ordeal! Ugh. Glad that guy got his comeuppance. Geez!

  8. Oh my, sounds like about the same stuff we are going through..except we have a great furnace guy who just installed our new hot water tank. Now if the weather would cooperate he could finish the furnace as he needs to replace the vents that go through our chimney to bring them up to code before installing the new furnace. Thanks for your warm well wishes for hubby, Means a lot. Glad you have such great nighbors to let Annie watch her program. Janice

  9. It has been a tough winter.
    Hasnt it?
    What sweet neighbors.
    Love your dear bunny.
    Woolie Blessings

  10. WOW! It has been quite a winter. I've have workman here more times than I care to count...yesterday the gas company sent a couple of guys to replace some corroded pipe that's outside (estimate just about an hour) after 45minutes it was determined more pipe than estimated needs to be replaced. That means another appointment...O goodie!

  11. Nice to have supportive neighbors! Glad you survived the mess and don't feel bad about the "assault" - it sounds like he deserved it! We all have some horror stories to tell about home repair. Mine this winter has been the furnace.

  12. I wanna live at your neighborhood! You must have been grateful for the "free" power they gave you. You have to treat them to lunch or something! It must have been a lot of work for the people you hired. At least the mess is fixed now, and so is your attic. Nothing beats running water and electricity!
    Sheryl August @

  13. Hi Robyn,
    What an ordeal for you and your family to go through!!! So happy it all ended well and that you have such a great support system with your neighbors!! All of our modern conveniences make our lives so much easier UNTIL they don't work anymore and can create such a you well know!!! Our garbage disposal decided to cause problems too and the long and the short is, I ended up with a totally wet cupboard under the sink, and had to have the thing replaced so we had a small mess to contend with as well!! I feel for you!!!! Glad you survived and have a clean attic to boot!!!
    LOVE your two rabbits as well!!!
    Hope you have a better week this week!!!
    Warmest Hugs, my friend~

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  18. I love the ram's head urn. That is absolutely gorgeous. In the first house my family live in when I was very little, we had a few pieces like this that were attached to the stone wall outside. I was always fascinated by them. I have never been able to find any like it until I just saw that picture.

    Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.