Valley Forge

Friday, October 2, 2015

Pumpkin Tyme

It's not really fall around our home until Pumpkin Tyme makes his appearance. He's settled into the cornhusk wreath above the mantle and loves the view of the bird feeder in the backyard. 

Pumpkin Tyme was sewn by Angela Hillstrom from Of Cloth and Hand. He was inspired by an original painting by Lori Brechlin from Notforgotten Farm. Both of these talented ladies are among my favorite contemporary folk artists. I am so happy this sweet fellow lives here with us.

Oh...while I'm thinking of it, Pumpkin Tyme says it's voting time over at Martha Stewart's American Made Contest. He hopes you will vote for the lady who was inspired to paint him...Lori Brechlin.

Go vote...six, yes 6 times a day!

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Love your October window -- the hooked gorgeousness has me green with envy! How exciting that it's time to vote in Martha Stewart's thingie again! Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. What a handsome fella you have living with you. Just LOVE Pumpkin Tyme!

  3. What a handsome fella you have living with you. Just LOVE Pumpkin Tyme!

  4. Ah, love Mr. Pumpkin Tyme...very fitting for the season...Fall has arrived in Maine 40 degrees this morning...Spider lights are burning here at Dog Trot Farm...Thank you Annie...

  5. I love him!
    I believe this marks his 3rd year of me looking for him long about this time!

  6. Morning Robyn, oh I love Mr.Pumpkin tyme, love this season!!!! Blessings Francine.

  7. Mr Pumpkin Thyme is a fine gent decked out for Autumn. Love him! Janice

  8. I love him and let the fall begin.

  9. You have the perfect home for Mr. Pumpkin Tyme.
    Hugs :)

  10. Such a cute little guy! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I adore Pumpkin Tyme! I got my votes in early this morning. Hope Lori wins! Hugs, Lori