Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What's New

Summer is in full swing which means we have been traveling to Florida Bar meetings with Mr.MW, Mom has been stitching Halloween and Christmas goodies, and Annie...Annie has recently scooped up a couple of new awards.

First, this is where my mantle use to be. This old pine chest-of-drawers use to hold our t.v. on top. I had to get rid of the mantle and move it to this wall to make room for this...

I ordered this piece from The Seraph in the spring and it arrived last week. I love the piece...lots of needed storage! 

Also ordered this table from The Seraph for the family room. Love the tiger maple top on this traditional porringer table. 

These two pieces arrived the day before we left for Boca Raton for the annual Florida Bar Convention. Whew!!! It was close!


We had a great time in Boca. Annie received a President's Award from the outgoing president, Bill Schifino on the left...and a Lifetime Membership Medal (around her neck) from the incoming president, Michael Higer, on the right. She was so surprised...and so were her parents!!! 
It's hard for me to get good pics because so many people are taking photos...professional photographers for the Bar...people with cell phones...I end up in the back row...but I think you can see how happy our girl was to be honored by these wonderful friends.

That this organization and these great friends go out of their way to recognize Annie is amazing. Her dad has been on the Board of Governors for thirteen...starting fourteen...years. Annie has only missed one meeting in all that time. That's over eighty five meetings! These folks are our family.


Speaking of family...meet Will...our first great nephew. His dad, our nephew, is on the Young Lawyers Board. His mom, also a lawyer, works for the Governor of Florida.

Finally, thirteen nephews...three nieces...finally, one of them reproduced! Welcome, Baby William!


I've done a wee bit of hooking. Yesterday, I mostly reverse hooked...yuck!

Hope you are all enjoying these summer days. We have had so much rain my door garden is full of soggy dead herbs. My gorgeous rosemary and lavender plants...drowned. With calls for rain all week, I don't expect any survivors. I'll just stay inside...and reverse hook.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Beautiful family. CONGRATULATIONS to Annie. How positively exciting for her. How wonderful that you give her all these experiences and travelings.
    Peace and Blessings, from me and my Sandy

  2. I do love that porringer table. Just perfect on top of your gorgeous rug!
    Congrats to Annie. That smile says it all.
    How sweet to welcome little William. I have a not-so-little William, too.
    Hugs :)

  3. Love the hooked piece under the table and the one in progress ~ I reverse hook frequently so it doesn't bother me. Congrats to Annie.

  4. Congratulations to Annie, she really deserve this award with such a good tract record for attending meetings. What a girl. She does look happy and I'm happy for her.

    I love that nice big black piece of furniture but I had never heard of a porringer table. I don't know much about antiques unfortunately. I always love antiques but always ended up with hands me down furniture and lots of it I still have.

    That little Will, will probably be a lawyer too some day.

    Smiles & hugs, Julia

  5. How wonderful for Annie! You got some lovely new pieces lucky you.
    Love your new rug!

  6. How awesome for Annie and also your husbands service! Way to go to both of them. Your furniture pieces are awesome! Hope your Summer is off to a great strat. Janice

  7. Congratulations Annie! And to the family that "reproduced"! LOL!! What an adorable baby. Love your decorating style as always. Our garden has drowned also, wearing jackets the end of June, furnace ran all of May and beginning of June.

  8. Congratulations to our Sweet Annie!!!!! your smile lights up the entire photo :) loving your new furniture from Seraph, I miss Alex ~ used to visit her when living in CT and her shop was in Wilton.... enjoy that hooking my friend!

  9. Hi Robyn,
    So happy your beautiful furniture arrived safe AND in the nick of time!!! Both pieces look lovely in your home!! We can never have too much storage!!!
    How wonderful for Annie to be recognized for her faithful attendance and I know you and your hubby are just too thrilled!
    Congratulations, Annie!!!!
    Hope you enjoy that hooking time, my friend!!!
    Take care and stay cool!
    Heart Hugs~

  10. Hi Robyn,
    Forgot to mention that sweet new baby, too!!! So nice to add another man to the family!!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  11. That black storage piece--just beautiful! Congratulations to you, Annie. You must have the hearts of many.

  12. It sounds like perfect hooking weather though. Congrats to Annie and her parents. How wonderful that is and so glad you have a new baby in your family. It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer.

  13. I know the gal who owns Seraph...she's from the Chicago Land area too! Love her stuff, her fabrics, lamps, everything! Congratulations to Annie. Check out my blog to meet Rizzo my little puppy who will be coming home next Saturday!

  14. I'm so happy for Annie. I know she will treasure these awards and the wonderful people who have invested and "poured into" her.

  15. A big congratulations to Annie for her award this Summer!! What a splendid surprise for her and you!!

    Your new pieces from Seraph are beautiful and I know you are going to enjoy them in your lovely home.

    Stitching up some Halloween goodies?? Be still my heart! It has been so hot and humid down here in Florida, I am already dreaming about Fall myself!

  16. Congratulations to Annie on her awards! I have a feeling she is well loved. Love seeing all your new pieces. I have to go check out the Seraph now! Love seeing your beautiful rug hooking!