Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The winner...

 So many great choices...thank you to all who took the time to "name drop"!!! What great names!!!
I have to admit, as soon as I saw Karmel Katkeeper, I knew it was a perfect fit. Karmel is fussy about her shoes matching her purse, but she is a straight arrow, and her name is as succinct and to the point as she is. She is the color of "caramels"...and she keeps cats.

Penny...if you contact me with your address I'll mail you your little box of kitties this weekend. Thank you!

And thank you to all who joined in...and welcome to my new followers, too.

Have a great weekend!
Enjoy the evening,


  1. Congratulations to Penny...a lucky gal !
    A great name - 'Karmel Katkeeper' - very clever ;)

  2. What a fitting name. Congratulations Penny.


  3. Wow.... I'm so excited about having my 'name' picked!! Thanks so much!! Can't wait to receive my little box of kitties... :) Penny Duffy, Box 1056, Hillburn, NY 10931 Thank you, Robyn!!

  4. Congratulations to Penny...I agree, a very fitting name...Karmel Katkeeper...Greetings, Julie...

  5. Congrats to Penny, great name you picked.Blessings Francine.

  6. Oh, she is wonderful Robyn!!
    Congrats to Penny!!

  7. Robyn.... I received the little kitties in yesterday's mail, and oh my goodness, are they ever cute! I just love them! What a wonderful prize.... They have found a special place in my home, and will always think of you when I see them.... Thanks so very much, Robyn!!