Valley Forge

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mustard & Black

Did a little playing last night. This is an antique doll cradle circa 1830. It sports my favorite colors...mustard and black with the tiniest traces of red. It's anxiously awaiting the arrival of mini pumpkins and gourds. In the meantime, a Shooner bird, a piece of brown checked early homespun and a few pieces stone fruit are calling it home.

Original work by Wendy of Pineberry Lane

This wonderful lady from Pineberry Lane is resting on a dough bowl wearing it's original pumpkin paint...another favorite color...and perfect for Fall decorating. Wendy's work is gorgeous and her choice of colors is...absolute perfection!

I'll be working on this little fellow today. He is destined to become a mini version of Long Tall Kitty.

There is a storm coming our way. Please keep us in's always a bit unnerving. 

Got to get to work!

Enjoy the day,

Tansy Yarrow Rue Pattern   Pineberry Lane


  1. Well that does it! I have no choice but to get that chart. I've seen it several times and your close up made the decision for me. Hope the storm passes without incident.

  2. Hi Robyn,
    Keep safe & dry.
    Love the vignette with those wonderful pieces of stone fruit. Hmmm, Just what I need another thing to collect.
    The sampler is perfect. I can understand Marly's wish to get one. As for me, I already have too many irons in the fire but ir would be a definite consideration.

  3. Keep safe in the storm.. they seem to be getting worse from year to year. I have this pattern in the que to stitch! This has to be the bestest end of summer design I've seen ever and you stitched it beautifully!

  4. Oh....what wonderfully yummy to red, mustard, black and pumpkin are my second favorite! ;o) Sweet display in your cradle....I have a small doll cradle too (not as beautifully colored as yours), and always struggle with what to put in it (besides, uh...a doll), and where to display it..... (Wanna come to my house and help me decorate???) And love the Pineberry Lane piece....I am so tempted with that one, but have so many waiting in the wings already, and am making no progress on anything. Did you stitch that - or is that Wendy's work??? (Whoever did, it's gorgeously worked....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Hard to believe but it's that time when our thoughts turns to fall. Your display in the cradle is beautiful and I can't wait to see you decorate it in true fall fashion. I love that stitchery piece.

    I hope that the storm will spare you. Stay safe. JB

  6. Beautiful colors, stitches and touches.
    I am ready..
    Praying you all are safe.
    Hugs & JOY

  7. My favorite colors too...Mustard, black,and a muddy red! I've just recovered 2 over sized wing chairs in mustard and black window pane homespun. The chairs are for my new studio. Will post soon.
    Be safe.

  8. Oh I love all the pics! So pretty! I so want a piece of Shooner ware myself. And it's your fault. lol! Hope that storm passes you by -- I know the feeling of not trusting storms to be mild anymore. I feel the same way!

  9. Hello Robyn, love mustard, so nice looking with black. Great pictures, so prim. Hope the storm passes through o.k. Wonderful stiches, can`t wait for Fall!!!Blessings Francine.

  10. Robyn ~
    Wonderful as always :) Stone fruit is one of my favorite collections!
    Be safe.
    Hugs :)

  11. HOpe the storm passes by without any problems....Love your little pieces and how you have them displayed!

  12. Robyn,I do hope the storm bypasses you, please stay safe. You have the most wonderful primitive collections, I love the sampler. Orange, black and teal, my three favorite colors...Hugs, Julie.

  13. love all these things, praying yes, for you!

  14. Love all of your things very fall. I hope the storm passed you with out event.

  15. What a lovely pleasing to the eye and I loooove those colors too...have lots of it in my home. Especially in the family room.
    Beautiful stitchery.

  16. Robyn, Love your post & colors! I just finished the Pineberry Lane pattern too - aren't the colors that she combined just Perfect! ~Ann

  17. Robyn, Beautiful post!! I love those warm, muted colors also, and Wendy is a favorite artist of mine also. She does such wonderful work. Stay safe throughout the storm, will be praying for you all to be safe down there!! Tina