Valley Forge

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Angels among us...

Here are more New England gravestones...angels. The season of Lent is here. We look forward to beginnings, fresh starts, new life. While we wait...prepare...maybe we will entertain angels unawares...

...a neighbor of mine, one I'm not always happy with, blew the leaves off my sidewalk and driveway yesterday...

...after a dinner function on Saturday night, our hostess gave me the floral centerpiece to take home to Annie... daughter made Valentine's Day cards for her favorite people that work at our local grocery market...

They are out there... just have to be aware.

Enjoy the day,


  1. These are so inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. The angels in your photos are beautiful.... have never seen actual headstones like that, but they are definitely lovely tributes to those who've passed....
    Such thoughtful acts by people in your life.... thanks for sharing them!! Yes, there are angels amongst us...... :)

  3. They are so amazing -- I love them! And btw, I love your header pic too!

  4. Robyn, I have punchneedle gravestone angel pins on my etsy store. I love the real ones you have posted here!

  5. Such a lovely post. I love the old gravestones. Beautiful!

  6. Great post my friend!! I love old gravestones - and these are some absolutely splendid examples....but equally love your tribute to the "angels" you've entertained recently. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin