Monday, September 23, 2013

...simple threads

This little gem of a sampler recently came to live at my house. It is stitched in wool on linen. It is signed by Jean Barr and dated 1803. 

The initials of Jean's family are stitched across the bottom, including the WB in black, signifying a deceased member.

The colors are my and a khaki brown/green. 

There is the thread loss that you would expect on a piece this age...but intact, is the sweetest heart in a sort of checkerboard pattern.

It is this simple motif that drew me to this old linen ...and it's simple threads.


Every year, in the Fall, we put pumpkins outside on our windowsills. Yesterday, this cheeky fellow was peeking through our window. He stayed atop this pumpkin, and basked in the warm morning sun, for quite a while.

Have a wonderful first full week of glorious Autumn!

Enjoy the day,

Friday, September 20, 2013

...the colors of Autumn

One of my favorite collections is Shooner Redware. For Fall, I have gathered many of my pieces on the bookcase. Tucked in with the bittersweet and baskets, the colors are perfect for the season. 

Brown and green, mustard and rust...the colors of Autumn.

The simplest of pieces makes a statement.

My favorites...birds!

These beautifully crafted pieces and...

...lots of bittersweet are my Fall favorites.


Our scarecrow is sitting his post on the front porch. I put this fellow together over twenty years ago when we first moved into our home.

His once black jeans have faded to a soft grey. He has acquired a few age spots and his nose has been chipped in a few places, but he is on the job. He is camera shy, but rest assured he is smiling.

We are enjoying the subtle changing of the seasons...

...and the beauty that it brings.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

...a little swag

Over the weekend I managed to get the swags for my bedroom windows sewn up. I had originally wanted to use the pretty red crewel fabric I found, but, I decided I wanted swags and there was not enough of the crewel. So...I settled on this red Jacobean and lined them with small checks. I always line my swags with a complimentary fabric...I think it gives them a little extra zip.

It's been slow...getting this room together. I'll be playing with these two small swags for awhile...until they cooperate and lay right.

I like to use swags because they cover the shades when they are rolled up, but they don't block the light during the day.

Do you make your own curtains...drapes....swags? I have never bought a curtain for our home...ever. 
It's just too much fun to do it yourself...and the possibilities are endless...I have yards of fabric waiting their turn.

Hope your week is going great!

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yesterday, Annie and I were delighted to find fresh bittersweet for sale at the Fresh Market. Bittersweet does not grow wild here in Florida, so we buy a few bunches every year.

I love this wild vine. To me,
it is a necessary element for Autumn decorating at our house. We anticipate it's arrival every year, and are so happy when, at last, it makes it's appearance.  

Today, I'll be playing with bittersweet and pulling out more seasonal favorites.

Annie spied this dish towel as soon as we walked in the door of the market and squealed with delight!

Owls and plaid...a perfect Fall combo now hanging out on our oven door handle.

Welcome to my new followers!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...full of good Fall fun!

Enjoy the day,

*Norma Schneeman Pumpkin*
**Angela Hillstrom's PumpkinThyme Doll*Inspired by Lori Brechlin"s Original Painting**

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


In our neighborhood, we fly our flags everyday...they look especially handsome today.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September kitchen window...

Norma Schneeman Pumpkin

There is a silly saying..."If you get there before it's over, you're not late." September is flying by, but it's not quite over, is my kitchen window this month.

Just a wee bit of Fall...last year's bittersweet and a great Schneeman pumpkin head.

I've filled my glass dome with some of my brush the old horsehair brushes.

Better late than never? The month of September is a fast month!


Now that I've delivered my witches and cats to Dade City...and thank you for all the lovely comments...I've been putting my house back in order and playing with my stuff.

I hung a few pictures on the front of my bookcase. 

It adds another layer of interest and gives me a place to hang a few things. When I get it all together I'll share more pics.

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crunch Time

Pumpkin Angela Hillstrom...inspired by Lori Brechlin's original back on guard atop the mantle. He is the herald of the season around is officially "Autumn". 

I would love to be transitioning the house from Summer to Fall, but  I have been finishing things up to take to my friend's shop in Dade City for the Fall Gathering on September 14th.

I've been visiting you...but have been spending most of my days doing...

...a little hooking 

...a little hand sewing

...some painting

...and having fun with some early fabrics.

I have been doing all my sewing by's so relaxing and gives the look I like, but it takes time.

I see lots of wonderful Autumn goodies popping up out there in blogland Can't wait to decorate my kitchen window...and share it with you.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Enjoy the day,