Friday, May 6, 2016

My Favorite Day...

Mother's Day is here favorite day. How quickly the years are passing. My Annie will be thirty in August, and yet, she will never be thirty. Maybe in years, but never in her heart. We still enjoy doing many of the same things we have been doing together for...well, decades. 

We read books together...mostly picture books. Our favorites are worn, but are, for the most part, aging well. We both adore children's books with lots of illustrations.

We color together. Annie always has a marker or crayon in her hand. When I join her in her favorite activity she is delighted. We color every night when we travel...tucked in the cold sheets, while Daddy goes over his materials for the next day's meeting, in the other bed.

We do a little cooking together. My girl is a great sous chef.

We like to buzz around Target at least once a week. A trip to Barnes and Noble, also a weekly haunt, will find Annie thumbing through the cook books with a lot of oohing and aahing. 

There is a steady flow to our lives. Nothing fancy, just being together.

There are challenges in everyone's life. Everyone has heartache. Everyone has a list of things they might change if given the opportunity. I know what I would change if I could. Chromosomes. But I can't. And if I could, I would not have my coloring partner...or my reading buddy...or my Annie. So, I take that back...I wouldn't change a thing.

Happy Mother's Day! 

And a special thank you to all my dear blogging have made some hard days easier with your kind words.

Enjoy the day,