Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Favorite things...

Working on black cats and grey-haired witches...some of my favorite things.

These girls are hand sewn from early this case an antique choir robe did double duty..cats and witches. 

I only make a few thing every year for my friend to sell in her shop. I have scaled back over the last few years to spend more time on my family and because of our traveling schedule. But...I still itch to "create"...just in a very limited way.  


Last week, Mr. MW and I celebrated our thirty first anniversary...he bought me flowers...

red and green with a bit of pink...and very old

They even came with a few in the upper left corner and white in the lower left.

I love my new bouquet...and the husband is a keeper, too!


Annie picked (from the Fresh Market) a sunflower bouquet for her birthday flowers...she loves sunflowers. 

Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes to my girl. I read her every comment and she was so happy...I read them several times, in fact. You all helped to make it a very special day.

Annie sends her father out for his run just before sunrise...and then she watches the squirrels and birds in the front yard. Sometimes...most times...she curls up and waits for Daddy to come home. Yes...those orangey things are her feet! 

Hope your week is going well!

Enjoy the day,

Friday, August 9, 2013

A new number...

At our house...on birthdays...we pull out the old photos and "remember". I remember this photo shoot like it was yesterday. My girl...her first lost tooth...

...her favorite books...and those little brown boots...I still have those boots...

..and my girl still has that smile...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Annie!!! WoW...27 years!!!

And Happy Birthday, Clancy! 23 years young!

No dog has ever been more real or more loved than you, Clancy...and no little girl has ever been more loved and treasured than you, sweet Annie. 

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August kitchen window

My August kitchen window is very simple.  

This great old Kay Cloud pear is the center of attention... 

...joined by a few of Mother Earth's offerings.

You may have noticed my colonial fellow by Anne Childs seldom leaves his post. I really enjoy this little guy and miss him if I put something else in his spot. I have a couple of Anne's wonderful paintings that I purchased from Anne when she and her husband John were doing a show here in Florida. 

Anne allowed me to take pics of her wonderful booth...someday I'll have to share them here. If you are ever close to a show where Anne and John are selling...go! You won't regret it....but you might have a hard time deciding which treasure to take home.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, August 5, 2013


While dusting and rearranging this morning, I came upon this venerable old book. This is a family book that has traveled our family path from Virginia...and then to Florida.

A slice of my family history is contained within its pages.

Noted citizens of this northwestern Pennsylvania county are recorded in this volume, along with a  sketch of their life and a bit of their family history. Some of the entries include a photo of the subject.

And...right there on page five hundred and thirty seven is my paternal  great grandfather. 

It is a small thumbnail sketch of the his journey from Germany as a young child and a summary of his work in the mines of Pennsylvania. It begins with information about his great great grandfather...

...and ends with a mention of my grandfather and his siblings. Three generations right there for me to read about...and remember.

I remember looking at this book with my father as a child. I am so grateful that I came from a family that saved pieces of their heritage. Pieces that could have easily been tossed out and lost.
I still have newspaper clippings that paid tribute to my great grandfather after his death. The language is quaint and paints a picture of a long ago genteel time.

Thumbing through this old leather book was a fun diversion from mundane Monday chores.


I'm burning a candle today for my friend, Carole Holt. Carole passed away on Friday. The little red shoes in the photo were the first of many things I purchased from Carole's Country Store. 

Rest in Peace, dear Carole.

Enjoy the day,

Background Hicks style painting by Carole O'Neill