Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Kitchen Window

My kitchen window for October is all about the wonderful works of Kimberly from The Red Cupboard Post. The beautiful colors Kimberly hand dyed for this hooked mat are hard to capture in a photo, but they are magnificent in person.

Also in my window are two of Kimberly's punch needle works...patterns by Lori Brechlin from Notforgotten Farm. Again, the colors are so autumnal and rich. 

I did not want to break up the grouping, and could think of no better place for this gathering than my window. My window...above my sink where I spend so much time each day. 

My very favorite pumpkin is there as well. Annie made this ceramic fellow when she was in school and he is one of my most precious possessions. 


Our Annie is a spider fanatic...not the real kind, the funky, decorative ones that show up this time of year in all sorts of forms. Because she gets such a kick out of them, I picked up a set of spider lights this past weekend.

They are a fun addition to our October window...especially at night.


Armed with stickers of her favorite creepy crawlers, Annie decorates every surface that will support them.

...the sink faucet

...on the microwave

...on the stove...they're everywhere.

Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year! Watch out for spiders!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


A few months ago, I decided I did not want my mantle anymore. My sweet husband took it down, and we moved a blanket chest from another room into it's place. He wanted to put it out for the trash...he had made it for me in the first place and said it had served it's purpose. 

I decided we should hold on to it for awhile. Over the last few weeks, I started missing my mantle. I missed my candles lit in the evening as the days began to shorten. I started to think about putting out my fall goodies and missed it even more.

Back came the mantle with a whole new look...a lovely historical color. My sweet husband put it  back for me. Back in the very same place where he had filled the holes and painted over the wall. 

He is so patient.

Once again my hooking chair is back in it's cozy spot.

I stacked my painted trunks in front for a bit of a change. I haven't decided what to do with the interior blank space. It was black before with an inner brown liner. I might just leave it as is.

I like the darker look of the trunks filling the space. The two in the middle are grain painted and are from Maine. The bottom trunk is painted red and the top one has a decorative design which has become alligatored over time. The outer background on my blog is a closeup of this trunk.

They provide excellent storage for all sorts of things...think sewing supplies.

Annie is especially happy to see the "angels" back. That is what she calls the keyhole spatulas that hang across the mantle. 

Hope life is treating you all well. Thank you for the lovely comments many of you left on my last post. It's always nice to hear from you.

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bits of Wool...Blobs of Paint

It's that time of year again. I delivered my "hand-dids" to my friend up in Dade City this past Saturday for her Fall Open House coming up this weekend. 

This scary guy is made out of an old oil can and a wonderful early orangey quilt...Annie thinks he's "hideous"...and scary. I told her that was the point!

I am not an artist...but I painted a couple of birds on old ledger paper. The frames are always the most fun for me. I love painting up folky frames. It will be interesting to see if these sell. We'll see.

I love working with wool, and finding subjects to interpret in wool applique is my latest obsession. This little turkey went to my friend's shop. The fellow in my header is from an early fraktur. You might remember my wonderful watercolor of this same fellow painted by Lori Brechlin. I came across the original antique fraktur on Pinterest and thought I might try stitching him up in wool. I'm still working on him...liking him so far. Mine was inspired by both the original antique and Lori's wonderful painting.


Remember in the 90's when everyone wore white Keds and white socks? They were so comfy and went with everything. I remember my mother-in-law and I buying the leather ones together. 

I was thinking about looking for a pair of tennis shoes and was poking around in Target and look what I found...sixteen $'s!!!

I love them! A flowered pair for Mom...

and a polka dot pair for my Annie! Love them! Now, where are my white socks?


Its raining here. It's been poring all summer! That's o.k.. At least it's not a hurricane!

Pumpkins and bittersweet are popping up all over blogland. Don't you love it?

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Kitchen Window

September...such a much anticipated month!

I've come to realize that when you have been sharing your monthly kitchen window for more than a couple of years, novelty is at risk. I can only change it up so much. 

This month my window is seeing spots. Spots on the valance...spots on the redware.

Spots that are the fragile bursts of color from last years bittersweet.

Spots on the bushes in this sweet house I stitched years ago. So many years ago I can't remember the pattern or sorry.

I do love spots!

There are even a few spots on the pears!


This is what the arm of my chaise lounge looks like these days.

Bits of wool and thread are becoming all sorts of things Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I'll be back with some pics later.

Enjoy September!

Enjoy the day,