Monday, January 21, 2019

George and Martha's Place...and a few favorite things

Hello, friends. Still struggling with camera and loading pics. Did get a card reader but it's a bit more complicated to work with so I've avoided it. Also having trouble getting into PicMonkey... It's all fun and games till you mess with a senior citizen's tech knowledge...or lack there of!

Today I'm posting about a trip to Washington, D.C. we took a few years ago. We're headed back there soon. One of our favorites sites...Mount on our to do list. If you have never been, put it on your bucket list...and yes, it's open, it runs purely on donations. 

The above pic shows Annie beginning to melt down. It was toward the end of the day and she was spent. Since Annie had her hamstring injury, and we purchased her "buggy", she has enjoyed our trips more and gotten much more out of them. It was a struggle for all of us before she had her wheels. I'm hoping she will enjoy our upcoming visit to D.C. more than the last.

George and Martha welcoming us to their home.

The beginning of the day and Annie has already had it with all the walking. But, walk she did...all over the estate.

We will be there again during early spring.

The grounds are wonderful.

The new museum is the absolute best! So many of the artifacts now at Mt. Vernon I remember seeing as a child at the Smithsonian. Glad they have come home. 

Springtime in Virginia.

She will enjoy it so much more with her wheels.

I can't wait!


Christmas came and went and I never got any pics posted. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Ours was quiet and cozy.

We visited one of our favorite hotels and admired their huge gingerbread house.

Annie and mom had tea in the lobby while listening to a wonderful pianist play Christmas carols.

We said goodbye to our Bar family and headed home to welcome Christmas.

Our Agnes was softly lit by the candlelight from our "Thomas Jefferson Lamps" a special edition from Waterford from years ago. She's never looked more radiant. Candlelight is always flattering to mature ladies.

We went small with the tree because mom is getting old and tired.

We decorated with favorite things. Our "Martha Washington Bowl", again the American 1776 Collection from Waterford, was filled with holly. The white slipcovers stayed on and not one single Christmas box was brought down from the attic this year. Did I mention mom is getting...well, you know.

Annie added some familiar faces to keep her company.

And of course, a few more of our favorite things.

We welcomed a few new friends. It was a wonderful Christmas...Annie said so..."The best Christmas ever"!

Hope 2019 finds you all well, healthy and happy!

Enjoy the day,