Monday, March 28, 2016

Backyard Cathedral

Meet George and Martha. These beautiful birds have been daily visitors to our feeder for years. Everyday I look out to see them enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Sometimes they dine together. But most often they perch one at a time. George is always close by...patiently waiting his turn while Martha enjoys a welcome meal. Then Martha will perch in the ligustrums and wait while George has a go. They are very protective of one and other. Cardinals mate for life and often sing to each other as part of their continuing romance.

The legend of The Cardinal says that cardinals are ancestors who come back to visit loved ones. They come to guard and comfort their loved ones. They often appear when they are most needed...when loved ones are gripped with despair and in need of encouragement.  I can attest to this phenomena. A glimpse of their lovely red feathers has comforted me on many occasions. 

Cardinals often stay in the same yard and return to the same feeder to eat. They raise their young...several generations...within the same area. 

We are delighted that George and Martha picked our yard and our feeder to call home. They have given us many hours of entertainment and are a welcome part of our days. 

When I was a student studying in Europe, I visited many great cathedrals...Notre Dame, Cologne, all their man-made beauty, they cannot compare to the majesty of my backyard cathedral.

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My latest new, old sampler...

Like many of you, I collect early samplers. I am drawn to those stitched in red and green. Here is my latest find. For me, it's all about the bunny. 

It appears this little grey dog is in hot pursuit as they wind their way through the trees.

Stitched by Alice Waterston in 1849 at the age of eight, it is a fine little sampler.

Alice stitched the initials of family members complete with crowns...each different. Her parents and siblings?

Red and green samplers were often Scottish in origin. The Edin must represent Edinburgh...most likely where Alice lived. 

I am always amazed at the stitching these young girls left behind. How many eight year old girls can use a needle today? Many years ago, when I was teaching seventh grade, I had a few hours every week when the class was divided for P.E. The girls one day...the boys the next. When I had the girls I suggested we use our time to stitch. Surprisingly, they were all for it. It was the era of embroidered chambray shirts and I was working on a tiny shirt for my nephew. They all brought in something to work on and I supplied the needles and floss. I taught them a few basic stitches and they were off. We stitched away for forty minutes every week. I wonder if any of my girls are still stitching today. 

It's overcast this morning. Hopefully, a little rain is on the way. If you look closely, you can see the leaves have finally fallen from our live oaks. Live oaks are never completely bare. Ours are ready for spring. Within the week, they will be turning that lovely chartreuse color and spring will have officially arrived.

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


If you guessed we were in New Orleans, you are correct. We spent last week in this old Southern city with our gang. This was a return trip for us...the Board of Governors was here in 2010. 

 There are some lovely old buildings in New Orleans, and the flavor of the local culture is truly unique. 

We stayed right in the French Quarter and went exploring every day. There is a lot of history in the Quarter, and we tried to see places we had missed on our first trip.

My favorite street is Royal Street. It is where all the antique shops and many of the galleries are located.

The local musicians come out in the afternoon when the streets are closed to car traffic. It's a highlight...and a distinct part of the experience. 

There is a great deal of folk art and outsider art in the Cresent City. I wanted to get inside this wonderful shop but it was closed both times we happened by.

Wonderful! And, I'm sure, very pricey.

I did find my way back to this great gallery.

A visit to the Old Mint revealed a surprising exhibit of primitive folk art.

Naive and wonderful, many of these paintings were done by self taught artists whose talents were recognized in their lifetime. 

One of my favorites...Clementine Hunter. I was so happy to see two of her originals! 


Our refuge for the duration was the beautiful Ritz Carlton. (We are fortunate that our group stays in great hotels and we benefit from group helps...yes, board members pay their own expenses).

Annie and I enjoyed lunch in this lovely lounge. Mr. MW came by while on a break from his meeting. It was raining this day so we camped here for a few hours and ate, knit and read. I enjoy a pot of green tea in the afternoon and this one was exceptionally good.

The courtyard was pretty even in the rain.

The paintings...gorgeous!

Tis himself!

The lovely aroma from this candle was wonderful!



We visited the St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square. It is one of the earliest Roman Catholic churches in America.

My ex-altarboy husband is proficient at candle lighting. We said prayers for our family...for our friends...and in gratitude...always in gratitude for our many blessings.

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where are we???

Can you guess where we are?

The beautiful old doors are cracked and worn.

The knobs are like the jewelry a dowager might wear to bring back a spark of youth.

The lights are enchanting...flickering and dancing night and day.

My new favorite shop...I've been twice already.

The shop windows are inviting...even the local vet.

Art is everywhere!

And the locals are real characters!!!

So....where are we? Take a guess.


A few weeks ago we were in Tallahassee and Annie was loving every minute of it.

Her most favorite person...Mr. Gene.

Comparing badges with the current Bar president, Ray Abadin. The Bar made Annie a special security badge just for her.


Have you figured it out yet? Where are we?

Enjoy the day,
Robyn...and a very tired Annie

Sorry I've been gone so long. Annie is having a few health issues and I've been preoccupied.  I'll try to visit when things settle down. Please think good thoughts for my girl.