Friday, March 30, 2012

Worn and torn

 This is a very old and worn sampler. I love the colors and the motifs on the bottom. There are a few letters in the most wonderful aqua blue...some in a very faded beige...and then the dog, teapots, tree and flower on the bottom, in tobacco brown and black., tree, three teapots, flower...
...tea pots...

...a wonderful black and brown dog...

I enjoy looking at this old piece of naive needlework when I sit here to pay bills or use my sewing machine. It helps to slow things down when life gets rolling a little too reminds me of a simpler time when young girls took time out of every day to pull a needle and thread.

The outside view isn't too bad either.

I like my worn and torn possessions around me as I go about my daily doings...and I never tire of fluffy white clouds in a beautiful blue sky.

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

... a pony for my birthday!

This fine fellow was my birthday gift this year. 

His paint is chipped, his tail is missing, his bridle is dry and broken...I think he is a fine horse.

He is a lovely tobacco brown, with a black mane, and a wee bit of red paint clinging to his wheels...perfect.

Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes...they made me smile! I appreciate your taking the time out of your day to visit and say hello.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, March 26, 2012

A New Number

This is a photo of my grandfather and me. It was taken on March 26th...many, many years ago and it is my earliest memory. It was my fourth birthday.

At our house, when your birthday is near, my daughter starts to chant, "You're going to be a new number!". Well, today I am a new number, and I am amazed at what a whopper it is! 

Today, I will reflect on the days that have passed, and the people that I miss. I'll look forward to coming adventures already marked on the calendar in large, black letters. I'll hug and kiss my husband and my daughter. I'll refine that ever growing list of things I'd like to do, and try to limit it to that which is, in reality, truly "doable".  And, I will eat cake...chocolate cake.

Enjoy the day,

Sunday, March 25, 2012


We arrived home last night, and were we ever glad to see our little house. We travel six times a year to attend meetings of a professional board, on which my husband serves. We have been doing this for almost eight years and Mr. M. was recently elected to serve another term...two more years. We have visited many wonderful places on this adventure...we've had lots of family time while traveling...made lots of new friends, and many people who have never known a person with Down Syndrome have come to know and love our Annie. It's been a wonderful experience for our family...but...we are always happy to come home...ah...such a lovely word...home! 

I did get a little bit more done on my girls from Prim Sisters...I actually sewed in the car!

The beach was back to normal...I did enjoy that view!

...but am happy to be seeing this view every day!

Mounds of laundry are calling my name...

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just lookin'

Yesterday, we roamed around downtown Pensacola. The cemetery we visited is not the oldest in Florida, as I said before, rather, one of two old cemeteries in Pensacola.
It is located in the "historic" area and does contain many old graves...Civil War era. I snapped a few shots of the most interesting details on some of the headstones.

...wonderful lamb...

This lamb sits atop a stone and is small. I spotted him as we circled the cemetery looking for a place to park...then I had to search for him once inside. A good "hooker" can spot a sheep anywhere! 

...going up...

Yeah...I know what you're thinking...

...five children from this heart breaking...


Rebecca was laid to rest in 1869 and the tree has swallowed up her stone in the many decades since.

Another lighthouse added to our list...we have been to many of the lights here in Florida. This one is actually located on the Naval Air Station Base. Mr. Mugwump goes up...I wave to him from the ground.

It's wicked rough out flags flying means no swimmers in the water.  

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Happy Spring!

We were traveling here yesterday. This is a part of  Florida we have never visited. It has been cloudy since our arrival...but the beaches are the unbelievable white that make Pensacola famous...white quartz washed down from the Appalachians. 

...view out from our balcony...

I'll be sipping coffee and stitching here tomorrow morning!

Red flag warnings are all over the beach because of the heavy rip tides...this is the Gulf of Mexico!..not the ocean!

Off to see the oldest cemetery in Florida.

Enjoy the day,

Thinking about a give-away with a beach theme...hmmm.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easter 'Woolie" Eggs

Here are a few of my wool Easter eggs. I made and sold these in the 90's, and I still get them out every year. They are made from vintage wool blankets. Blankets were plentiful and inexpensive then... not so these days. The grass green and the orange were favorites of mine. They made splendid carrots!

...embroidered details...


The teal blue eggs are the result of dying with plain old Ritz Dye...can you believe it? I remember that these little eggs sold very well at shows, and that a few family members were gifted a set for their Easter tables. They tell me they still get them out every year, too.

This time of year makes me think "pastels"...change is good for the soul...right?...even when it is a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Enjoy the evening,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Irish Green

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Hope you and yours enjoy the weekend and if you are of Irish descent...or even if you are not...enjoy this special day! I snapped this pic, of a grate with clovers, on a street in Charleston.

This is a print of a page that appeared years ago, in the magazine Irish American. I found the phone number of the publisher and called him. He graciously sent me a copy of the no charge...and I had it framed in a black frame with a wonderful Kelly green linen mat. It hangs in our home and reminds us that ,"bad things happen when good people do nothing". 

Grosse Island, Quebec
Quarantine Station.
10,000 Irish Dead

Photo by Kit DeFever

On a lighter's a wee bit of green...

...beautiful rail fence...

...gators basking in the sun...

...Southern Live Oak...

No post about the Irish is complete without at least one sheep pic.

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Whatcha doing?

I've done a little bit of stitching on the Prim Sisters School of Needlework Hanging Sampler Pocket by Pineberry Lane. It's the first Prim Sisters project from Country Sampler.


I'm closing in on this one.

What's keeping you busy these days?

Enjoy the day,

Floss Keep from Country Stitches

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

French Market

My front door has a new look. On Saturday, I visited one of my favorite places "Julie's Cottage at Provence". This wonderful shop is full of creations made by it's talented owner. Every season Julie holds an event that draws people from all over the area. Florals are the main event, but the theme of French Market offers antique dealers, organic plants, yummy eats and artistic creations like jewelry and folkart.
The grounds and sweet little houses are decked out for Spring and the customers are plentiful. The day started out overcast, but by noon the Sunshine State lived up to it's name.

Here are some random shots...enjoy a stroll through Julie's Cottage.

How's that for a little taste of Spring color?

Now let's go out in the yard and see what's going on outside.

...fresh organic herbs...

...and flowers...

This great bunny was made using an antique candy mold. Isn't he great?

Another creation from an antique mold, made by...

...this lovely lady...Cathy. See the fabulous bunny she's holding? He came home with me. I brought three bunnies home and will show them in a later post...they are wonderful!


Hope you enjoyed visiting Julie's French Market...can't wait for her Fall event...I'll take my camera!

Enjoy the day,

Julie's Cottage at Provence 
13128 Indian Rocks Road
Largo, Fl.