Sunday, September 22, 2019

Destin, Florida

We are just back from a weekend in beautiful Destin. Shot this pic from the balcony of our room at The Henderson Resort. The original hotel is the building you see out there on the beach. Our group (BOG) stayed in the newer and larger portion of the hotel. 

This resort is absolutely gorgeous...and the staff is A+...not always the case, even in five star digs.

I spent mornings on this balcony. It was a little slice of heaven. The weather was cool enough to require one of my Garnet Hill cashmere equivalent to a winter coat. They are a travel must for the car, in cold a.c. chilled rooms...and lovely early mornings by the sea. 

A cup of tea and my favorite magazine...perfection. My Peter Rabbit cup travels with me.

Last night, dinner was served on the green area you see...complete with sea breezes and twinkling lights.

Annie loves it when she can see the water from her bed!

And, when we can spend some time in the beautiful lobby or out on the deck.

It was a great weekend in a place we had never been before. We don't often visit the panhandle...this is only the second time. The beaches out there are gorgeous white sand as fine as sugar. The sands on these beaches sparkle because of the bits of quartz; part of the process that washed them down from the Appalachians via the Apalachicola River 20,000 years ago. We have this same white sand on our local beaches, but it's always nice to visit a new place and witness this natural beauty with fresh eyes. 

Nature preserves border the added plus.

 This is one of the loveliest, most relaxing and naturally beautiful spots we have had the good fortune to visit during our tenure on the BOG.

Feeling well rested and ready for autumn. Picked up some pumpkins today. Guess what Annie and I will be doing tomorrow to welcome a new season. 

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Cokie Roberts

A lovely and gracious in peace, Cokie.

We'll light a candle at our house today, in honor of this accomplished woman and role model.

Enjoy the day,