Friday, May 29, 2015

Key West II

Before leaving Key West last weekend, we visited the Mel Fisher Museum. This museum holds a small portion of the treasure brought up from the wreckage of the Spanish ships Atocha and Margarita. These ships went down in a hurricane off the coast of Florida in 1622. 

I thought all the needlewomen out there might like to see the sewing accessories that were recovered from the sea, hundreds of years after they slipped below it's surface.

I found it amazing that objects this small were found on the ocean floor. Needles, pins...even buttons were recovered.

And what good needlewoman leaves shore without her trusty thimble? Actually, these items were used by men on the voyage. Sewing was a skill men needed to master for long sea voyages.

It is always the everyday items that fascinate me when viewing past cultures. 

Pewter was used every day. 

Of course, the real treasure was the gold...and the precious stones.

Master salts

These chains were used as currency...remove a link for payment and avoid the tax that was levied on bullion. These pieces were impressive.


We also went on the Conch Train tour with our group. Key West is a small island...Mr. MW runs around the whole island each morning. We've seen all of it before, but it was fun to learn a few new facts while buzzing around on this train.

The houses...the early ones...were built by ship's carpenters in the 1800's. Well built, they have survived many hurricanes. The "gingerbread" on this beauty reflects the maker's connection to the sea...ship wheels and measuring devices.

After a fire in the early 1900's destroyed downtown, laws were passed that required all roofs to be made of metal. The tin roofs add to the charm of these lovely homes.

The gingerbread on this home...gingerbread men! 

One of the most famous homes belonged to Ernest Hemingway. The offspring of his six toed cats roam the island.

The tiny shotgun houses hold the most appeal for me. They are colorful and simple, and are plentiful throughout the island.

I'll leave you with a few favorite shots. The key lime pie store across the street from the hotel. I love the pie, but it's key lime candles that I bring home.

Annie's encounter with one of the two thousand roosters that roam the island. Unfortunately, cock fighting is part of the island's history. Today, these lovely fellows are protected.

Sunset at Mallory Square. All sorts of people and goings on are part of this daily show.

More visitors arriving...

...every day they pull up

right out front.

Late in the afternoon, they turn the ship around and head back out to sea. 

The best part of this trip for me was the view from our balcony.

Early morning

Key West...a place everyone should visit at least once.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Key West

We just returned from a gorgeous few days in Key West. 

The view from our room was spectacular! 

The colors of the ocean and the warm sea breezes were welcome nourishment for the body and soul. I always feel renewed after a trip to the sea. 

This was my and night.


On this, our eighth trip to Key West, we did some touristy things. Blogger is not cooperating with me today so I'll be back later this week to share more of this wonderful island. 

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. 

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Morning friends. This morning finds us in Tallahassee. Mr MW is making an oral argument at the Florida Supreme Court this morning. He has done this twice before. The first time Annie and I were in the courtroom. The second time we watched him on the computer via the live feed from the courthouse. We will watch him on the computer this morning. If you'd like to watch go here 9:00 am.

Tallahassee is quiet this week...the legislature is on break. There were, however, hundreds of police officers here when arrived on Sunday. They are the Honor Guards from all over the state.  Monday morning we watched from our hotel window as unit, after unit, marched down the main street to the Capitol in memory of all the fallen officers in the state. It was impressive and sad. We could hear the bagpipes even with windows closed. The pictures were taken through the window so they are not very clear.


Margaret from Days of a Sampler Lover nominated me for a blogging award. Thank you, Margaret. I have followed "some" of the guidelines.

The guidelines are: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog, state seven facts about yourself, and then list ten blogs for the award and link to them.

Here are seven facts about me.

1. I've been to Iceland.

2. I have a Pht...Putting Husband Through. When Mr. MW graduated from law school the spouses of the graduates were given diplomas...Pht's...that look just like diplomas...signed by the dean and stamped with the school seal. My mother-in-law had mine framed for me when she framed my husband's J.D.

3. I once slugged a nun. I broke my arm at recess in the first grade. My mother was volunteering in the lunchroom that day, and I was trying to get to her. As I walked through the playground crying the nun on duty tried to stop I slugged her...with my good arm. Mea culpa.

4. In the seventh grade, I taught a nun how to flutter her eyelashes really fast, and she taught me how to whistle with two fingers.

5. I know a lot of nuns.


Annie and I visited the Tallahassee Nursery of our favorite spots. We picked up a few pretties to take home...

a ladyslipper,  a peperomia and a heat resistant lavender.

Leaving for home right after court. Hope all is well with you.

Enjoy the day,

***I just checked after publishing and the links are not working. I don't know why. Sorry, I tried.

The moon out our window last night.

Friday, May 1, 2015

May Kitchen Window

Welcome May!

I made a new ruffle for my window for the summer months. It is a ticking runner from Home Goods. A few rows of stitching along the side and it becomes a valance....simple! I like to do this because the sides and the hem are already finished. 

One of my favorite dolls is this sweet little girl by Angela Hillstrom...Of Cloth and Hand. She has the dearest face and is the perfect size for my window.

Red and gold stone fruit apples in an early black compote. 

I picked the beautiful red rose from my yard yesterday. My Don Juan rosebush has given us these beauties for years and years. The aroma is marvelous!

A little red, a sweet dolly and a beautiful rose are sharing space in my window this month.

Thank you to those who sent well wishes on my last post. It's always a good day when friends stop by!

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy the day,