Monday, April 22, 2013


Last night, I hooked the other large flower on my Antique Lion rug. I used more reddish wool, more in my comfort zone, and I like it much better than the other flower. 

Remember this one?

The smaller flowers will work...but the large one will be pulled and re-hooked to compliment the one above.

I was never comfortable with the pinkish color and now I have decided to use the finished rug in the bedroom. I found a wonderful crewel fabric and will be making curtains for that room soon...using this reddish fabric.

I think the red in the rug will be good with this fabric.

 I love crewel...we always had something done in crewel in our home when I was growing up. My mother was a big fan. However, I'm having trouble deciding whether to make fishtail swags or straight valances. Decisions....Poor Mr.M. was holding fabric in place at the windows all weekend, and I still can't make up my mind. 

Time will tell.

Hope you all have a great week. If you have HBO be sure to watch the wonderful new movie "Mary and Martha". It's heartbreaking and uplifting rolled all together. It shows "squeaky wheels" doing good work...I am a big fan of "squeaky wheels"!!! Especially mothers advocating for children!!!

Enjoy the day,

Antique Lion by Karen Kahle/Primitive Spirits...29x52

Friday, April 19, 2013


This wonderful...beautifully photographed book arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It's the latest Jill Peterson book...a collaboration with the talented James Cramer. 

It's full of gorgeous photos...

...and some fun inspiration.

A Simple Garden Journal contains the photography of the late Dean Johnson, taken at Seven Gates Farm. It's equally wonderful. 

Treat yourself to these very special books!


Here are a few shots of our front door garden...

My late mother-in-law brought this fox home to me, from Connecticut, years ago. She held him on her lap, on the plane, all the way to Florida!

This  circa1900 wagon use to come out at Christmas. A few years ago I decided we were going to enjoy it in the garden, for as long as it lasts. 

Love blue hydrangeas! My grandmother put iron nails in the ground to make hers turn blue. She had hydrangeas five feet high right here in Central Florida. I'll be happy if mine just survive! 

Love Lambs Ear!


Have not pulled a loop this week...instead I've been knitting this scarf for a friend. I love Noro yarn and  usually knit in the car when we travel. Aren't the colors pretty?'s all yummy!

Lastly...this homemaker has left the 1950's behind and re-entered the twenty-first century. This shiny new machine was installed yesterday. In truth, washing and drying dishes by hand is not half fact, it's relaxing and Zen-like. But...I do welcome this new machine. 

...and I have a couple of baskets of these awaiting my attention...clean, dry clothes. A new heating element did the trick, so my laundry room is humming with the sound of a repaired dryer.


Hope you all have a colorful Spring weekend...full of gardens, clean dishes and warm, dry clothes!
Stay safe!

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Genuine courage...

I like to think my voice makes a difference. I like to think good things can come from bad events. I like to think that our leaders want America to be the best she can be. 

Today, I don't just think...I know a young teacher was braver than a lot of people. 

I've been emailing Senators all morning...if you like what they do on your behalf...let them know. If you don't like what they do...let them know that, as well. Just let them know that you that young teacher who told her students she loved them as she hid them in the closet, and saved their lives by giving her own. She cared...she had real courage...her loyalty was genuine...not bought.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, April 15, 2013


On Friday, the dishwasher died. On Sunday night, the dryer died. I've been playing phone tag with repair men and delivery men all morning. The dishwasher is two years old and has had one "computer board" replaced already. The dryer is not much older. Can you say "functional obsolescence"? How about "lemon"? 

On a brighter living room sofa and two wing chairs are getting a make-over this week.  I can't wait!

...wing chairs


So...this Monday morning finds us 


Now, I have to go wash and dry the breakfast dishes, and hang laundry on the line in the garage...and find a place to sit.

Have a great week!

Enjoy the day,

Friday, April 5, 2013

...a wee bit of progress

It's raining again this morning in sunny Florida. Everything is that wonderful Spring chartreuse green!'s not conducive lighting for picture taking. So...colors are not too good.

I'm still playing with the flowers and don't think I've hit upon the right combo...a work in progress for sure.


The good news...I'm still loving this magnificent big cat!

Moving on to the large flower on the other mirrors this one but is right side up.

Have a great weekend,

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, April 4, 2013


It's raining. It started last night and has been going strong all morning. Living in a place where the sun shines three hundred and sixty days a year...I relish a rainy day.

Since our week began with the consumption of large amounts of chocolate, we thought it wise to eat a little healthier toward weeks end. My girl and I make these pizzas at least once a week. She is a very big fan of spinach...and mushrooms. In fact, she would rather eat spinach than chocolate...

...a perfect lunch for a rainy day!

This afternoon, I'll pop this in...and do a bit of loop pulling on...

...this fellow.

Thank you for the kind comments and encouragement I received from so many of you the last time I posted my progress on Antique Lion. I appreciate each and every one. 

Tomorrow, I'll share my progress!

Enjoy the day,

Monday, April 1, 2013

April kitchen window...

Welcome April! 

The eagle fraktur in my window this month is by Dawn Alley. This talented folk artist offers her wonderful paintings through her etsy shop/primitive hand. These historically inspired watercolors are framed in antique and vintage frames and painted on old paper.

The red and green and mustards in this painting are perfect... are Mother Nature's.

Turned candle holder is by Pat and Don Gaddy...Old Bittersweet Farm...a husband and wife team...both very talented artists.


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We had a great weekend...spent gardening and just being together.

Today Annie and I are channeling Kevin McCallister... we're "eating trash and watching rubbish".

...and loving it!


Don' forget to say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" today for good luck!

Enjoy the day,