Wednesday, April 25, 2012

...old chairs...

Many of the things we have in our homes have stories that go with them. I have three chairs that have stories. 

This chair was sitting out in front of a junk shop over twenty years ago. It caught my eye as I drove by, and I remember that I turned around and went back for a closer look. I bought the chair for eighteen dollars...a dear sum for me at the time. The seat was in need of new cane, but it would have to wait, as caning was way out of my budget. I put a chair pad on the seat and was happy with my old fiddle back Windsor. Years later, when I was able to finally have the seat re-caned, the fellow who did the job told me how special the chair is. Apparently, it has "ankles".

See the small curve? He said it is an animal leg and that it was a very fine chair. It's black walnut and though it's not my favorite, it's has been around awhile and is part of our home.

My husband pulled this little black Windsor out of a trash pile when he was sixteen. He rebuilt it, painted it and used it as his desk chair. It's been with us our entire this corner or that corner...we always find a place for it. It is not a fine chair but is a true testament to the words...make do.

By far, this wonderful old rocker is my very favorite. It is a family piece. It sat in the kitchen, by the fireplace of the home where my father grew up in Pennsylvania. He remembered that when he was a little boy, his grandfather...a Civil War veteran...repaired the chair. There are wrought iron brackets on the arms to reinforce where they might have loosened over the years. 

This chair has moved with my family from Pennsylvania, to Virginia and then to Florida. My mother rocked my sister in it in front of that fireplace in Pennsylvania. I played in it, as a child, when it was moved to my grandfather's office in Virginia. I mourned my father rocking in this chair, in my first home in Florida. When my daughter was born, I rocked her and told her stories about all the members of her family that sat in this noble chair.

This old rocker dates to 1840. It  has been in my family it's entire long life. I love this chair.

Do you have a story about something you love? Trash or treasure?

Enjoy the day,

I meant to say that the chair seat was rewoven...the seat is woven rush...not cane. I hadn't had my second cup of coffee when I wrote that. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Key West

For the last six years, we have gone to Key West in May. We won't be returning this year, so I thought I might share a few photos from years past. Key West is a fun, crazy place. Our drive there takes us right across the state, through the Everglades, over a stretch of road called Alligator Alley...yes, you can see them basking on the side of the swampy banks. There is a chain link fence, however, so they can't wonder out in traffic. 

Snaking through the Keys takes a full three hours...lots of beautiful water views and funky beach towns along the way. Sections of the old railroad bridge remain. The train ran through the Keys, carrying wealthy folks to winter homes and resorts in Key West.

The Audubon House...the house belonged to a sea captain...James Audubon was a visitor and painted the local birds and fauna in the garden. Beautiful old the key lime green shutters...and the pie isn't bad either.

...local landmark

...gorgeous Key West home...

Roosters roam all over town, as well as six toed cats that descend from cats owned by Ernest Hemingway, who had a home here.

This is sunset by the hotel...

..and this is what greets you in the morning. Cruise ships come in to port during the night and when you wake up...there they are.

 ...none of these belong to me...

...the best grouper sandwich in town served here...

Those two look familiar!

 Mallory Square Sunset

The Southernmost Point of the U.S.A....90 miles to Cuba.

Hope you enjoyed a quick peek at Key West!

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, April 19, 2012 Honora

She's ready for the parade...another all American girl.

Her cummerbund of antique indigo calico has swelled her head.

These two have been gabbing all night long. They've covered every to deal with the "itch" resulting from wearing antique wool clothing, the best shade of red lipstick, does Rogaine work for girls, is world peace attainable...all while consuming copious amounts of raspberry sweet tea, and blueberry scones smothered in clouted cream.

They are true friends, even though a bit of jealousy reared it's ugly head when Honora spied those red shoes on Sweet Allegiance. It's possible a pair of blues shoes will lessen the sting. We'll see, after we all get a little sleep.

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

...a little blue

Blue is not a color you see a lot of in my house. I used blue in the eighties, but you won't see much of it around here these days.'s starting to creep back in. Stoneware crocks with cobalt blue are a favorite of mine and lately, well, that lovely blue is calling my name. 

This is a rug I hooked years ago and it does, indeed, have blue in it. It's a Jeanne Benjamin pattern and Jeanne helped me color plan it. I believe the pattern is Antique Beacon. It's on the floor, under the tea table, in front of the sofa in my living room.

These blues and teals are Jeanne's dyed wools, and the camera does not do them justice. I'm really starting to see blue and want more of it around for the Summer.

Love the indigo found in early coverlets. I'll be pulling out blues today. I just washed my white slipcovers and they are calling for some blue...and red...always red. It's that time of year.

Sweet Allegiance's BFF is in the works. I have grown very attached to "Allie" and don't know if I'll be able to let her go. Sigh.

Thank you to all who left such wonderful comments about Sweet Allegiance. I truly appreciate your kindness. 

I do not use patterns, or make patterns to sell, but I certainly understand the unfortunate goings on out there with regard to pattern piracy, and stand behind those artists trying to put a stop to it.

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet all American girl

Sweet Allegiance is a big girl. She is thirty six inches from the top of her head to the bottom of her red wool shoes. She wears a vintage baby undershirt and an antique linen petticoat. Her skirt is an antique woven homespun wool blanket with a red antique wool waistband. Her red shoes are her most prized possession and she is always willing to show them off.

Sweet Allegiance carries her wool doves in an old woven basket and is looking forward to releasing them at the big 4th of July picnic...right after the band plays The Star Spangled Banner.  She's named her doves Benny, Soldier Boy and Hero, and is nervous about their welfare once they are on their own.  

Sweet Allegiance is a true believer in the philosophy that a little red lipstick and a single rose, strategically pinned to your blouse, can brighten even the most ordinary of days.

Enjoy the evening,

Monday, April 9, 2012

...heading toward Summer

With Easter over, the full press toward Summer is on. Red, white and blue creations are swirling in the heads of all of us who are always working a season ahead. Pumpkins and black cats are fighting for equal time. Red and green are on the move, as well. Oh, don't you love this time of year? 

Changed my mantle up a bit...

...a great rug (not mine) with great Americana colors.  The temps outside say Summer is close...making the inside a little lighter as well.

Think I like this look the best...more blue and less stuff.

Enjoy the day,

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Blessings

This is my Easter basket. It was my older sister's basket before I was born, and when I came along, it was handed down to me. 

It is now my daughter's Easter basket. It has been waiting for her every Easter morning of her life, just as it was there for me, every Easter morning...filled with sweet, colorful goodies.

Tonight, my sweet Annie will put her basket out, and she'll feel the excitement we all felt as children...believing that good things will await her in the morning.

Happy Easter, my friends. Hoping good things await you in the morning...and every day forward.

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweet Allegiance

I love when a doll I have envisioned actually appears. I see a doll in my mind's eye...draw her  on some her up..and am so pleased when the end result, is indeed, the very doll I saw. It's just so much darn fun to see a dolly come to life.

Still working...but I'm loving her so far. And Robin...aka The Cranky Crow...I'm going with your suggested moniker. Many thanks, fellow birdie.

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miss Libby Bert


This is a rug in progress called Libby Bert. Again...a rug I started and put down for way too long. I'm going to finish her before the 4th! I think her face needs a little tweaking, but it's the first "people" face I have done, so it's a learning process.

She looks in need of some serious orthodontic care close up...and, perhaps, a nose job.

...but from a distance I kind of like her smile???

Working on this young lady's smile as well. She's coming along. Next comes the fun part...clothes!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...the red, white & blue

These are the colors on my work table these days...Summer is on the way! 

...lots of wool...old and new...

...calico and ticking...Summer fabrics from days gone by...

...indigo blues...turkey reds...

Shhh...she'll be wearing red, white and blue...but right now she is in the early stages. She's a big girl...made from vintage grain sacks.

She's working on the Pledge of Allegiance...

Enjoy the day,