Wednesday, April 25, 2012

...old chairs...

Many of the things we have in our homes have stories that go with them. I have three chairs that have stories. 

This chair was sitting out in front of a junk shop over twenty years ago. It caught my eye as I drove by, and I remember that I turned around and went back for a closer look. I bought the chair for eighteen dollars...a dear sum for me at the time. The seat was in need of new cane, but it would have to wait, as caning was way out of my budget. I put a chair pad on the seat and was happy with my old fiddle back Windsor. Years later, when I was able to finally have the seat re-caned, the fellow who did the job told me how special the chair is. Apparently, it has "ankles".

See the small curve? He said it is an animal leg and that it was a very fine chair. It's black walnut and though it's not my favorite, it's has been around awhile and is part of our home.

My husband pulled this little black Windsor out of a trash pile when he was sixteen. He rebuilt it, painted it and used it as his desk chair. It's been with us our entire this corner or that corner...we always find a place for it. It is not a fine chair but is a true testament to the words...make do.

By far, this wonderful old rocker is my very favorite. It is a family piece. It sat in the kitchen, by the fireplace of the home where my father grew up in Pennsylvania. He remembered that when he was a little boy, his grandfather...a Civil War veteran...repaired the chair. There are wrought iron brackets on the arms to reinforce where they might have loosened over the years. 

This chair has moved with my family from Pennsylvania, to Virginia and then to Florida. My mother rocked my sister in it in front of that fireplace in Pennsylvania. I played in it, as a child, when it was moved to my grandfather's office in Virginia. I mourned my father rocking in this chair, in my first home in Florida. When my daughter was born, I rocked her and told her stories about all the members of her family that sat in this noble chair.

This old rocker dates to 1840. It  has been in my family it's entire long life. I love this chair.

Do you have a story about something you love? Trash or treasure?

Enjoy the day,

I meant to say that the chair seat was rewoven...the seat is woven rush...not cane. I hadn't had my second cup of coffee when I wrote that. 


  1. What a touching and moving post...just about beautiful.
    Such a beautiful family history with the rocker. You are blessed.
    And the chair from your husbands young perfect! Glad it is still in your home.
    We have an end table (not perfect, not too presentable) that we have that my husband made in shop class 57 years ago - I love the patina on it and so we keep it out and use it's part of us.


  2. Such special chairs -- all are beautiful. And the stories that go with them. Precious memories! So neat!

  3. Hi Robyn,
    Your lovely post struck a chord with me as I love, love, LOVE chairs....all kinds and can never have enough!! I seem to always make room for one! Your chairs and their stories are just wonderful and how fitting that as you sit in each one, you are literally surrounded and supported by them as well as their special meanings and memories!! Simply beautiful!
    One special treasure for me (it seems most everything I own has a special story) is my dresser. It is quite large, cherry, with a huge mirror and 10 drawers and I saw it as I was walking my dog! It matched my pencil post cherry bed perfectly and when I asked the price and the lady said $15.00, I literally RAN home to get the money, my husband and our van!! It is one of those things I still can't believe I was so blessed to find!!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely treasures Robyn!!
    Warm Blessings and Hugs~~

  4. What a special rocker. I don't have any old family pieces. It's depressing that you have a CHAIR that has beautiful ankles and I have tree trunks.

  5. The ankles on your heirloom chair are really wonderful!! Love the stories that go along with your treasures too! I have always had a thing for old chairs..... they seem to "find" me and never leave! LOL!!
    Great post!! Great chairs!!
    Cathy G

  6. Heart-warming post Robyn!!! The more I read, the more excited I got...I knew you were building up to something WONDERFUL, and you were!! All of the chairs and their stories are very special, but the one about the cherished family rocker was my favorite. 1840 was a good year...I have an early drysink and little red desk that are c.1840 and every early piece that I have is very special to me. :) Tina

  7. Such beauty in those old chairs....loved reading about their stories and the memories that they hold.

  8. I loved your stories of your chairs but most important I loved that you repeated them to your daughter! So many stories are lost because we do not realize the importance of keeping them alive for the next generation. I love to go to estate sales but I think they are so sad because the stories that go with all the beautiful things are lost.

  9. Another great post, my friend.....As wonderful as that first chair is, I knew something better was coming when you said it wasn't your favorite - and you never disappoint. I love old chairs too - I don't know why they call to me so - probably because of all the lives - the sorrows, cares, and joys - they've held... I only wish my home were larger, as I'd have them hanging from the walls if I could.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. wonderful chairs and great stories about them!!