Monday, April 2, 2012


Seaside is a place I have always wanted to visit. It is a planned community on the Panhandle. The movie The Truman Show was filmed there. Early on, Seaside was a small beach town with colorful cottages and a small town atmosphere. We stopped there on our recent trip, and it was hopping with Spring breakers and families on longer is Seaside a small beach has become a tourist destination.

These photos were taken from a moving car...sorry for the reflections of the dashboard!

The cottages are many different colors and architectural styles. 

These homes are right on the main street of town, and face the beach on the opposite side of the street.

When I went to the beach with my family as a child, a "cottage" had knotty pine walls and barkcloth covered pillows on the lumpy couch. These homes are a tad bit bigger than what I would consider a cottage to be, but they charming and have great views.

...lots of bikes, cars and people in town...

...a few antiques...

...and lots of galleries...

I'm fairly certain this is my third grade teacher. 

Whenever I see this color combo I am always amazed...."and I think to my self...what a wonderful world".

Hope you enjoyed our brief spin through Seaside. 

Enjoy the day,


  1. I SURE ENJOYED IT ROBYN...I miss the seaside atmosphere.
    It has been 6 years since I've seen the ocean and I miss it terribly.
    Thanks for taking me back.

  2. It looks wonderful! And how cool that the Truman Show was filmed there too. Ah to be by the beach. Hope you're having a good time!

  3. What a lovely town. I can see why you would want to be there. Thanks for sharing the pics with us Robyn! Take care, Janice

  4. Thank you for sharing your Seaside pictures! I love Seaside - it's a fun and charming place.

  5. Ahhhh....what a wonderful world indeed. My first thought was "cottages?" - yeah, right....In our world, "cottages" are lucky to have 2 rooms. You made me giggle, though, about your third grade teacher. At least she looks kind. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin