Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's on the way...

Subtle changes in the light...I see it more each day, and I know that Autumn is coming. It won't arrive in this part of the South for a good while...but that doesn't mean it's not slowly slipping in. 

Brown, and gray, and polka dotted birds...a good start to the transition of the seasons.

Can you feel it too?

Enjoy the day,

***Norma and Jennifer Schneeman birds and moon***

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home again

Now this is a great hotel! Yesterday, after leaving Miami Beach, we made a stop at The Breakers in Palm Beach. This is one of the finest hotels in Florida and a favorite of ours. Mr. M.and I came here on our honeymoon...thirty years ago next month. Unfortunately, we did not stay over...Mr. M. had a quick meeting...and then we headed home. 

This is an old hotel...very Old World and elegant...but full of families and low key...not at all stuffy.

Annie and I made camp in the lobby and enjoyed people watching.

The group had a suite and we went up to have a look...what a view!

We are home again...back to reality...mounds of laundry and in need of groceries, and very glad to be

Enjoy the day,

 Moon Over Miami

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Beach

"God's in His heaven, all's right with the world."
Robert Browning


Thursday, July 26, 2012


Yesterday, we traveled over this...


the Sunshine Skyway Bridge through this...

via this...

Everglades...Alligator Alley

...to here...

...checked in here...the funkiest hotel I have ever seen! This is an "historic" hotel. People like Elizabeth Taylor and Ronald Reagan stayed here in the 50's and 60's. I am not impressed. It is neither my favorite hotel, nor my favorite city...but...different makes the world go around and...

...the view from our balcony is pretty good.

It's a bit hazy this morning and my lens is fogging up but it still is a great way to start the day.

 Mr. M. is in meetings all day, so Annie and I will  explore a little. I do not drive in places like Miami...it scares me to even think about it. The lobby is a mix of bordello meets I Love Lucy...all you "prim" lovers avert your eyes...this is gonna hurt...


I'll be on the balcony.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, July 23, 2012

...more random stuff

I am in the process of redoing a bit in Annie's bathroom. Thought I'd share with you how much I love to add the work of some of my favorite talented needle artists to every room. 

This little sheep pin keep is the work of Rebecca from "The Simple Quiet". I knew exactly where I would put them when I ordered them, and they look just as sweet as I envisioned they would.

  I love Rebecca's use of neutrals, and am waiting for the arrival of another one of her creations to add to this room. I'll show more pics when it is complete.


The mailman delivered these goodies last week. Maggie Bonanomi's latest book, "A Day at Sunnybrook"...another treasure from this wonderfully talented lady. And, the latest kit from the Prim Sisters Club...The Sowing Sampler by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm...beautiful threads, linen and fabric included in this sweet pattern pack, as well as a great pattern that has birds in it! My "To Do List" is getting very long!

The linen that came with the sampler is underneath the threads and the backing fabric shown in the upper right corner. The piece in the front is an antique piece of linen and not part of the kit.


Finally, I drew another funny face on some linen last night and he is slowly coming to life. 

Have a wonderful week...we are in for lots more rain here. I've been remiss in leaving comments on some of my favorite blogs...I'll try to do better....bear with me, I'm a full time mom with gray hair and creaky bones....and, I can't see the floor in my laundry room.

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Bertram and Phineas & Moses

Mugwump Woolies

These gentlemen are the heads I hooked a week or so ago. Bertram is on an antique spindle spool...Phineas is atop a very round bottle and holds Moses the cat...also on a spool.

They are more muted than they appear here. 

Think I'll be hooking more of these fine fellows in the near future.

Enjoy the evening,

Monday, July 16, 2012

...a favorite

Recently, I found a wonderful early cloth doll. She has some great details...like fingernails!

Her feet are sewn in several pieces so that they actually are shaped like feet.

I redressed her in a "new" old dress that I already had. Her original petticoat with red trim compliments her red frock.

This old gal is straw stuffed and required somewhat of a chiropractic realignment to sit properly. But sit she does. 

She has quite a presence!

Early cloth dolls are one of my favorite things. I also love polka dots and the color red. Put them all together...and, well, I am happy with the result. 

Wish I could send some of this rain to those of you in need of it. We get a shower every afternoon...our typical Summer pattern. Yesterday,  I had to jump in the car and rescue Mr. M. and Annie, as they had gone out for an adventure in our nearby park...on foot...and in her buggy. Thankfully, there was no lightning...but they were a wee bit wet. It comes up that fast!


We did not make it to the framer on Saturday. We were sorting out the garage all morning. It was a wicked task in the heat and took a large chunk of time. Hope to get to the framer soon.

Enjoy the day,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sampler update

I found a conservation framer! Spoke with a local framer yesterday and will be going to his shop today.    
Thank you to all who shared their thoughts with me yesterday...I so appreciate your input. I think I scared some of you when I mentioned Michaels. I never would have taken this precious piece there...I don't even take my own work to them!

I keep discovering little treasures on this old piece and have taken many pics to try and capture them all before it is behind glass. 

This sampler was completed by Elizabeth White in 1810...she was eleven years old. She lived in Bilsdon Cross, England. The small buildings are dovecotes, and I assume the house is her home. The birds...my favorite thing and the reason I bought this particular sampler...are wonderful. I count a total of twenty one, some in pairs, but many different individual birds as well.

I look at this sampler and am totally amazed that an eleven years old created this treasure...thank you, Elizabeth White.

Thank you again for your help!

Enjoy the day,

Friday, July 13, 2012

...a sampler tale

Mr. Mugwump is not big on shopping. His biggest purchase most years is a new pair of running shoes. We have been married a long time so I usually spare him the shopping dilemma. Christmas, birthday...anniversary...I find something I like...he wraps it up. Not very romantic, it works for us and we are a pretty unconventional trio anyway. 

The sampler above is...a pending gift. I need some input from my wise and knowledgable blogger friends. This is an antique sampler...finally found one that didn't require a second mortgage. It is silk on silk and is dated July 21, 1818. It has been"preserved" on a sticky cardboard of some type...archival...to prevent future loss. My question is...who do I take this to for framing? My local needle shop? Michaels? I do not live in or near a big city with lots of fabulous framers. My selection is limited.
Any info would be most appreciated.

Oh, if you see Mr. M. don't tell him about the sampler. He doesn't know he's giving it to me yet...in fact, he hasn't even seen it...and I want him to be surprised!!!

I'll add a few more pics...it's a lovely sampler, but very fragile. It has a robin on it!

...looks like a robin to me.

I'll try to get some better pictures and post them next week. I took these in a hurry and omitted some of the great motifs.


Thank you for all the kind concern for Annie and her ear. She is feeling better and is her old self again. Your comments mean a great deal to me. Thank you.

Have a great weekend...stay safe.

Enjoy the day,