Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's on the way...

Subtle changes in the light...I see it more each day, and I know that Autumn is coming. It won't arrive in this part of the South for a good while...but that doesn't mean it's not slowly slipping in. 

Brown, and gray, and polka dotted birds...a good start to the transition of the seasons.

Can you feel it too?

Enjoy the day,

***Norma and Jennifer Schneeman birds and moon***


  1. Ever so slightly.... subtle changes..
    I thought those were Schneeman :-) Aren't they wonderful!!
    Cathy G

  2. Not only do I feel it... but I welcome it with open arms! :-) It's been one hot & cranky summer! lol!

  3. Hi Robyn, slowly the days are getting shorter, but still to hot and humid here.Love the birdies,Blessings Francine.

  4. Waiting and praying it gets here quickly.
    And yes I can notice it coming in the evening. Ever so slightly.


  5. Hi Robym,
    Yes indeed, I can feel it here too!! My favorite time of year! Love your sweet display and your lovely Schneeman Birds too!! So wonderful as are all their creations!!
    Warm Hugs~~

  6. Mee too ... I felt it a couple of weeks ago and thought I was imagining things as it is only July. The days are shorter for sure and I am loving it. Don't get me wrong, I love ALL the seasons but, especially Fall and Winter.
    LUV those 'Birds and Moon' too.
    Yup, tomorrow, I dismantle all of my 4th of July stuff. Sad to see them go but, am ready for new stuff too.

    Thanks for sharing and as always, 'Peace be with you',

  7. I will sure be ready for cooler weather! Love the pictures!

  8. Hi Robyn,

    I'm glad to see you putting out a few autumn things. I've been thinking about getting things out and my house ready for autumn before school starts. I'm working on more Halloween/autumn stitching projects, I'm thinking they will go right out so we/I can enjoy them. Can't say that the boys in this house appreciate my stitching! ~Ann

  9. yes sadly I can see the diffrence it does not come slowly here by the 2nd week in august there is a lot of diffrence here. I wish fall was longer becasue that is my true favorite time of year.

  10. Robyn ~
    Love, love, LOVE the birds and moon. You just have the neatest things!
    I have noticed great changes "up north" (2 blocks from Lake Erie). It is now dark in the morning when I walk Annie and it's getting dark so much earlier at night. I don't like it ~ NOT ONE LITTLE BIT!
    Pug hugs :)

  11. hi, Robyn~
    Very pretty~ oh, yes looking forward to the changing over~ cooler temps & autumn colors~

  12. Looks like your house has gone to the birds...Lovely birds!! Take care, Janice

  13. Oh Robyn! Your photos are brilliant! Beautiful and inspiring as always :-)


  14. ...Oh girl, I am so ready! I'm not usually one to complain about the weather but it has just been so awful here this Summer. So hot and dry, everything's begging for water. So yes, Miss Autumn, please come early this year. :o)

    ...Your decor is just beautiful! These photos look like that of Country Living - Love.

    ...Have a lovely evening!

    ...Blessings :o)

  15. It can't come soon enough for me! Love polka dots!

  16. I covet your decor. Ok, there, I said it....and can't even say it made me feel bad. Those Shneeman pieces are wonderful....but it's your uncanny display talent that show them to their best.

    Yes, I feel it - and, with ambivalence, welcome it. I adore fall....but I truly do love the fullness of summer, and chastise myself repeatedly for ever hurrying on the season of warmth, since our winters are so long and brutal here. We just got our pool cleaned it seems, and tonight the temps will be in the 40's. Brrrr......

    Happy weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin