Monday, December 29, 2014

...a start..a new angel

First, I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with friends...enjoying their good company and eating things we only indulge in once a year. Christmas Day was quiet...just like we like it.

 Our tree came down yesterday and today will be spent getting things back in order. Annie's Owl Tree will stay up for a while longer.

My hooking chair has not been used for hooking in a very long time.

It's seat, however, was warmed for a brief while over the holiday. It's a start. 

I'm keeping with the colors of the original rug by Maggie Bonanomi and found in her latest book "Thistle Down Moon".


My Kitchen Window...again? Let me know.


As 2014 winds down, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Hoping 2015 brings you all good, happiness and memories made with those you love. And wouldn't it be lovely if we had a little peace in the world?

 Happy New Year!

Enjoy the day,

P.S. For those of you who shared your thoughts on our "anonymous giver" in my last post...I believe, too.

Monday, December 22, 2014 anonymous giver

On Sunday afternoon we attended a Christmas Open House at the home of a friend. Afterward, we visited a nearby mall. The place was teeming with people...beyond crowded. In addition to holiday shoppers, there were people looking at the new cars that were parked inside the mall...for sale by various dealers. We were having a peek at a nice little BMW when a tall, middle-aged, well dressed gentleman approached me. He asked me if Annie was my daughter and I answered yes. I thought he was a car salesman. He said, "Have Santa buy her something she would like." I thought he was handing me his card and I extended my hand, but stopped when I saw he had a folded bill in his hand. I said no I could not take his money. He said please a couple of times and again I refused. Then he said, "If you won't take it for her, take it for me." I looked into his eyes and they were glistening with the beginnings of tears. I took the bill and thanked him for his kindness and generosity. Then he was gone in the crowd. I caught up with my husband and relayed the story...I turned the folded bill over and saw it was a twenty. We stood speechless in the middle of all this shopping madness and just looked at each other.

I would never have taken the bill this gentleman offered had I not looked into his eyes and recognized his need to give it to me. There was such a look of...longing...the only word I can come up with. Perhaps, somewhere in his life he knew someone with Down Syndrome...a sibling, a childhood friend, maybe a child of his own. Perhaps, he was one of those individuals who gives out money to random people. Whatever the reason, our Annie was the recipient of his largess.

We decided we would indeed buy Annie something she likes since this was his wish. Whenever anyone asks Annie what she likes best for a gift her answer is always "office supplies". Those large packs of different colored computer paper are her favorite. She turns them into her very own masterpieces and gives them to her friends. Santa already had a pack wrapped and ready for she will receive another pack...from an anonymous giver...a mysterious gentleman who picked her out of a crowd and bestowed upon her a gift of Christmas.

                                                                     Enjoy the day,

                  p.s. I have my own ideas about this "mysterious giver". I'd like to hear from you!



Sunday, December 21, 2014

Annie's Owl Tree...with a Horse

Coming in the front door of our home, looking into the family room you will spy Annie's Owl Tree.

This tree has become a tradition within the last few years. Annie is an owl fan...and she knows her stuff. Barn owls are her favorite...but all owls are admired and read about.

I started this little tree for her a few years ago and the word spread. Gifts of owls for the tree were joyfully received and added to the branches.

The large fellow in the lower right corner is new this year, a gift from a friend. It's there among the other owls...and...a little brown horse.

In early December, this sweet package arrived for Annie. A generous gift from the talented artist Angela Hillstrom from Of Cloth and Hand. 

Annie beamed and, without hesitation, placed him on her tree.

And so...Annie's Owl Tree now includes a noble steed. Among the owls... a little something different. Something not quite like all the others. A horsey with a shining presence all it's own. He brings an unexpected something special to this little tree. Something "special" like my girl...and the dear friends who bring such joy to her life with gifts of owls...and a little brown horse. Special indeed.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bits of Christmas and Candlelight

Here are a few more pics of Christmas at our house. My decorating is simple...greens and items from  my collections...candles and lanterns...and a few pieces of red transferware.

It seems every year fewer and fewer boxes come down from the attic. With one wing still not able to reach higher than eye level, whatever is in all those boxes was not missed in the least. 

This coverlet piece is the fine fowl.

Antique ice skates...also green.

This painted chest was my Christmas present last year.

...a little candle light

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Tree

Annie and I decorated our Christmas tree this afternoon. She oohed and awed as we pulled out the ornaments from her childhood, as well as those from her dad's and mine. We talked about the people no longer here who we miss every day, but even more so at Christmas.

Both of my parents were artistic. My father built me the most wonderful playhouse when I was five. It was built from his heart, without the benefit of plans. It had a white picket fence in front, real shingles on the roof and a Dutch door in the back. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I don't have one picture of it. But, I can see every inch of it in my mind's eye.

My mother sewed our curtains and jumpers, and our little house sparkled from her touch. That magic touch was never more evident than at Christmas time. Each year a Christmas candle, bought at church in early December, made our home glow. The candles came in tall glass containers (they were actually altar candles) in jewel tones of red, amber, blue or green. My mother always came home with a red one. We lit the candle on Christmas Eve to await the Babe, and it burned for an entire week in celebration. The glow of that candle was magic.

This year my mother has been gone for ten father for thirty.

Years ago, when I was teaching, my mother painted this sweet Nativity set for me. I put this on my window sill in every one of my classrooms...parochial could do that kind of thing. This is the first year since I lost my mother that I have been able to get it out again. I like seeing it again.

When my parents retired to Florida, my mother did lots of crafts. I have many ornaments on my tree that she made so many years ago. My father even got into the act and painted some clothespin soldiers. They are all there on this humble fir...the handy work of two people gone so long...but always, always in my heart.

Hope you all are enjoying Christmas memories...and making new ones.

Enjoy the day,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bits of Christmas 2014

Hello friends! We are just back from Amelia Island and, between unpacking and loading the washing machine, I thought I'd share a bit of Christmas. 

You might recognize Allegiance in the pic above. Allegiance is one of my dolls that I decided to keep and she has now become my "alter ego". She recently found a new friend...Fiona early, well loved Steiff fox. Allegiance took a liking to Fiona immediately. 

Allegiance is wearing a very early red calico dress. She thinks red is her color. I agree.

A couple of my red and green samplers.

Can you see the shoes? They are a wonderful green color and sport milk glass buttons.

I found this sweet, white Santa this past summer.

He has such a kind expression.

A collection of Norma Schneeman's ornaments nestled in baskets in a very large wooden bowl

...a sweet man in the moon

An antique Santa ornament sits atop early holly gift boxes.

Lots of red and green popping up at Mugwump Woolies!

I hope to be back with more bits of Christmas later this week. 


Hope you are all are staying well and enjoying the spirit of the season.

While in Amelia Island last week, we got into the spirit during our first Christmas party of the year...a festive and fun occasion with our Florida Bar Board of Governors family. Annie spent some time with all of her favorite people at the party. 

The week before we left we made personalized mugs for her many friends.  We bought white mugs, Annie decorated them with smiley faces and dots in gold, then we baked the mugs so that the oil based paint stays on after washing.

Annie bought a Santa hat for her special friend Mr. Gene...the gentleman who gave Annie the President's Award this past summer. The hat reads, "I 'VE BEEN GOOD THIS YEAR". The perfect sentiment for this special friend. He's the best in Annie's book!

You can see Annie's mug in this pic...Mom forgot to take pics of the nine mugs all together.

Annie also spent some time with Mr. Gene's lovely wife, Sheila. They had tea in the lobby at the Ritz and read Annie's favorite Christmas books together. Mom enjoyed a couple hours of down time. (Thank you, my dear friend!)

It is so nice to have friends that enjoy spending time with our girl, and go out of their way to show her how much she is loved. 

Have a wonderful week!

Enjoy the day,

*antique red dress from Kathy Barrick
*antique Steiff fox from Early Country Antiques

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mugwump Woolies Cards

I have been remiss in my blogging lately. It has been one thing after another. It's that time of the year!

Above is a photo of my Christmas creations for 2014. They went to my friend's shop in Dade City and I am happy to say they have all found new homes. If you look in the lower left hand corner you will see my Mugwump Woolies Cards. This is something I have been having fun from pics from my photos of my personal collections. They have done well and I have sent a few reorders out. I am thinking about offering them here...on my blog...starting in the new year. Any interest? 

Once again the Mugwump house is way behind...our tree is up, but not decorated. We have a trip to Amelia Island on the calendar...Annie and I did a homemade Christmas project for her friends that took some time...I had a request for another Santa and had to pull out all the stuff that that entails. My sunporch is a big mess when I am working. It's been busy!

Hope you are all enjoying the season. I hope to visit you all soon.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Southern Colonial Christmas

This year my Christmas decorations are embracing my Southern roots. After Thanksgiving dinner every year we head out to pick greens. Usually we just find pepper berries...this year we scored magnolia leaves as well. Nothing says "Southern" like magnolias. 

I worked on the mantle today. The Carole O'Neill painting is one of two oil paintings I have that were painted by this talented artist. It is her version of an Edward Hicks of the many paintings he did titled  Peaceable Kingdom.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. With Thanksgiving comes another blog anniversary for Mugwump Woolies. As M.W. begins it's fourth year, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit...and especially taking the time to say hello. 

And so...the adventure continues.

Are you and wrapping?

Enjoy the day,