Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Tree

Annie and I decorated our Christmas tree this afternoon. She oohed and awed as we pulled out the ornaments from her childhood, as well as those from her dad's and mine. We talked about the people no longer here who we miss every day, but even more so at Christmas.

Both of my parents were artistic. My father built me the most wonderful playhouse when I was five. It was built from his heart, without the benefit of plans. It had a white picket fence in front, real shingles on the roof and a Dutch door in the back. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I don't have one picture of it. But, I can see every inch of it in my mind's eye.

My mother sewed our curtains and jumpers, and our little house sparkled from her touch. That magic touch was never more evident than at Christmas time. Each year a Christmas candle, bought at church in early December, made our home glow. The candles came in tall glass containers (they were actually altar candles) in jewel tones of red, amber, blue or green. My mother always came home with a red one. We lit the candle on Christmas Eve to await the Babe, and it burned for an entire week in celebration. The glow of that candle was magic.

This year my mother has been gone for ten years...my father for thirty.

Years ago, when I was teaching, my mother painted this sweet Nativity set for me. I put this on my window sill in every one of my classrooms...parochial school...you could do that kind of thing. This is the first year since I lost my mother that I have been able to get it out again. I like seeing it again.

When my parents retired to Florida, my mother did lots of crafts. I have many ornaments on my tree that she made so many years ago. My father even got into the act and painted some clothespin soldiers. They are all there on this humble fir...the handy work of two people gone so long...but always, always in my heart.

Hope you all are enjoying Christmas memories...and making new ones.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Sweet post. Love the pic of that special couple. Cheers.

  2. Truly a Joyful time of year. The main Christmas tree in our home, with lights, is our 'memories tree'. It has gotten smaller in size as we have been down sizing, but still there are ornaments from my father's childhood, my childhood and from our first year of marriage that being 53 years ago.
    Thanks so much for sharing your family pictures and memories too.

    Merry Christmas with Peace and Blessings to you and yours,

  3. Beautiful post Robyn! Sounds like you and Annie made some more wonderful memories today!
    Such a great photo of your parents!
    Now I know where your love for red lipstick comes from!!
    So happy we can always draw those special times from our hearts!
    Enjoy your lovely tree!
    Warmest Hugs~

  4. I love that sweet nativity, such sweet memories that tugs at the heart. I love the candle tradition too. My tree has a lot of decorations that hold lots of memories too... It's so nice having Annie delighting in the older decorations.

    May your home be filled with Warmth, Love and Peace.

  5. Oh, that is what a Christmas tree is about! I see so many "theme" trees in the blog world, but I just could never do that. We have such a collection from our early marriage until now (44 years) and ones our four children created. As the years move on, the sentiment and memory of each is more dear. I love the photo of your parents. I'm glad that you could share the sweet memories with Annie.

  6. What dear memories you hold. So nice of you to share them with us.

    Have a happy!

  7. Touching post Robyn. I think we experience every emotion at Christmas, like no other time. Much joy, some sadness, everything in between, but all in some way, comforting. Your Nativity set is precious.

  8. How wonderful, Robyn, to have these memories of your parents and the lovely ornaments and creche to remind you of them. So special, and a wonderful thing for Annie too.

  9. Hi Robyn, I agree, such a touching post, I have tree ornaments from my childhood my father gave me, miss him so. Love the sweet nativity set, so sweet. Hugs Francine.

  10. Love the memories that Christmas rekindles. Isn't it funny how our memories seem to be the simple things from Christmas's past.....not the expensive gifts! Have a wonderful Christmas! Jan

  11. My mothere wll be gone 6 years this month and my dad I lost him when I was 19 to long ago. It is good to have a tree of memories. My adult daughter has her tree filled with her memories that she took from our ornaments nothing makes me happier.

  12. My dad will have been gone for 21 years this Sunday. He was artistic to like your parents and fortunately for me I have several of his things. Love the clothespin soldiers. Janice