Thursday, March 21, 2019

World Down Syndrome Day

Today 3/21 is World Down Syndrome Day. Why today? Because people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome on the twenty first gene...3/21.

This photo of our Annie was taken early one morning on one of our trips. After enjoying a yummy room service breakfast, our girl likes to keep the flowers that always accompany our order. She collects them and "decorates" the room with them. The simple joys...the magic in everyday ordinary...that is what makes life special. And this kiddo helps, too.

Enjoy the day,

Saturday, March 9, 2019


It is an absolutely gorgeous day here today! Mr. MW and Annie are at a Phillies game (their spring training camp is here in Clearwater). I  am stitching on His Eye is on the Sparrow by Beth Twist. I put it down last summer and just yesterday picked it back up. 

Got to get back to work!

Hope you are having a great weekend! 

Enjoy the day,

Friday, March 1, 2019


Hello, friends. Spring is popping up all over down here. Our trees have shed their leaves and that lovely spring green is providing a lush canopy overhead for our spring visitors.

And we've had lots of visitors. The past four days have found our yard, and the yards of our neighbors, covered with robins. I love robins! It was pouring rain the other day, and dozens of these sweet birds were pulling up worms with vigor. It was amazing to watch!

Yesterday, I spied three of them in the day for the girls.
They scattered when they heard me at the window, but I did get a snap of the one remaining brave birdie. I shared it with Annie while she soaked in the tub and we both grinned ear to ear. 

These pics are of years past, but I think I have solved my new camera dilemma. I found the cord I need to transfer photos from camera to Mac. That card reader thingie was ridiculous! This new camera has caused me a lot of angst. At upwards of seven hundred dollars, I would like to be able to use it for blogging! Fingers crossed. 

I know lots of folks count fall as their favorite season, but for's spring. It puts me in a good mood. I love the colors. I love robins, and bunnies and green.

I love the flowers!

Annie is excited about spring, too. Yes, that's her foot in the orange. This is not the funniest sleeping position I've caught her in...but, it's up there in the top ten. Believe me, she is happy about spring...when she's awake.

Angela Hillstrom robin

I hope to get back to regular blogging when I get my camera up and running. In going through pics for this post, I realized how this blog has documented Annie's life for many years. All the lovely friends, the encouraging comments from so many of you, the sharing of has made me smile more often than you will ever know.
It's not something I want to stop doing. Again, fingers crossed. 

Hope spring will be arriving at your homes soon.

Enjoy the day,


Amazon Prime just delivered my new works!!!

 Taken yesterday, 2/28 through the sunroom window.

Monday, January 21, 2019

George and Martha's Place...and a few favorite things

Hello, friends. Still struggling with camera and loading pics. Did get a card reader but it's a bit more complicated to work with so I've avoided it. Also having trouble getting into PicMonkey... It's all fun and games till you mess with a senior citizen's tech knowledge...or lack there of!

Today I'm posting about a trip to Washington, D.C. we took a few years ago. We're headed back there soon. One of our favorites sites...Mount on our to do list. If you have never been, put it on your bucket list...and yes, it's open, it runs purely on donations. 

The above pic shows Annie beginning to melt down. It was toward the end of the day and she was spent. Since Annie had her hamstring injury, and we purchased her "buggy", she has enjoyed our trips more and gotten much more out of them. It was a struggle for all of us before she had her wheels. I'm hoping she will enjoy our upcoming visit to D.C. more than the last.

George and Martha welcoming us to their home.

The beginning of the day and Annie has already had it with all the walking. But, walk she did...all over the estate.

We will be there again during early spring.

The grounds are wonderful.

The new museum is the absolute best! So many of the artifacts now at Mt. Vernon I remember seeing as a child at the Smithsonian. Glad they have come home. 

Springtime in Virginia.

She will enjoy it so much more with her wheels.

I can't wait!


Christmas came and went and I never got any pics posted. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Ours was quiet and cozy.

We visited one of our favorite hotels and admired their huge gingerbread house.

Annie and mom had tea in the lobby while listening to a wonderful pianist play Christmas carols.

We said goodbye to our Bar family and headed home to welcome Christmas.

Our Agnes was softly lit by the candlelight from our "Thomas Jefferson Lamps" a special edition from Waterford from years ago. She's never looked more radiant. Candlelight is always flattering to mature ladies.

We went small with the tree because mom is getting old and tired.

We decorated with favorite things. Our "Martha Washington Bowl", again the American 1776 Collection from Waterford, was filled with holly. The white slipcovers stayed on and not one single Christmas box was brought down from the attic this year. Did I mention mom is getting...well, you know.

Annie added some familiar faces to keep her company.

And of course, a few more of our favorite things.

We welcomed a few new friends. It was a wonderful Christmas...Annie said so..."The best Christmas ever"!

Hope 2019 finds you all well, healthy and happy!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

My camera recently met it's end. After a bit of research, I replaced it. Upon arriving home I was unable to load my photos. I needed a card reader ??? to load my photos. I have yet to make that purchase. 

My blog posts in recent years have been few and far between.  I will try to do better...or fade away altogether.  

In the mean time, the folks at Mugwump Cottage send you warm thoughts, good cheer and wish you and yours many blessings on this Christmas morning.

Enjoy the day,
Robyn, Mr. Mugwump & Annie

God bless us...every one!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


I took the above photo years ago at the United States Supreme Court. This chandelier hangs in the private room where we attended, with our Board of Governors family, a private breakfast reception before the swearing in ceremony of our group. 

This impressive source of light reminds me of our 41st president...George H.W. Bush. His "Points of Light" endeavor was, and continues to be, about volunteering service to America. 

What a fine man we lost this week...a statesman, a patriot...a true source of light. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Original watercolor by Lori Brechlin

Wishing friends and followers a blessed Thanksgiving. Peace...

Enjoy the day,
Robyn, Annie & Mr. Mugwump