Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Hello, again...how are you?

Hello, friends...keeping busy?

Annie and I have been decorating our front window. Using construction paper and glue sticks, we have created a cheerful mural.

Still a work in progress, we add a little something new every day. We've titled it "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". We have the best neighbors...more on that in a bit.

We can finish a five hundred piece puzzle in a little over twenty four hours. Luckily, I ordered several from Barnes and Noble after Amazon ran out. It's one of those things that there has been a run on. Also hard to find good construction paper and you can forget about sidewalk chalk. Because Annie is a paper hound, we always have plenty of art supplies.

Next up...courtesy of the Easter Bunny.

Making progress on HEIOTS. Sorry for the dull pic...it's a cloudy day here. Someone asked me the size of this beauty...24.5 by 36 inches. It's a biggie.

Tree was not that bad once I got my rhythm. It has been a wonderful, soothing escape to work on this lovely piece.


These are a few of the things we have been doing to fill the days. The smallest and most unexpected thing that has filled our days...and nights...has been a small calcium deposit my husband had the misfortune to develop in his kidney...a kidney stone. 

It was a harrowing experience for all of us, especially him! Two weeks ago it began with my poor fellow writhing in pain and a trip to the E.R...the last place you want to go during a pandemic. Fortunately, we have the best neighbors. Across the street our Fire Department Lieutenant, who is also a paramedic, monitored him all day and finally slapped a N95 mask on his face and took him to the E.R. Lots of tests, imaging, prescriptions...and lots more pain...a few days working from home and this week we seemed to be in a better place. Our neighbor next door is a physician's assistant and checks in, too. It surely is, "A beautiful day in our neighborhood."

We all had little sleep the first week, but are beginning to settle down now. I've been eating my weight in baked potatoes smothered in butter...sometimes with sour cream. My drug of choice.


My heart aches for all the souls this virus has claimed...their families and friends and loved ones are in my thoughts. Looking toward a brighter day... always hopeful for an end to the suffering.

I cannot say enough about the admiration I have for first responders...like my neighbors, they are in the trenches every day. And also for the grocery stores and the delivery services that we have depended on for the last few weeks. Annie and I are both immune compromised so we have not been out in several weeks. With my husband out of commission, we are most grateful for home delivery from Publix, Whole Foods and Sprouts. Keep those potatoes coming!

Hope you are all well and keeping busy.

Enjoy the day...

it's beautiful,

P.S. Hope to get around to all the blogs I've missed with all the happenings here.


  1. Robyn, Thanks for the uplifting post ~ Your window is beautiful ~ Annie and you did a wonderful job ! Stay safe and be happy.

  2. Such a stressful time for you and husband. I hope he is on the mend and doing well. Here in the country delivery is far and few between. I have been ordering on line and picking up so I only see the one person.
    I love your window such a happy thing to do.
    We are finally coming out of winter so we have been doing lots of yard work and walking. Potatoes sound like a good comfort food.
    stay nice and healthy

    1. It was a stressful week! Glad you are able to get out in the yard...always therapeutic! Stay well!

  3. My sister was in the ER last week for a kidney stone. They actually had to put a stent in to help it pass. Not a good place you are correct to be in a pandemic. Your window is looking good! My grands painted an Easter bunny holding a basket of eggs on their window. It looked good too via photos my daughter sent me. Hopefully we can get back to normal very soon. A big thanks to our first responders and also my heart aches for those affected by the latest tornadoes. So sad. Janice

  4. My husband wanted to see if his stone would pass on it's own. He ran and lifted weights once the pain left and we think the exercise helped it along...and out. Those tornadoes were horrible! We have so much to be thankful for. Stay well!

  5. Poor hubby. I've not had a kidney, but both my boys have and I know the pain they went through.
    His Eye is breathtaking. How many more pages do you have to go? I am in awe every time I see someone working on this.
    What a sweet project you and Annie are sharing. It will bring a smile to everyone who sees it.
    Stay well and may God Bless everyone who must interact with others in their jobs.

  6. Men are more prone to kidney stones. I think I was so scared because my fellow is such a health nut. It was so hard to watch him suffer. Annie was so scared. It was better once we got a diagnosis. Hubby did medical malpractice for a time and has seen some bad things. He is vigilant when it comes to medicine and procedures. I have portions of the last two pages to go on His Eye. I'm going to miss it. Beth Twist released it's companion piece at Nashville Market in March. It's called Consider the Lilies of the Field. It's the same size, but the colors are paler. I've already bought the chart! Stay well!

  7. Your window is great! I'll bet it creates smiles to those who pass. Speaking of passing, I hope that stone does. Such pain it causes!

    It is terrible that those suffering from this are alone and without familiar faces for comfort and support. I can't imagine how the elderly and children are handling that, let alone their loved ones unable to see them.

  8. Annie and I have had such a fun time working on our window. We hope it has brought a smile or two to others. It is such a difficult time, especially for those who are alone. Stay well!

  9. Hi Robyn,
    LOVE your very happy window and I know it is bringing smiles to your wonderful neighbors!! We certainly can't have too many smiles these days!! Love the puzzles too, and such a great idea to keep your hands and minds busy, plus all the paper goodies! Sounds like so much fun and so happy you have a good supply!! Your stitched piece is so beautiful and I admire those of you who tackle it!! I know you must be so proud of yourself and should be!!!
    Let me just say that I can totally relate about the kidney stone event and truly feel for you and hubby!! Jeff has had multiple kidney stones since we have been married and the first one was the worst with him ending up having major surgery and a very long scar on his waist area! Thankfully, he has been able to pass the others, but know it has not been a pleasant experience for him! He has not had one in quite some time, for which we are both thankful!! Hoping your Mr. getting back to his normal self and so very happy to hear about all of your wonderful neighbors who stepped in to help!!!
    Stay safe and well, my friend, and always so good to read a post from you!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  10. I adore your window!!! so sorry about the medical issues but thankful you had help.
    I use this site every day. https://thejigsawpuzzles.com/ I don't know if you would enjoy an online version and you can make less pieces, more pieces, change shapes etc. You can hit full screen and then select just the border pieces..then the others. I try to beat my times,,, if you try and have questions just email me <3

  11. The name of your blog is so cute. I hope your hubby is fully well, and I agree, those grocery delivery services are useful to keep us out of the stores. Your front window is glorious and cheerful.

  12. I'm sorry for the scare that you all had to go through but glad that the scare is over. It's such a difficult time now because of the Covid-19 virus. My nephew passed away last week and his family couldn't even have a funeral with family.

    I love the cheery window decoration. All you need now is to add some little birds. your Cross stitch project looks amazing.

    Stay well and busy.
    Hugs, Julia

  13. What a wonderful window you have created in your wonderful neighborhood!! It must be fun to decide what new little bit you can add each day. Sorry to hear about Mr. Mugwump's scare. I do not personally know anyone who has had one, but heard they are truly and incredibly painful. That stitching of yours just awes me more each time I see it. I just can't wrap my head around stitching something 3' wide LOL. Heck...I can barely wrap my head around HOOKING something that large. Yup, I'm a wimp. I'm immune compromised as well....but we do not have any places that deliver this far out. We do have a store where you order and pay for groceries online and then just pick up but, unfortunately, all the slots are always booked full for as long gas they have bookings listed. Very frustrating...truly wish they would give priority to the elderly and high risk people for them. Oh well....c'est la guerre, no? Stay well and healthy and give Miss Annie a big hug for me ~ Robin

  14. Everything is lovely! Your window is so cheery and hopeful, I bet that people just stand there to admire it! And your HEIOTS is spectacular!!! I have gotten as far as purchasing the pattern myself ;)
    Take care of yourself and each other!
    Blessings, Patti

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