Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year!

A new year is upon us...a time of reflection...looking back, and looking forward. As the clock races toward 2013, I've been thinking about things I learned this year. I like to learn new things.

I thought I might share a few with you...

This year I learned that I have too much stuff...I spend too much time making room for stuff, putting stuff away, moving stuff around.......I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff in the New Year.

This year I learned that I can give up coffee and chocolate, and still remain relatively sane. I developed an allergy to caffeine and knew it had to be done...and somehow I did it...three weeks before Christmas.

This year I learned that your laundry room can still flood when you are out of town...even when you turn off the main water source. A bad valve can break in the washer and leak the water left in the pipes...

This year I leaned...o.k. I already knew this one...that my daughter's compassion for others is limitless. The morning after the Sandy Hook shooting she presented me with dozens of cards she had made for the parents of the children who were lost that day....our Christmas table was covered with angels...china, ceramic, wood...gathered from all over the house..."in honor of all the children".

This year I learned that there is a network of bloggers out there...people I, most likely, will never meet, but people I enjoy to hear from...and about. People whose families I have come to I love to visit...with stories I enjoy to hear. 

This year I learned that women support other women. They delight in the success and accomplishments of other women...they are there for each other when worlds fall apart, or fear is banging on the door. They share laughter, tears, horror stories, sadness and good news. They reject pettiness and open their hearts. They are there for each other because it is the right thing to do, and they genuinely care. They are unbelievably strong. Again this is something I already knew, but it's nice to see it still applies.

This year I learned that when one door closes...another one opens. People come and go. The only constant in life is change...and that some lessons take a lifetime.

Happy New Year everybody! Wishing you the very best in 2013! 

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Catching up...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 

We spent Christmas Eve with friends...they have a six week old grandchild, so our girl was over the moon holding a sweet baby boy!

I've been trying to get a few things finished...finally got the "house" rug edges's a big one so it took awhile...but it's done, and on the floor at last.


Annie and Mom will be spending time viewing the entire Little House series in 2013. We can't wait! Mr. MW dug right into a new book...and yes, that's a baseball cap on his head. I told him I'm going to knit him a cap to keep his head warm!!! 

Robin jammies...wish they came in my size!!!


Are you compiling a New Year's Resolution List? I am hard at work on mine. First and foremost, I am purging my house of clutter. It will probably take all year to get closets and drawers done, but I'm committed...and determined...I'm starting I realized how bad things had gotten around 
here when my husband was up in the attic on Christmas Eve still looking for the lost stockings...we never did find them. Annie had to hang her old one with"Elizabeth" on it and she was not too happy about it. Sorry were Elizabeth before you were Annie....Elizabeth Annie.

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

From our yours...

Wishing you all good health...

and much happiness...

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!!
God bless us...every one!

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've been seeing some wonderful vintage postcards on many blogs. They are so colorful and sweet, it's easy to see why so many collect these little lovelies.

I have a few...mostly holiday cards. My mother bought me some many years ago, and I have added a few here and there.

My favorites...Christmas...with robins...and holly. Here a few...

Hope your day is going well. 

Although I have not had a classroom of my own in many years, and with a heavy heart, today I am so very proud of my chosen profession.

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The folklore of Belsnickle supposedly originated in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. He was a stern fellow dressed in fur and he carried a switch. He came to America with the Germans who settled in Pennsylvania...sometimes called the Pennsylvania Dutch...Deutsch, which means German, was anglicized to Dutch and it became Pennsylvania Dutch, rather than Pennsylvania German. 

Because I descend from Germans who left Wurttemberg and settled in Pennsylvania, I am drawn to these fierce looking early Santas. 

The prices these old molded pieces bring are way more than my budget allows...but I've found some bargains out there and have managed to assemble a small collection.

The big guy in the mustard coat with red fur trim is my biggest bargain. I've seen similar belsnickles dressed in this color of coat sell for hundreds of dollars. I paid twenty five dollars for my guy and was thrilled to do so. He is damaged...his boots have crumbled through the years...but he is still able to stand on his own, and I think he is still very handsome even in his advanced years.

This grey coated guy has a very fierce expression!

I love bringing these Belsnickles out at Christmas. When I see them displayed around our home I feel a connection to my German grandfather, whom I loved so dearly.

Can't believe he'll be paying us a visit in one short week!!!


We continue to pray for the families and the community of Newtown. So very, very sad...our hearts remain heavy.


We did have a bit of joy in our hearts this past weekend. We attended our nephew's wedding. It was a beautiful, joyous day...full of family and friends. We are so proud of you...a wonderful accomplished athlete...a young lawyer...and now a loving husband! Congratulations, sweet boy!

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!

Enjoy the day,

Monday, December 17, 2012


Blessed are those who mourn...


Once again, an horrific act has left us reeling. Ours hearts ache...tears flow...minds question why. My hope is that this is the beginning of the end of the violent society we have become. 

Then...and only then...

....they shall be comforted.


***Debbee Thibault's angel

Friday, December 14, 2012

Candle glow...

Candles glow in our home all year round. At Christmas time, they add to the warm and homey feeling...the spirit that is Christmas.

There is something soothing about candlelight...a certain romance that takes us back in time.

Hoping that the spirit of Christmas is aglow in your home.

Have a wonderful weekend...stay safe!

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Annie's tree...

My girl loves owls! Last year we found a couple of sets of owl ornaments and decided to do a small prim tree in owls...only owls. Her favorite owl is the barn owl...she loves their heart-shaped faces.

Annie is our resident "lamplighter", every evening at dusk she lights the two trees and all the window candles. 

Santa sits upon his horse? under the tree. owl sits upon a red book

We found this little creche while in Amelia Island. It's made of wire with a few beads here and there...and a mother of pearl dove.

The two critters in the front are lambs! It's perfect under this little tree.

Annie wanted to make sure I shared her tree with all of you...and to tell you Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

...more bits of Christmas

Fresh greens, pomegranates and pewter adorn our simple mantle this year.

My hooking chair...

From the sunroom...a peek into the family room.

Jenny Salsini oil painting

More red Shiny Brites...

This early 1800's child's dress hangs on our laundry room door. It is circa 1830...wool and black...and is one of my very favorite things.

...and back to the sunroom

Susan Daul fraktur


Hope you all are enjoying this special season. It was grey and gloomy here yesterday. Annie and I fired up the candles...put in our James Taylor Christmas CD and decorated the tree...and yes, there was dancing...lots of dancing.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, December 10, 2012

...bits of Christmas

Good Monday morning! This month of December is flying by! My decorating this year has been sporadic....never a big enough block of time to get it all done at once. I hope to finish up within the next couple of days. 

Our traveling is over for the year. We love to go...but we're always happy to come home to our little "cottage", as we call it. Home is best.

Our dining room...

...simple greens...and candles...and fruit...

The glow of candles makes for a warm and welcoming home.

In the living room, a few pieces of my early red calico join leather "prayer books" that belonged to my grandmother and my father.

...bits of Christmas...I'll be back with more tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Enjoy the day,