Thursday, December 27, 2012

Catching up...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 

We spent Christmas Eve with friends...they have a six week old grandchild, so our girl was over the moon holding a sweet baby boy!

I've been trying to get a few things finished...finally got the "house" rug edges's a big one so it took awhile...but it's done, and on the floor at last.


Annie and Mom will be spending time viewing the entire Little House series in 2013. We can't wait! Mr. MW dug right into a new book...and yes, that's a baseball cap on his head. I told him I'm going to knit him a cap to keep his head warm!!! 

Robin jammies...wish they came in my size!!!


Are you compiling a New Year's Resolution List? I am hard at work on mine. First and foremost, I am purging my house of clutter. It will probably take all year to get closets and drawers done, but I'm committed...and determined...I'm starting I realized how bad things had gotten around 
here when my husband was up in the attic on Christmas Eve still looking for the lost stockings...we never did find them. Annie had to hang her old one with"Elizabeth" on it and she was not too happy about it. Sorry were Elizabeth before you were Annie....Elizabeth Annie.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Don't you hate it when you can't find something important? Ugh! You have a good resolution. I would follow you, but I doubt I could meet the challenge. Our house is clutter-ful. lol! Love the finished rug -- so beautiful! And how cool that you can get the whole Little House series on DVD! I had no clue! Very nice! I love Little House! Books were my first love, then the series. Ah, that series! Great pajamas for Annie too!

  2. Love the finished rug Robyn. I hear you about decluttering, that's what I need to do as well. Little House on the Prairie is one of my favorites! Hope you eventually find the stockings!

  3. Oh my goodness! Your rug is sensational. Excellent color and interest. I've been trying to downsize clutter and it's hard. So many kitchen related items I hate to part with but never use. How does this happen?? But I sure wouldn't part with robin jammies!

  4. Love Annie's pajamas! That's funny, I couldn't find our stockings either! Good luck on the decluttering, that's a never ending job for me.

  5. Love that rug! And those Rabin pajama's are the best! Clutter be gone here too this year.

  6. What a special post Robin...I love Annies Robin jammies.
    Now don't you wonder how stockings can get lost - seems we all loose something - they seem to go into the black hole but do show up eventually, just too bad a year goes by in between before we start searching again.
    What a beautiful rug - I still need to learn how to finish mine two waiting for me.
    Resolutions...NOPE...I never seem to follow through so long ago I gave up making them. I just try and be my best at what ever I do.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  7. I'm of the same mind. I started cleaning out closets and every nook/cranny the first of December. Not the best time to tear out so much but was amazed at how much I got done!
    I love Annie's robin PJ's!! I would like to have some of those for me!

  8. Dear Robyn, your rug is so beautiful........Love Little House, good score.......Annie so cute in her robin p.j.'s so sweet.......Blessings Francine.

  9. Love your rug and Annie's jammies. I laughed when I read about losing your stockings...I too lost mine this year to the attic troll..he might give them up when I bring out my Spring decor. LOL. Janice

  10. I want some Robin jammies!!!! :o (That's my best cyberpout face....) And then I wanna sit around in them and watch Little House with you and Annie!! I LOVE that show...we don't have it on dvd, but every afternoon/evening, we watch it on Hallmark (well, not during Christmas as they suspend it then for their holiday shows....) As for New Year's resolutions, I usually don't make any....but, I do need to do something here with clutter as well. It's going to have to wait though until this next term is over....I don't have great aspirations, but whatever I manage will be an improvement from what I have now....It's either that or get a bigger house, and something tells me the latter isn't going to happen! Your rug turned out beautifully!! But, really, the floor??? Oh my. I still can't bring myself to putting them on the floor (even tho they are "rugs" and that was their original purpose....My hooking designer friend laughs at me, because she has her floors covered in them, and I purposely step around them.....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Annie looks adorable in her robin pj's!
    Beautifully done rug...Have fun watching the movies :)

  12. Hi Robyn, I got my computer fixed and I can now leave comments.

    I'm so glad that you mentioned the de-cluttering project. It seems I try that every year but I think that my problem is that I bring in more than I take out. Even though I had all my Christmas decorations in clear plastic totes clearly marked as to the contents I still wasn't organized well enough and had to search in this one and that one and getting things messed up.
    Life was much simpler when we were kids as we had very little and we lived in the moment more.

    You did a wonderful job on the rug.

    I love Annie's PJs too and Little House on the Prairie was a favorite of mine. They will enjoy this for sure.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed, joyous and healthy new year.