Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The folklore of Belsnickle supposedly originated in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. He was a stern fellow dressed in fur and he carried a switch. He came to America with the Germans who settled in Pennsylvania...sometimes called the Pennsylvania Dutch...Deutsch, which means German, was anglicized to Dutch and it became Pennsylvania Dutch, rather than Pennsylvania German. 

Because I descend from Germans who left Wurttemberg and settled in Pennsylvania, I am drawn to these fierce looking early Santas. 

The prices these old molded pieces bring are way more than my budget allows...but I've found some bargains out there and have managed to assemble a small collection.

The big guy in the mustard coat with red fur trim is my biggest bargain. I've seen similar belsnickles dressed in this color of coat sell for hundreds of dollars. I paid twenty five dollars for my guy and was thrilled to do so. He is damaged...his boots have crumbled through the years...but he is still able to stand on his own, and I think he is still very handsome even in his advanced years.

This grey coated guy has a very fierce expression!

I love bringing these Belsnickles out at Christmas. When I see them displayed around our home I feel a connection to my German grandfather, whom I loved so dearly.

Can't believe he'll be paying us a visit in one short week!!!


We continue to pray for the families and the community of Newtown. So very, very sad...our hearts remain heavy.


We did have a bit of joy in our hearts this past weekend. We attended our nephew's wedding. It was a beautiful, joyous day...full of family and friends. We are so proud of you...a wonderful son...an accomplished athlete...a young lawyer...and now a loving husband! Congratulations, sweet boy!

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Morning Robyn, love the Belsnikles, so wonderful......What a sweet picture, Annie looks so happy.....Yes, still thoughts and prayers to the families in Newtown.....Blessings Francine.

  2. Thank you for telling the history behind the Belsnickle Santas. I've wondered about their history and now I know. I love your collection -- wow! So great! And congratulations to your nephew! May he and his new wife have many happy, loving years together.

  3. Thank you for sharing the history of the Belsnickle, I love them and never knew anything about them...Best wishes for your nephew.


  4. One of the things I love about visiting blogs is that I learn something new now and then. I have old world santas in ceramics, some still need painting but this is the first time I hear heard the story of Belsnickle. They make a nice collection even when it's a small collection. They really give a vintage flavour to your decor.

    Congratulations to your nephew on his wedding. I can see the affection he has for Annie, and it warms the heart. She always look so happy. Where is the bride?

    Prayers for the Newtown grieving families and community as the children returns to school. I still carry a heavy heart for them.

  5. Good Morning Robyn~

    Thank you for sharing the history of the Belsnickles. You have a wonderful little collection. Beautiful picture of Annie.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  6. Morning Robyn,
    What wonderful displays...I must admit I NEVER USED TO LIKE BELSNICKLES but over the past couple years I have acquired a few...non are rare or expensive but they DO NEED TO HAVE A LOOK ABOUT THEM...so I am particular. I don't have many but the ones I have I really have come to enjoy looking at.
    What a great photo of Annnie and your nephew...congratulations to him.
    Blessings for this Christmas holiday season.

  7. What a nice post Robyn. Love your collection of Belsnickles. I don't have any old ones. Just a few wood carved ones I collected several years ago and some repro ones. The pic of Annie and your nephew is the sweetest. One to frame. I can't even contemplate what those families are going thru. Our hearts and prayers are with them each day as well. Wishing you and yours a most blessed Christmas. Lori

  8. Mee Too, Robyn, I have a meager collection of the Grey bearded, Ino Schaller Belsnickles. I was wise to buy these while I was still working a few years ago and before retirement. Retirement means buckling up as things do change.
    Love your decorating and I enjoy my visits ... It all feels very homey and festive.

    Keep the 'Christmas Spirit', especially for all the new Saints in Heaven ... they would want it this way.

    Love, Peace & Blessing to ALL,

  9. I love your german santa's I have a couple of modern redos that I like.
    what a great picture of your nephew.

  10. Love your Belsnickles..cannot believe Christmas is in a week..where did the time go. My Paternal grandmothers family settled in the PA Dutch area before re-locating to Michigan. Congrats to your nephew! Take care, janice

  11. Ok....I'm gonna say it. I covet your collections. There. It's done. It's wrong. But I do.....You have the coolest dang stuff EVER! I've never even seen a REAL old Belsnickle up close and personal....just photos....and here you have a whole collection of them!!! In my next life, I'm going shopping with you! ;o) Great photo of your nephew and Annie - wishing him and his new bride a wonderful life ahead!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin