Friday, July 31, 2020

R.I.P. Mac

Hello, friends. Hope you are all well...and sane. 

My old Mac died. Mr. MW is gracious enough to share his laptop when he doesn't need it for work. I'm limited on visits and commenting. I don't have a phone...I know, I'm a dinosaur. I just don't need a phone. Anyone who wants to reach me goes through my email. 

I can't get to my photos. I was able to get some old ones from somewhere...out there in the ether.

Annie and I have been at home...and only home...since March 14th. We are keeping ourselves entertained and are making plans for our Halloween window. First, we have Annie's birthday celebration coming up in a little over a week. We are looking forward to the holidays. Thank goodness for Amazon and other on-line shops.

We finished up out sixteenth and final year on The Florida Bar Board of Governors. It's been an adjustment on top of everything else. Annie and I enjoyed all those lovely hotels and new a trip out of state every year. Every six weeks we were off to somewhere. Mostly, we miss our Bar family. Annie told me she is "devastated" not seeing all her pals. But, life goes on and she is a trooper.

Mr. MW does the shopping and is so proud of himself when he remembers something I forgot to put on the list. He loves to score a bargain and was giddy when he came home with four baskets of blueberries for $10. So funny. In a noble effort to keep me sane, he brings me roses every week. I've been drying them as they die and the rack above my sink, where they hang on ribbons, looks like an old Victorian postcard.

We have our first hurricane of the season approaching. Looks like it is turning and we are very grateful for that. Fingers crossed.

Hope to have a new computer soon. Our local Apple store has been closed for a very long time. It's not the computer that is the problem. I can get one on line, no problem...or even Best Buy. It's the setting it up and transferring everything from the old one. I will not go out...even with no one on one class like I had when I bought my last one. In the scheme of things...a minor inconvenience. It will eventually get resolved. 

To put things into perspective in difficult times, my mind always goes to Anne Frank and her diary. I've read and reread that book many times.When I was twelve, and read it for the first time, it made an impact on me that has stayed with me all these many years since. At the tender age of thirteen her world stopped and she became a captive of 
horrific circumstances. And yet, her life was so full of purpose. She left us a blueprint for making the best of a bad situation. May her memory be a blessing.

Have a good weekend! Stay well.

Enjoy the day,