Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Key West

We just returned from a visit to Key West. It was so hot all I could think was...we are surely melting!

Despite all the HOT, Key West is a unique and beautiful place.

This quote, right on the sidewalk, perfectly describes the colors of Key West. I've added my own pics to share the lovely colors of this tropical island...our country's southern most point. The photos have not been enhanced...the colors you see are the true colors of the photos as taken. Enjoy a little taste of the Conch Republic!

This sunset was so beautiful! Took this sitting on our balcony...sipping green tea.


Remember the antique bricks I mentioned months back? My Christmas present from Mr. MW has been a slow but steady project.  A friend came by to check it out and was nice enough to let me take his picture. At this stage we are letting the sand settle before adding the cement. More pics coming. I love it!

Hope all is well with everybody.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, May 29, 2017

Thank you!

Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge

This photo was taken years ago in Washington, D.C.. This statue is part of the Vietnam War Memorial. The soldier on the left, with the hat and holding the rifle, was a classmate of mine from high school. He modeled for the artist years after his safe return from duty in Vietnam. 

To my friend, who has since passed away, and all those who served and did not return home...thank you.

Enjoy the day,