Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello friends. I've been on a short hiatus from blogging. I have been stitching a bit. The fellow above is something I drew out and stitched one morning. Since then I have been stitching away. 
I'm a fan of whipping the edges rather than the blanket stitch. It is easy and relaxing, and gives the piece a simpler look. I've read about others who use this means of finishing as well. I am just unable to master the blanket stitch! 

For me, hand sewing is very calming. It's portable and I don't have to fret about following a pattern. Lately, I've been battling a few auto-immune issues, and pulling my needle through wool or linen is the best medicine. 


A wonderful new book was just released. It is a visual feast! My copy arrived a few days ago and I have not put it down.

"Black Dolls from the collection of Deborah Neff"

Edited by Frank Maresca

Published by Radius Books

The book is full of glorious photos of these magnificent creations. Humble and beautiful, the collection makes my heart sing. Vintage photos of children and their dolls, as well as essays that give a bit of the history behind these lovingly sewn beauties, make this book a true prize. 

Check it out...you will not be sorry!

Enjoy the day,



Monday, April 6, 2015

Passover Seder

Good Morning, friends! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter...with family and friends.

I thought I'd share with you a wonderful experience our family had on Friday evening.

Christians celebrated Good Friday, and this year it coincided with the first night of Passover. We were invited to a seder meal to celebrate Passover with some dear friends. Neither my husband, nor I had ever been to a seder. We prepped Annie a bit, but she is a trooper, and was so excited to see many of her good friends. 

The readings and the variety of foods served as part of the ritual were interesting...and fun. We enjoyed all the symbolism and taking part in such an old tradition. The door was opened for Elijah.

But...what I wanted to tell you about was the group of friends with whom we shared this special meal.

There were nineteen of us. Our host and hostess...an African American police chief (Methodist) and his wife, an attorney...and a Jew. Also at this table, an Indian couple (from India) who are doctors, a gay couple (one being our superb local florist) a Chinese cardiologist, a father and daughter...both professors. Also with us, our very good friends, the wife an Egyptian, who escaped religious persecution (Roman Catholic) in Egypt with her family when she was a child, married to one of my husband's best friends...whose father was a Russian Jew 
and whose mother was Mexican. Both he and his wife are Appellate Court judges. The wife's sister and husband were also there...again, an Egyptian Roman Catholic married to a Jew. Three wonderful teenagers...the children from these "mixed" unions. It was a fabulous table of eclectic friends.

I tell you about this table, surrounded by this wonderfully eclectic group, because it moved me to see all these accomplished people, who have all weathered adversity, come together to show their thankfulness for their many blessings. Individuals with their own histories and beliefs, joined together to celebrate. Hopeful for the future, and a physical reminder of what can be when differences are overlooked, an evening of living proof that everyone has a place at the table.
 My thoughts this Monday morning..."Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me."

Have a wonderful week! 

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Kitchen Window

A simple window this month. After Easter I will replace the bunny with fresh flowers.

Can you see the bunnies on the mantle through the window?

Greens and a bit of pink to welcome spring.


The other night we met friends out at the beach for dinner. We spread blankets and feasted...on fresh grouper and the sunset. It was a beauty!

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Easter!

Enjoy the day,