Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello friends. I've been on a short hiatus from blogging. I have been stitching a bit. The fellow above is something I drew out and stitched one morning. Since then I have been stitching away. 
I'm a fan of whipping the edges rather than the blanket stitch. It is easy and relaxing, and gives the piece a simpler look. I've read about others who use this means of finishing as well. I am just unable to master the blanket stitch! 

For me, hand sewing is very calming. It's portable and I don't have to fret about following a pattern. Lately, I've been battling a few auto-immune issues, and pulling my needle through wool or linen is the best medicine. 


A wonderful new book was just released. It is a visual feast! My copy arrived a few days ago and I have not put it down.

"Black Dolls from the collection of Deborah Neff"

Edited by Frank Maresca

Published by Radius Books

The book is full of glorious photos of these magnificent creations. Humble and beautiful, the collection makes my heart sing. Vintage photos of children and their dolls, as well as essays that give a bit of the history behind these lovingly sewn beauties, make this book a true prize. 

Check it out...you will not be sorry!

Enjoy the day,




  1. Oh my but I LOVE my black dolls. When I did shows there was a woman who purchased black dolls from me at every show. It has been a while since I've made a black doll since I stopped doing shows. Maybe I'll get that book and be inspired to make another. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Robyn,
    So good to see a post from you!! I was thinking of you the other day and am so sorry you have been under the weather!! Like you, I also turn to needle and thread when down times happen, and there is nothing so soothing and healing as pulling thread through fabric.......health for the soul!!!
    Love your sweet stitching and the whip stitch is the perfect touch!!
    That book sounds and looks wonderful! I will definitely check it out!! I have a really sweet black bottle doll that I just love!
    Also wanted to mention how much I love your new blog header and background!!!
    Take care sweet friend and hope you feel better soon!
    Warm Hugs~
    Julie xo

  3. Hi Robyn, I'm sorry about your auto-immune health issues but I'm glad you can relax with your beautiful stitching wool creations. Hope you feel better soon...Your pattern looks like so much fun. I love stitching but never tried the wool appliqué. Your stitching looks so nice.

    I'm not into black dolls but I always love to learn about things I'm not very familiar with so I went and researched on line. That book looks like a great treasure of information and so much history of these dolls. Once you start a collection, it's hard to stop.

    Thanks for sharing a corner of your world and posting today.

  4. I love black dolls and have one with a tag with POOR FOLK" stenciled on it. She's wearing real baby shoes. I"ll take a picture and post it. Thank you for the info on the book! My next step is Amazon. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Hi Robyn,

    Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather and glad to know that you're on the mend. Stitching surely is therapeutic.

    Thank you for sharing information about the book on black dolls. I have one very old black doll made from a silk stocking and she has pieces of coral for her eyes, so naturally I named her Cora. I have a couple of other old black dolls, but Cora is my favorite of them.

    I am a 69 year old white woman. My black and white dolls play together just like my black human friends and I do. None of us has any stupid prejudices, thankfully. I'm going to order my very own copy of this new book and I can't wait to share it with my friends, white and black. It will give us all a chance to talk about the history of how these black dolls came to be.

    Diane in North Carolina

  6. Your wool applique is so pretty! You have such talent. I'm so sorry to hear you've been having health issues. I hope you get better soon. Lots of hugs.

  7. Hi Robyn
    I think your design is wonderful and am very anxious to see the finished piece.
    Goodness those black dolls are treasures for sure. The book sounds so interesting.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Hi Robyn, love the black doll, adorable. Blessings Francine.

  9. I'm just lovin' your wool projects!!!
    I hope your auto-immune issues don't cause you too many problems.
    Hugs :)

  10. Hope you are feeling better...Julie