Thursday, June 6, 2019


Hello, friends. We are back from a trip to Palm Beach and a few nights at The Breakers. Always fun to see our Board of Governors family and have a peek at the Atlantic. We begin our fifteenth year on the board next years!

Annie and I are in full summer mode. We've been pulling out some red, white and blue and some of our special friends.

The vintage postcard above was a lucky find. 

She's currently waving her flag on our tea table in the living room. Behind her, on the back of the sofa, is a wonderful hooked rug hooked by Kelley from With Hook and Needle blog. The colors in this rug are perfect!

George Washington...our favorite patriot...the father of our country...a fellow Virginian. 

Another of our favorite founding fathers can be seen on the sideboard in the background.

Benjamin Franklin...sharing a pot of tea with our Agnes.

In the kitchen, the girls are all about flag waving. We are still working on this display...but it's off to a fun start.

Are you in summer mode? Are you bringing out the red, white and blue?

We have a few more friends to add to our summer decor. We'll keep you posted.

The patriots that founded our country were men of courage...true patriots. They risked everything for freedom and liberty. Thirteen colonies...each different from the other...united for the common good. 

Enjoy the day,