Thursday, July 12, 2012

...random stuff

I love live plants. There is always something green growing in my house...and I mean that in a good way! Ivy is always a favorite because it is easy to grow...and grow it the living room... 

...on the sun porch

(ferns like the porch as well)

...even in the bathroom.

Got to have a little bit of green!


Next, a great tip I saw on Pinterest. 

My stove burners take a beating and always have guck dripped on them. Some of that guck only comes off with lots of scrubbing with toxic stuff. 

This really works!

I bought large zip lock bags at the $ store and a jug of ammonia. Put burner ...even coil if you have an electric bag and add a big splash of ammonia. Leave it over night...the longer the better. Take the burner/coil out and wash...the guck comes off so easily it is amazing!

I was so happy with this...many of you have probably been doing this for years, but I just found out about it and thought I'd share.


Yesterday, my girl had to go to the doctor...she has a bit of swimmers ear. She was so brave, and I always love to see how amazed people are when they first meet Annie. Annie's speech is just about flawless and her vocabulary is expansive. These two new, young doctors, I am sure, were surprised that this young lady could converse with them on the level that she did. She had them in stitches with her humor and anecdotes. Always a good day for mom and dad when Annie is a walking, talking advocate for the Down Syndrome community.  

 The ear was feeling much, much better last night, thankfully.

On the way home from the doctor's the sky opened up and let loose with a torrential downpour, complete with thunder and lighting. Luckily, Mr. M had offered to escort us so he was at the wheel.  Within minutes the streets were so flooded we changed our route several times to avoid the waves! We weren't the only ones. Cars were, literally, jumping curbs and going through lights to try to avoid the rising water.
There are always those who feel they are immune to disaster and lots of them were on the road. It was also rush hour. Within the course  of a very few minutes we witnessed two major accidents. It was horrendous to watch people in such a rush, in such bad conditions. There's a lot of "crazy" out there!

So...there you have it...a good deal of randomness!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Ouch! Swimmer's ear can be painful! Glad that Annie is on her way to feeling better! Thanks for the tip on the burners... cleaning them is one task I don't care much to do because of the stuck on stuff. Always takes too much time and scrubbing. I'll give this a try!

  2. It's nice you have a green thumb. All the green looks great! Glad the swimmer's ear was taken care of -- my kids have had that and it's no fun at all. As for the tip -- wow! I have to try that for sure! Thank you!

  3. Hi Robyn,
    I love your Ivy and I totally agree about having live plants inside.
    That swimmer's ear is a real pain, my kids were always having problems. Since we live is So Cal they spent a LOT of time either swimming at the beach or in a pool. Looks like they have outgrown it now.
    YES ... IT WORKS! a couple of years ago a neighbor told me about the ammonia trick. I struggled for umpteen years trying to keep my stove top looking presentable ... Now it is a breeze.
    Thanks for sharing as I enjoy visiting. You've always got something of interest posted.

    Have a Blessed Day with Lots of Peace, Barb

  4. Hi Robyn, your Annie sounds like a pure delight!
    So glad she got that swimmers ear taken care of.

    Thanks for the cleaning tip and have a Great day!

  5. Hi, Robin~ hope her ear feels better~oh, I know that can hurt~ouch~She sounds like a sweetie!!
    Rain ~ oh , yes send it my way~
    Folks can be driving crazy can't they ~ like nothing can happen~ I don't understand the big old rush~ it can be so dangerous, glad you made it home safely~
    have a great day & Hugs to you Annie~

  6. You have a green thumb for sure! Thanks for the cleaning tip! You can never have too many of those, especially when they make things easier! Glad Annie's ear is on the mend!

  7. Robin, We sure could have used that rain here in Ohio - it is so dry here. I wouldn't want to experience the scary drive home that you did, but some rain would be nice. Glad you had a driver - that's what I call my husband - my driver, I only drive because I have to. I would much prefer to ride any day. Hope Annie's ear is better soon. ~Ann

    P.S. I could kill your plants in just a couple of days! My thumb is brown :( LOL

  8. Hello Robyn, I agree on the greenery, nice to see. Ooch on the swimmers ear , hope she feels better. So glad to hear you had rain, yey!!! Enjoy, Blessings Francine.

  9. What a joy your Annie must be.
    Hope you her ear is feeling better.
    I love ivy too. Trying to grow a bit up the front of our house.
    Only one lobe survivor in this heat.
    But there is always next year.

  10. Robyn ~
    I hope Annie's ear is better. No fun to have a hurting child, no matter what the age!
    Hugs :)

  11. Hope Annie gets better soon. People always drive crazy here especially in the winter they think because the have a four wheel drive they can fly down the road. I'm the same way I have plants every where!!

  12. I hope your dear Annie feels better soon. We forget how painful those ear infections can be! I love all your plants...a bit of greenery always makes things so homey!

  13. I do hope sweet Annie is well on her way to a full recovery, she is a real trooper. Your home is just lovely and I like the bit of greenery here and there. You know some people just should not have a drivers license. I love your pumpkin heads! lots of personality in those faces...greetings, Julie.

  14. Hi Robyn,
    So sorry Annie had swimmer's ear...I can truly understand as I got it all the time growing up and in BOTH EARS!! I'm happy she is on the mend and also so glad you made it home safely!!!
    All your plants are beautiful and I wish I had your green thumb, but sadly, like Ann, my thumb is also brown!! sigh....
    Take care and I LOVE your bird watercolor!!
    Warm Hugs~~

  15. So glad you got home safely and sweet Annie is feeling better. It sounds like she brings sunshine to whoever is lucky enough to be around her. That's a true gift.

  16. Love your beautiful and healthy plants. And am sure you and hubby were beaming with pride at your daughter's social interaction with adults.

    OMG, it must have been terrifying watching the water rise like that and so good that your husband chose to go with you.


  17. Had to pop down and see the post I missed and what was up with Sweet Annie...Awww...poor thing - seeing as I am NOT a swimmer, I've never experienced it, but did, as a child, have some HORRENDOUS ear aches, so I can only imagine. So glad to hear she is doing so much better! I would so like to meet her someday!

    I agree that a bit of green makes all the difference in a home. Unfortunately, my limited space always means I eye my greens and do much soul searching as to whether I can trade them in for a bit more space for something else displayable. Add a few green-chomping cats, and I have whittled my greens down to a very few here.....But I cherish the ones that have survived my selfishness and my cats! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  18. Such lovely plants! Hope Annie's ear is doing better....glad she kept her sense of humor through it all.
    Those fast rising waters can be tricky glad you all made it home safely :)