Friday, March 30, 2012

Worn and torn

 This is a very old and worn sampler. I love the colors and the motifs on the bottom. There are a few letters in the most wonderful aqua blue...some in a very faded beige...and then the dog, teapots, tree and flower on the bottom, in tobacco brown and black., tree, three teapots, flower...
...tea pots...

...a wonderful black and brown dog...

I enjoy looking at this old piece of naive needlework when I sit here to pay bills or use my sewing machine. It helps to slow things down when life gets rolling a little too reminds me of a simpler time when young girls took time out of every day to pull a needle and thread.

The outside view isn't too bad either.

I like my worn and torn possessions around me as I go about my daily doings...and I never tire of fluffy white clouds in a beautiful blue sky.

Enjoy the day,


  1. I love, love love your sampler. I have such a fondness for old samplers and this one is lovely, Love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another commonality - old samplers....but I don't think the two of us are alone in that regard. This one is precious - love the dog and teapots....And you do have an amazing view out your window....Happy Friday Robyn!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. A sampler to treasure, indeed! It makes you wonder about the girls and needlework of days gone by...
    Thanks for sharing... the view too!

  4. Hi, Robyn,
    That is a wonderful old simple and primitive. I love the long-legged dog and the teapots. I don't think I have ever seen teapots before...what a treasure!

  5. BEAUTIFUL STITCHERY....goodness it's old and gorgeous. I see why you love looking at this.