Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Simply Sheep

We all love our sheep! If you have an interest in wool...rug hooking, crewel, early samplers, penny rugs, knitting, old coverlets...any needle art that uses wool...you probably have an affinity for these gentle, wooly creatures. If you have an interest in "prims", you most likely have a few sheep scattered about.

How can you not be draw in by these endearing faces? 

They come to us with nicks and nibbles on their ears and noses. Their fleece is soiled and worn. Hooves are splintered, and legs are wobbly and missing bits of paint. 

More often than not they join an existing flock when they arrive at our homes.

There usually is a standout in the crowd.

And there is always room for a new comer.

Enjoy the day,


  1. OH ROBYN...they are WONDERFUL!!! You know how much I love putz sheep...I wish everyone who collects them would share them with us. You have a great looking "herd"!! Thanks so much for giving us a closer look at their sweet and endearing little faces...they are amazing and I LOVE THEM!! Enjoy your day, Tina

  2. Robyn,
    You have a wonderful collection of sheep. I loved seeing them up close. Some great faces. Such personality they each have. I only have 3 so far but do plan on collecting more. As Tina said, they are amazing and I too love them. Hugs, Lori

  3. P.S. that is the perfect shelf for displaying them! Lori

  4. Wow, you have quite the collection there! I just have a couple of redware sheep and that's it. I do have some painted on my dishes though. :D Love your collection!

  5. Robyn~
    Love your putz~ great collection~

  6. Of all my collections I love my sheep...although I only have one Putz sheep - what a great post.

  7. Running behinder than ever and too scattered to even know where to jump in, but then I heard you say "sheep!" You know I love me my sheep - but my all-time favorites are the Putz....You have a wonderful little herd - and love your shelf. Perfect display - perfect post! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Robyn,

    What wonderful Putz babies..thanks for stopping by my blog...have a great day.! ~Ronda

  9. Hi Robyn,
    You have such a sweet collection of these "wooly wonders" and I really am sad that I don't own one.....yet!! I have been wanting to start a collecion and it always starts with "just one" so hoping I can find one soon!!! I have admired so many others "flocks" and yours is exceptional! Thanks so much for sharing all of them!
    Thank too for your sweet note!! It really meant so much!!
    Have a lovely May Day!!
    Warm Hugs~~

  10. Be still my heart! Sheep just make it go pitty pat...love their sweet faces.

  11. What an amazing collection of sheep you have, Robyn! They are wonderful and the way you have them displayed is just perfect :)

  12. Robyn ~
    What a wonderful flock of sheep. So much larger than mine...sigh :)

  13. Baaaaeautiful woolie collection! Just lovely how you have them displayed. Take care, Janice

  14. Robyn, what a wonderful collection of woolies, can you believe I own none. Lucky you, poor me! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  15. I adore this collection!! I have one lone sheep...I search for more!

  16. Robyn, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments.

    Sheep are such dear creatures and if I had my way I'd have a flock of them
    grazing on my front lawn =)

    Love your collection!


  17. What a great flock of sheep!

  18. Robyn, you've amassed quite the collection of sheep! I keep telling my kids when they are grown and gone, I'm going to have real sheep, black faced, black legged sheep that will follow me around the yard. ~Ann