Monday, May 21, 2012

...another little girl portrait...

Yesterday, I shared with you a wonderful portrait of a little girl. It is a favorite of ours...but as I passed through my dining room this morning I realized this is my most favorite "little girl portrait".

Spring cleaning begins in earnest today...dolls are finished, another trip is over, no more excuses...I'd rather be hooking!

                                                                   Enjoy the day,


  1. Good morning Robyn...I'd say this is the BEST portrait ever!! I was without my computer for a few days last week, but wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your Mother's Day post!! You and your sweet little Annie are both very special girls indeed!! Happy Be-lated Mother's Day!! Enjoy your day...even if it is just spending your time cleaning! Tina

  2. Robyn, what fun to see these faces smiling at you every day...

  3. This is such a precious portrait. It looks like the Teddy bear is wearing an identical dress to your daughter and are having tea. She's such a sweetie.

    Spring cleaning is pretty low on my bucket to do list. Have a great week. JB

  4. How sweet is this picture!! I love it too!

  5. ...Ah-dorable! :o)

    ...Enjoy cleaning! Boy, is that an oxymoron or what?! That's right up there with that commercial that says, "Have a happy period". Seriously? *giggle* ;o)


  6. Robyn,
    What a beautiful child, is she your daughter? Happy cleaning...hehehe!

  7. A precious little girl. Spring cleaning begins in earnest here too!

  8. I had to tear my house apart in November cleaned top to bottom I am refusing to do the same for summer. so I will clean one room now and then to maintain.
    good luck with your cleaning.

  9. Just love the red chairs. It makes for a very inviting spot to relax after a long day.......enjoy!!

    We Three

  10. Beautiful photo of your precious Girl!
    My fav too.

    love those red chairs!

  11. Now THAT, my friend, is a true masterpiece. Strange, but when I saw the little girl portraits from yesterday's post, I thought of Annie, and somehow knew you had something special like this. Makes me want to have a little girl all over again. (Not that I don't love my son with all my soul - but, oh, the dress-ups and photo ops just aren't quite the same....) ;o) Thank you so much for sharing....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin