Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Americana mood

This is where it started...my new Adirondacks...really, really red Adirondacks. Our old red chairs bit the dust and have been replaced by these...really red ones. I'm trying to get use to them. 

These really red chairs put me in a red, white and blue mood. So...I've been playing. 

...red baby shoes...

...dolly's polka dot dress...


...kitchen window...

...stars and stripes...

Lots of playing going on here.

Enjoy the day,

***Thank you for all the lovely comments about my daughter's portrait, I appreciate all your kind words. Welcome to all my new followers...I am so happy to have you along on this journey.***


  1. I love all your red white and blue decorations. Your home looks beautiful and I love your Adirondack chairs too. Those little red boots are just so special. Have a great week. JB

  2. your post makes me want to stand up & salute! beautiful photos :)

  3. What great pictures of such pretty red, white and blue things. Love it all!

  4. Your red white and blue goodies are getting me into the patriotic mood...time to bring out mine. Thanks for sharing. Love them all! Take care, Janice

  5. Beautiful reds, whites and blues! The chairs are a great pop of color in the garden area! Love them!

  6. Robyn, You have the best, most wonderful collection of antique textiles. I love all your blog posts where there's a peek of them here or there. Thanks for sharing! ~Ann

  7. Everything looks great and I love those chairs. I may paint my cedar ones red! I just saw a new RED Wave petunia and it is gorgeous. I should have bought it but didn't which means I'll make another trip tomorrow and they will be gone.

  8. ...I LOVE those chairs! We have two old Adirondack Chairs and when they used to sit out by the pond I had thoughts then of painting 'em the same barn red as our barn but alas the old chairs made their way onto our screened porch where they'll stay old, chippy and white.

    ...Also, I love your outside seating area too. And btw, when you're done decorating your home please come do mine, 'kay? ;o)

    ...And that lil' doll is as sweet as can be!

    ...Thank you so much for sharing!

    ...Blessings :o)

  9. Beautiful red, white and blues!! Love the little red shoes... and oh my, the doll in the red polka dot dress is adorable! The adirondack chairs look great in your garden.... I love how they stand out! TFS..... your post has been an inspiration, and I'll be getting my patriotic decos out very soon!!

  10. Oh this is really taking a twist toward the bizarre - my husband and I went searching for new patio furniture last week - and I BEGGED him for some red Adironacks (couldn't believe they even had them!).....Alas, he would not relent.....And, just prior to getting online here, I dug out all my star cookie cutters and put them out...displayed with little red coverlet stars.... But you know, Girlfriend, those red baby shoes get me each and every time. If you ever see another pair of red ones that you are willing to pass on, please pick them up for me.....I love, love, love, me my red...... Smiles & Red, White, and Blue Hugs ~ Robin