Monday, March 28, 2016

Backyard Cathedral

Meet George and Martha. These beautiful birds have been daily visitors to our feeder for years. Everyday I look out to see them enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Sometimes they dine together. But most often they perch one at a time. George is always close by...patiently waiting his turn while Martha enjoys a welcome meal. Then Martha will perch in the ligustrums and wait while George has a go. They are very protective of one and other. Cardinals mate for life and often sing to each other as part of their continuing romance.

The legend of The Cardinal says that cardinals are ancestors who come back to visit loved ones. They come to guard and comfort their loved ones. They often appear when they are most needed...when loved ones are gripped with despair and in need of encouragement.  I can attest to this phenomena. A glimpse of their lovely red feathers has comforted me on many occasions. 

Cardinals often stay in the same yard and return to the same feeder to eat. They raise their young...several generations...within the same area. 

We are delighted that George and Martha picked our yard and our feeder to call home. They have given us many hours of entertainment and are a welcome part of our days. 

When I was a student studying in Europe, I visited many great cathedrals...Notre Dame, Cologne, all their man-made beauty, they cannot compare to the majesty of my backyard cathedral.

Enjoy the day,


  1. I didn't know cardinals mated for life. We have so many pairs here but I see the males more often. Loved watching them feed their young, hope to see that again this year.

  2. I love cardinals and I do believe that that female is my favorite so far as color is concerned. We enjoyed them so much when living in VT. Here in the Mojave we have none...but, we do have Desert Quail as they too are precious and a delight to watch them walking or should I say parading in a row.
    I agree, God's creations are no match for man made.

    Hi to Annie too.

    Peace to all,
    Barb & my Sandy another bird and butterfly watcher.

  3. I have never heard that story about cardinals. I would love to have them but they aren't in California. I agree with your thoughts about your back yard cathedral. It is just beautiful. Have a lovely Monday.

  4. They are such beautiful birds. I keep hoping for one in my yard but no such luck. I do have a very pretty robin lately though

  5. We gave a pair here this year which was a wonderful surprise.But the amazing g thing is when we traveled to Florida a pair was on the pool gate when we walked in and then we didn't see them again while we were there.

  6. We have lots of Cardinals at our feeders but I didn't know they mated for life. We also have a pair of bald eagles in one of our pine tree who have been together for many years.
    Have a great week.

  7. Evening, oh I love the sweet couple, we don't have Cardinals here, you are lucky.Blessings Francine.

  8. I loved hearing the story of cardinals. George and Martha are lovely. I always love it when I spot cardinals in our neighborhood. They are so pretty and colorful. And now I know more about them!