Tuesday, September 15, 2015


A few months ago, I decided I did not want my mantle anymore. My sweet husband took it down, and we moved a blanket chest from another room into it's place. He wanted to put it out for the trash...he had made it for me in the first place and said it had served it's purpose. 

I decided we should hold on to it for awhile. Over the last few weeks, I started missing my mantle. I missed my candles lit in the evening as the days began to shorten. I started to think about putting out my fall goodies and missed it even more.

Back came the mantle with a whole new look...a lovely historical color. My sweet husband put it  back for me. Back in the very same place where he had filled the holes and painted over the wall. 

He is so patient.

Once again my hooking chair is back in it's cozy spot.

I stacked my painted trunks in front for a bit of a change. I haven't decided what to do with the interior blank space. It was black before with an inner brown liner. I might just leave it as is.

I like the darker look of the trunks filling the space. The two in the middle are grain painted and are from Maine. The bottom trunk is painted red and the top one has a decorative design which has become alligatored over time. The outer background on my blog is a closeup of this trunk.

They provide excellent storage for all sorts of things...think sewing supplies.

Annie is especially happy to see the "angels" back. That is what she calls the keyhole spatulas that hang across the mantle. 

Hope life is treating you all well. Thank you for the lovely comments many of you left on my last post. It's always nice to hear from you.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Robyn, I love your mantle and your boxes look perfect together!! :)

  2. I love your mantle. Your husband is a winner too. My husband painted the dentil molding in two large rooms. I didn't like the new color. He painted them back for me. Another winner. You just know when you have a winner - mantle or husband. ...jan

  3. Those keyhole spatulas do look like angels!!!
    What wonderful boxes (oh, that alligatored finish!) and your mantle is just perfect - again - thanks to that dear hubby of yours.
    Hugs :)


  4. It's a wonderful look, especially for fall and winter.
    Annie's right. I like the angels, too.
    Julia in SC

  5. So glad you put your mantle back up...it looks marvelous! Janice

  6. I love your mantel we all need change now and then. I am not liking the shorter days either that to me is the worst part of the winter and I live in the northeast.

  7. It looks wonderful. I have never had a mantle in any house I have ever lived in. I would love to have one to decorate. I love how yours looks.
    I love those wooden boxes. Husband are so sweet aren't they?

  8. Oh Robyn, I am so glad you didn't get rid of your mantle. It is one of my favorites!
    I agree with Annie, the spatulas would have been missed. You decorate your mantle so lovely for the holidays.


  9. sometimes you don't miss a good thing until its gone ....,,,,,, :)
    I for one, love it! it sounds like your other friends do too!

  10. I'm glad the mantle is back to cozy up your room as the days grow shorter... The trunks are perfect in front of it. Love the grain painted ones :) and your angel spatulas.
    Blessings, Patti

  11. Hi Robyn and Annie,
    Great move ... every home needs a mantle. Mine is now a big shelf with pegs above a credenza. It was the best I could come up with as I do miss not having a fireplace even if it is just for the ambiance it has to offer. Yours is perfectly PRIM ... Luv it.

    Peace to all,

  12. Hi Robyn,
    I have always loved your mantle and love it even more now with it's new coat of paint!
    It looks lovely with those wonderful trunks stacked in front of it and with those amazing "angel" spatulas!!! Tell Annie I think they look like angels and love them too!!
    Your new header with your wool bird and the alligator background is just wonderful!!
    Your hubby reminds me of mine as well...........real blessings and keepers!!!
    Take care, my friend, and have a great week!
    Warm Hugs~

  13. Absolutely love the look. The trunks are wonderful pieces and like Annie, I just love those spatulas. The color is perfect and really shows your treasures nicely.

  14. I love the new mantle color, the decor and oh those trunks!! Love it all... Your taste is exquisite!

  15. I was so happy as I kept on reading that you put the mantle back and also that your husband actually did it just as if it was the natural thing to do...my husband would have done it too - I guess they have lived with us long enough to know that if we un-do something, we will 'do-it' back up again LOL
    I love your new look - very warm and cozy. I'd keep it as is.

  16. So glad you put your mantle back, it looks great...

  17. I'm glad the mantel is back. :D It looks so beautiful with the trunks in front of it. Love those trunks! Love the "angels" too!