Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bits of Wool...Blobs of Paint

It's that time of year again. I delivered my "hand-dids" to my friend up in Dade City this past Saturday for her Fall Open House coming up this weekend. 

This scary guy is made out of an old oil can and a wonderful early orangey quilt...Annie thinks he's "hideous"...and scary. I told her that was the point!

I am not an artist...but I painted a couple of birds on old ledger paper. The frames are always the most fun for me. I love painting up folky frames. It will be interesting to see if these sell. We'll see.

I love working with wool, and finding subjects to interpret in wool applique is my latest obsession. This little turkey went to my friend's shop. The fellow in my header is from an early fraktur. You might remember my wonderful watercolor of this same fellow painted by Lori Brechlin. I came across the original antique fraktur on Pinterest and thought I might try stitching him up in wool. I'm still working on him...liking him so far. Mine was inspired by both the original antique and Lori's wonderful painting.


Remember in the 90's when everyone wore white Keds and white socks? They were so comfy and went with everything. I remember my mother-in-law and I buying the leather ones together. 

I was thinking about looking for a pair of tennis shoes and was poking around in Target and look what I found...sixteen $'s!!!

I love them! A flowered pair for Mom...

and a polka dot pair for my Annie! Love them! Now, where are my white socks?


Its raining here. It's been poring all summer! That's o.k.. At least it's not a hurricane!

Pumpkins and bittersweet are popping up all over blogland. Don't you love it?

Enjoy the day,


  1. Love your green-snouted goblin! I always wondered where Mugwump came from. My uncle called me "Brickhead" for years after he mistakenly thought he heard my best friend call me that. She called me "Bec Bec". Never could convince him otherwise. Does Mugwump have a meaning?

  2. Wow Robyn, you are quite multi-talented. I love that ugly critter and I've an old oil can myself. It's been a yard garden ornament so would need a little cleaning out but what great inspiration. And your paintings are awesome!!

    Keds at Target? Unfortunately doubt I'll get there before rug camp and if I did they'd probably be all gone. Lucky you.

  3. I am in love with both your birds and even your hideous jack. He is perfect for Halloween! Janice

  4. Robyn, how talented you are..I always enjoy seeing your beautiful works of art,,,your lovely home...your kitchen window display...It is so nice to know Fall is just around the however, it was 90 plus degrees with high humidity...Target..a girls best the choice in sneakers...especially Annie's...Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, hugs to Annie...

  5. I love those frames and I think your artwork is wonderful. I am having a wool hankering too. I keep thinking when it gets a bit cooler. I love those shoes!! I loved wearing my Keds with white socks too. I will have to go see if our Target has anything cute like that.

  6. Not an artist ?? I disagree ! Your work is lovely. Beautiful paintings.
    I have the polka dot sneakers. Comfy and perfect. A great bargain ;)

  7. Robyn, all of your creations are wonderful, especially love your art work and frames!!

  8. love your work all of it! Cute sneakers! Since I have to drive an hour for a target then I probably will not look for them.

  9. Love everything you made or are making. I don't agree that you aren't an artist. Love those birds! Love the pumpkin head! LOVE your wool applique! And of course, love the KEDS too! I snagged some on sale this past spring. :D

  10. Hello Robyn, I just love your creations and I'm guessing will be sold in no time!Those flowered sneakers are right up my alley!

    Enjoy the day!

  11. Robyn,
    You most certainly are an artist. I adore your birds and the perfect frames you painted.
    What fun tennies.
    Hugs :)

  12. Hi Robyn, love the bird you artist you. Cute shoes too,Blessings Francine.

  13. ah this is just a sweet post, I love those art works, and I had keds, sort of sienna rown sandy ones, I''d iike some more!

    polka dots, grin!

  14. Your work is gorgeous Robyn! You have an eye and great talent! You create, you design......the very definition of an artist!

  15. Wow Robyn your creations are gorgeous! I would say they have sold by now.
    The paintings are so pretty and framed just perfect.
    Oh yes, the Ked's - still have them and wear them now and then. My husband loves the look of tennies and socks - guess I do too.