Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August kitchen window

My August kitchen window is very simple.  

This great old Kay Cloud pear is the center of attention... 

...joined by a few of Mother Earth's offerings.

You may have noticed my colonial fellow by Anne Childs seldom leaves his post. I really enjoy this little guy and miss him if I put something else in his spot. I have a couple of Anne's wonderful paintings that I purchased from Anne when she and her husband John were doing a show here in Florida. 

Anne allowed me to take pics of her wonderful booth...someday I'll have to share them here. If you are ever close to a show where Anne and John are selling...go! You won't regret it....but you might have a hard time deciding which treasure to take home.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Hi Robyn, hope you and Annie have been enjoying your summer. I always enjoy seeing photos of your lovely home, you have acquired so many wonderful collections. BTW, your latest hooked rug is amazing! Sending hugs from Maine, Julie.

  2. Love peeking into your windows each month. Looks awesome Robyn! Janice

  3. So lovely! I'm glad your colonial fellow stays at his post. I love him!

  4. I always love your posts. How are the witch's coming? Are any of them for sale?

  5. Robyn, I also love Anne Childs art work!! However, I only have a couple of her notecards so far..your colonial young man is quite striking! I enjoy your window posts too! (:

  6. Hi Robyn,
    I love pears so much and have several favorites that I have made that always stay out!! Love yours with the real pears!! Your window looks beautiful as always and I am hoping that perhaps I will actually change mine for August, since I totally missed July!!! I love your colonial fellow too and he is a good soldier who stays at his post!!
    Have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~~

  7. Funny....I have been so wayward in my visits for so long now....but just the other day I looked out the weary "sameness" of my kitchen window and thought of you...and missed you.... I vowed to come visit...and when I finally made it here, what do I find, but a window post.... LOVE it.... Your Anne Childs' piece is amazing. I would love one...some day. Sounds like (in my brief catch-up) that your life has been busy and fulfilling as usual. Love your witchy poo's....and that book of Pennsylvania history with your family tidbits...what a treasure!!! Say "hey" for me to Sweet Annie....and glad the old barristers won the challenge....Perry Mason rocks. Smiles & August Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Love your August window. Your Kay Cloud pear is wonderful. Also enjoyed your "family" posting from yesterday, but sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.


  9. Your August window looks very pretty. I'm always amazed at what idea you are using. Very simple but effective.

  10. Love the sweet simpleness of it.
    Woolie Wednesday Blessings

  11. Morning, always enjoy your window decorating Robyn, love this August window......... Blessings Francine.

  12. I love simplicity! Your window area always looks so inviting. I just want to come right in and sit down.

  13. Wow, I'm starting to measure time by your beautiful windows. Can't believe it's August! Love the simplicity too.

  14. So very nice and refreshing. I love the pear!

  15. love your August window. It is so lovely to change it for the season.

  16. Lovely golden Pears.
    I can fruit, and I always have a fondness for Pears. (Spiced Pears)
    They are the last jewels of summer, here for only a couple weeks.
    A warm and inviing window scape. ;)

  17. I can see why you would miss that little guy. He has such a jaunty attitude, love him. I love the pears too.

  18. Pretty autumn window! I love your little guy, too!