Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meet Leo

I spy a few places that need some tweaking...but...he's taking on a personality.
 Today's main focus...mane.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Great colors, you'll have him done in no time. Have fun and keep us posted. JB

  2. Looing mighty fine and regal....

    What medium are you hooking him on? Linen, monks cloth, ?

  3. I just found you today, from a mutual friends blog, this lion looks amazing, I have done some of this work, years ago, my gramma was the onein our family that created this magic, she had a love for wool such as you do, its so nice to meet and follow you,

  4. *****greetings...the rug looks great...have fun! what i wanted to write about in in the form of a thankyou for sharing your stories of your daughter, annie. three years ago a little blond hair/blue eye boy with down's syndrome enter our live with
    a deeper involvement. my wife's oldest sister had this mid life baby and he is the youngest of his siblings by ten years. his name is patrick. his parents were going on a trip to celebrate an important anniversary and everyone was busy at the time and they needed a sitter for the two weeks of their planned trip. well, we offered that he come to stay with us at our home on an island off the coast of maine. how were we ever to know how this little fellow would turn our house upside down! he was
    twelve at the time and we had so much fun that when the two weeks were over, he didn't want to go home. i can well recall the phone conversation he had with his parents trying to convince them that he just HAD to stay. my wife and i were in a hallway outside the kitchen listening to his performance with towels in our mouths
    not wanting to let him know how much we were laughing. to his credit he won the debate and what was supposed to be two weeks turned into three months! mom and dad
    would come every two weeks to check up on him and i well understand how hard it is
    to let go...even a little. that summer we got him a little job bagging groceries and
    teaching him to put the money in the bank which thrilled him to no end. our youngest daughters were still coming home for their summer vacations from college and they spoiled him outrageously, taking him everywhere except on a date. THAT was
    an intersting conversation that i had to have with him about why he wasn't welcomed
    on that outing. the next intriguing conversation is when he caught one getting a goodnight kiss...heaven help me! my creative powers were at their best. the summer was spent with him learning to swim, enjoy the ocean, how to be part of a crew on
    a sailboat and most especially how to read some of the books he thought looked intersting. every night we would go over what he had read during the day so that he
    could ask questions and understand words or phrases. one of the funniest things was to watch him read...he mouthed everything and when the plot hit a high point his eyes would become as big as quarters and his mouth would drop open. such a delight!
    he begged his parents to let him return the following summer and we had just as much fun. the little job was still there for him plus all of the new friends that he had made. that summer i purchased a bike with the intentions of teaching him how to ride it. well, the girls beat me to the task and took him to a hill nearby, put him on the thing and let go. i arrived in time to see him pass by me at lighting speed and screaming with delight as he headed for the bottom of the hill. all i could think of was the telephone call to his parents from the emergency room! what is it with nicknames and their appeal with these little kids with down's? our manx cat, whose name is peter, climbes everything like a monkey. my nickname for him is
    "moneky man" and the two are inseperable. patrick mimicked him in climbing fences,
    small trees and anything else the two could find for adventure. one night i went into his room to turn off the light and there they were in bed together with patrick
    on his back and his arm over his eyes. peter was next to him on his back with his
    back paws in the air and his arm and paw over his eyes. who was imitating whom? so,
    patrick announced that his name was also monkey man and so there you have two little monkey men and their assorted adventures! this past summer he was promoted to stock boy, had a little girlfriend (which he mother didn't need to know about) and learned to water ski. coming out of the water together he really was frightened and turned around to cling to me. what is it with children and grabbing chest hair???

  5. *****to finish after we pulled up out of the water he turned around and had some fun.
    this summer was spent improving his sailing skills and he would crew on weekend regattas. he took home two trophies to show his family and friends. he was enthralled with the hardy boys series and coundn't wait to have one of us listen to him sort out the lines and their meanings. he is in a boys school in connecticut and is doing rather well being mainstreamed with his classmates. we have a better understanding of what you face and all the more richer in this life for the blessing of patrick. the house is quiet now...he can't wait for next years adventures...and i'm sure his little girlfriend...and peter. so, many blessing to you and your husband and especially to children like annie and patrick who open our hearts each day to a greater capacity of love. we raised eight gilrs...and had a great time with them. best of luck in the future and thanks again for allowing the rest of us to come to know your daughter from the outside.
    most sincerely,

    1. This is a very old post and I have no idea if this will find you...but...I reread this lovely story today and it made me smile. It was a hard day and I needed a smile. I hope you and yours are well, and that Patrick has succeeded in all his endeavors. Your comments were always met with appreciation...but today this one was was needed more than you will ever know. Blessings to you and yours...and Patrick.

  6. What a very handsome lion.

  7. Hello Robyn, I loves Leo already, him one great looking lion. Happy Hooking,Francine.

  8. You're really coming along there, looking good!

  9. Hi Robyn,
    It is already looking wonderful... How I envy you 'Hookers'. My granny Carrie was one and won several awards for her works at the Westchester County Fair, in N.Y. I tried but just did not have the knack... so I continue to paint on occasion.
    Anyways, I will check back to watch your progress... Have a Blessed Day, Barb