Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yesterday, Annie and I were delighted to find fresh bittersweet for sale at the Fresh Market. Bittersweet does not grow wild here in Florida, so we buy a few bunches every year.

I love this wild vine. To me,
it is a necessary element for Autumn decorating at our house. We anticipate it's arrival every year, and are so happy when, at last, it makes it's appearance.  

Today, I'll be playing with bittersweet and pulling out more seasonal favorites.

Annie spied this dish towel as soon as we walked in the door of the market and squealed with delight!

Owls and plaid...a perfect Fall combo now hanging out on our oven door handle.

Welcome to my new followers!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...full of good Fall fun!

Enjoy the day,

*Norma Schneeman Pumpkin*
**Angela Hillstrom's PumpkinThyme Doll*Inspired by Lori Brechlin"s Original Painting**


  1. Oh how I love Bittersweet...I think most of us bloggers love it - we can't harvest it along the roadsides here in will get a $300 fine if caught as it is such an invasive plant - but I know people do it all the time.
    I finally planted 2 plants in my gardens this past month (it has the male and female in one...yeah...)
    Love Annies little was just waiting for her.

  2. The Bittersweet looks great on the mantel along the other fall decorations and annie has agreat taste. I love her towel with the owls. Great choice.


  3. Such pretty fall decorating! I love Annie's choice of towel -- so cute! I love owls and plaid!

  4. Hi Robyn, , love that prim pumpkin and bittersweet, just beautiful.....Blessings Francine.

  5. Hi, Robyn,
    Your fall decoration is so beautiful, I love the simplicity of it. There used to be bittersweet around here, but it all disappeared in hot dry summers years ago. I usually buy some and use it outside, I can't use it inside because it is poisonous to the animals,

  6. Happy September Girlfriend....(Remember me??) Coming here for a visit is like coming home....warm, safe, and wonderful..... Beautiful bittersweet....It's funny that Karen says the plant is so invasive here.....As long as I've lived here, I've never seen it grow in the wild around us. Maybe we're just too far north.... Anyways....I have an order in for some and it should be here soon..... Like the old saying goes: "I shan't go to town while the bittersweet blooms...." ;o) Hope all is well.... Tell Annie she has impeccable taste....And, oh....I LOVE your sweet black kitties!!! Smiles & September Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Lovely autumn pics Robyn. Annie looks so happy with her owls!!!!!!!! Janice

  8. Great Schneeman pumpkin! Love your style of decorating.

  9. I love bittersweet also but I am careful to make sure it never gets planted on our property.

  10. I love bittersweet, too. My mother use to send some to me every year from Illinois. Tell Annie I like her dish towel.


  11. Love the crowning touch of Bittersweet !
    I agree with Annie, the owls are very sweet. ;)

  12. Beautiful pics. You are putting me in a fall mood! Love the kitchen towel.
    Have a great weekend!!

  13. Fabulous as always...I just brought two arm loads of bittersweet to my studio and plan to make little bunches for the Studio Tour. Love the Owls, remind me of my WHOOO...

  14. Love your touches of fall Robyn, beautiful pictures!

  15. Beautiful photos Robyn! Love your high country style!