Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The hustle and bustle of it all...

Punch needle turkey by Lori Rippey

My girl loves Thanksgiving. She will tell you it's because, "It's all about the food!".
It took us a long while to like Thanksgiving again. Eighteen years ago, on Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law enjoyed the day with her family at our house, got up from the table, went into Annie's room, sat down in her wicker rocker and quietly left this world. The memories of that night are always with us. Although Annie was only nine at the time, she remembers it all vividly...the firetrucks, the paramedics..."the bed" they rolled into her room. To say it was traumatic is a gross understatement. 

But time has a way of lessening pain...something for which we are truly grateful. Annie has wonderful memories of her grandmother. After a few years of healing, we were able to enjoy, once again, the festivities...and the turkey. We spend the day together, just the three of us, with our own traditions, making new memories.

 Contrary to what you might think, the spirit of "thanks" has been heightened by those events many years ago. We know how precious each minute is, and when we are together...well, we try to wring every second of joy out it. We can already feel that special holiday feeling in the air around here!


Over the weekend, I was looking for something and ran across these old Santa patterns. (Marly over at  Samplers & Santas has done wondrous things with this series).

The original price tag with .50 cents is still on them!

Only one fellow was finished...bought them...B.A....Before Annie. Hmmmm...Have to admit they have held up and still look as appealing as ever. Maybe I can get a few more done!


 My Christmas pomegranates have been bought and are drying in the kitchen.

 Mr.MW brought Annie's owl tree down from the attic this past weekend. She has been asking for it for a few weeks, so it will be unwrapped and lit this week. Why not? 

We're getting the Christmas spirit...not that we want to rush things...we just want more time to make merry..and bright. 

Enjoy the day,


  1. Oh my gosh, how traumatic for everyone! I'm glad that you all have embraced the tragedy and allowed it to make the holidays even more precious. I'm loving the decorating. Bring on the Christmas spirit!

  2. A lovely post Robyn...least we forget to hold our love one's close and to cherish each and every moment we share...looking forward to seeing Annie's owl tree...Greetings...

  3. Afternoon Robyn, touching post, Thanksgiving is such a family affair. ........Sweet Annie likes the food like me, yummy........love the Turkey rug and your decorating, Blessings Francine.

  4. Robyn thank-you for sharing your families story... I guess if I had to chose the day and hour when to leave this earth Thanksgiving after a wonderful meal and day with cherished family wouldn't be that bad! I'm so glad your family is able to celebrate now and enjoy the festivities while still honoring and remembering your mother in law.
    I agree... better get that owl tree out....time flies by so quickly!!
    Cathy G

  5. Hi, Marly, I've caught the Prairie Schooler santa bug too! I'm on my third one, all thanks to Marly :) I know what you mean about holidays and family passing, I lost my grandfather and father right after Christmas, it takes a while to get back into it.

  6. Wow. That would be a tough day, but to pass so peacefully is also a blessing.
    I have those same Prairie Schooler charts and came across them recently. I guess we (Marly, Melinda, you and I) are giving away our age...lol :)
    I love that turkey. Some day I want to hook it.
    Hugs :)

  7. Love the little santas, still are appealing, aren't they/
    Time does heal if we let it.
    So good the owl tree is coming out!
    Make the most of everything with your girl.
    Time does pass so quickly!

  8. After 18 years, time has softened the shock and you have turned a sad time into a celebration of precious memories. I love the food too and the company.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Annie's owl tree.

    have a great week.

  9. It was hard for me to enjoy Christmas for a long time as we buried my dad on Christmas eve morning 20 years ago. He loved Christmas though and I have purchased many silk red poinsettias as these were his favorites. I decided to start decorating for Christmas already starting with these poinsettias. Time does heal, and you begin to celebrae once again. Cannot wait to see the owl tree. Janice

  10. I am so glad that Thanksgiving is once again enjoyable for you. I am so sorry for the early loss of your MIL but thankful that Annie has wonderful memories of her.
    PS designs are the best and you are right they really don't become dated. I have a friend that has stitched every Santa, it is her New Year's tradition to stitch one on New Year's Day. They look amazing, she has them all framed.

  11. Your "real" story made me cry. Cry for your daughter and her parents at the loss of a loved one. Cry because you can be together knowing the preciousness and tenous thread that holds us together. Cry because I have similar losses and similar feelings especially during the holidays. Then when the tears dry I can enjoy things like Christmas trees and the true meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas and can say Hallejuh to the King. This was a wonderful post to share and thank you for the reminder to be ever ever Thankful! Karen in NC

  12. I'm sure that was a very tough time for all of you. I'm glad you are once again enjoying Thanksgiving. Love that turkey, so colorful!