Sunday, February 9, 2014

Annie's Sampler

My sweet and very talented friend Linda Babb made this wonderful sampler for Annie. We talked about motifs and colors and then Linda got to creating her magic. Annie and her dog, Clancy, are the main motifs...and a red heart above them is perfect.

It's a "shiny day" here in Florida...that's what Annie called a sunny day when she was very small. It makes it difficult to get pictures that do this sampler justice.

A brown owl and a red cardinal...some of Annie's favorite things! 

And, of course, her name.

My girl was all smiles when she opened this beauty on Christmas morning. She immediately saw her name and recognized Clancy and herself...and then the owl and red bird. She knows it was made just for her and like her...there is only one.

We are very lucky to have both of these originals living here at our home.


I'll be getting out my white slipcovers very soon. The sun is getting stronger and staying up longer and I don't want my newly covered sofa doesn't take much exposure down here to bleach out color.  

I have enjoyed the darker colors during the fall and winter but now it's time for a lighter look. Spring is on the way!

Enjoy the day,


  1. How sweet and thoughtful of your friend to make this for Annie. It looks like it was made a long time ago and has finally found it's proper home with Annie.

    I'm so glad that Spring is on it's way for you. It's still very cold and white here and no flowers or grass for a long time yet but I'm forever hopeful for the snow and ice to disappear one day.

    Enjoy your sunny Spring days.

  2. What a precious treasure Annie's new sampler is!! Special indeed!!
    I can just see her smiling as she admires all of her favorite things!!
    Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Warm Hugs~

  3. What a lovely sampler for Annie! What a treasure.
    The sunlight does seem to have more spring in it. I hope that we don't get the icky stuff this upcoming week!

  4. Afternoon Robyn, what a lovely sampler, so beautiful and special. Annie must hold it dear to her heart. Blessings Francine.

  5. Such a lovely sampler for Annie! I love it! I'm glad you think spring is on the way. It certainly doesn't feel like it around here. Sigh.

  6. At first I thought this was an antique! Gorgeous. What a great friend to make this for Annie! Janice

  7. Aw. Annie's sampler is just too sweet.
    Please send a shiny day up north. We sure could use it.
    Hugs :)

  8. I love that sampler so cute and I am sure Annie loves it too.

  9. How precious a sentiment for Annie to cherish..... I can see the beaming face light up......

  10. so very fitting and sweet for your girl, just love it!

  11. Good for you, Annie. You created a wonderful piece all about you. Great work!

  12. What a nice gift for lucky she is.
    LOVE your sofa...especially love the flame stitch fabric. I've had my eye on that fabric for a while..would love a wing chair in it.

  13. What a sweet little sampler, it has all the things so dear to Annie's heart stitched into it.
    Just perfect!

  14. What a sweet story about the sampler. It will be special for a long time.
    I also have problems with my furniture fading from the sun.
    So we had the windows treated with a film that blocks out the sun rays.
    Now my furniture doesn't fade.

  15. A beautiful and special gift to treasure.
    Right about now, I could use sun so strong it bleaches out color ! lol
    Snow storm on the way...

  16. What a beautiful treasure for Annie.
    I love it.
    Come on Spring we are all ready.
    Woolie Blessings