Thursday, April 24, 2014

...a humble little house

We celebrated our twenty fifth anniversary in our little cottage this month. What began as our "starter house" turned into our forever home as the years passed and the memories piled up.

We grew too attached to leave, and though we outgrew this humble little house many years ago, here we stay. It is our home...our favorite place...our refuge from the storm.

I went house shopping years ago. I looked at larger and newer homes. I looked for several days. In the end, I liked my little house the best. 

Over the course of those twenty five years, we have made many improvements...wood floors, new kitchen and baths, new windows. We have replaced everything at least once...many twice....some even three times. We have stretched every closet to it's limit, and watched neighbors come and go. The memories of family no longer with us linger within it's walls. We are home.

Our front door got a new color to celebrate the big day. This door has been deep blue (when we moved in), black, Windsor green, red, mustard yellow...and now...back to black...Mopboard Board Black by Benjamin Moore to be exact. Our most recent roof is black...the shutters are black...the house is white...I like it.

Yesterday, I filled a basket with cotton and hung it on the door.

Every January I buy a few bunches of cotton when we go to Thomasville, Georgia for the day. I have displayed it in crocks and bowls, but always had it in the back of my mind to fill a basket for the door...a Southern welcome. 

Something different to kick off many more years in our little cottage.

Enjoy the day,


A good read on the subject of cotton is...


  1. Love your front door and display Robyn. It reminds me of the happy times spent during my Summers in North Carolina. There was cotton a plenty!

    Happy Day!

  2. Your forever homes sounds perfectly wonderful and the basket of cotton on your front door is delightfully unique. I love the use of those plants for decorating too. Now I have to go and find some...but, it will not be in the Mojave Desert. Off I go, on another one of those challenging excursions.
    Love your Post, Enjoy the day,

  3. You've captured the most important aspect of a house that makes it a home, not a structure, filled with love and memories. Your cottage is a castle. I love the front door with the soft white against the new paint.

  4. Good Fay Robin, your little cottage home sounds cozy. I love the look of the Cotton hanging on the door, wonderful. Hugs Francine.

  5. The snippets of your humble little house that you've shared with us have all been wonderful. May you have many more years of memories there.
    Hugs :)

  6. ...Your home is so welcoming and charming, I wouldn't leave either! :o)

    ...Love the basket of cotton on the front door too!

    ...Here's to many more bliss-filled years in your sweet lil' cottage!

    ...Peace & blessings. :o)

  7. Hi Robyn,
    The old saying, "Home is where the heart is", certainly comes to mind as I read your post today!! How wonderful to be able to gather all of those memories close and hug them to your heart!! Perhaps you should call it "Treasure House" for it holds so many treasured moments and memories!!!
    Wishing you many, many more, my friend!!
    Warm Hugs~
    P.S.- I absolutely LOVE your cotton filled basket and black door, another favorite color of mine!!!

  8. Happy anniversary! I love seeing peeks of your home. It's so cozy and so obviously and place full of warmth and love. Love the cotton and basket too!

  9. Happy 25th Anniversary Robyn... What makes a home is all the love you put in over the years. Your house looks so warm and inviting, I would not be able to leave it it either after putting so much of yourself in it.

    The cotton decoration on the door is the bomb. I just love it.What a nice way to say welcome.


  10. Happy Milestone 25th anniversary! Love your new "old" door and it certainly has its Southern charm now with the basket of cotton. Looks great! Janice

  11. sounds like it has been the perfect home.....Happy Anniversary

  12. I believe you made the right decision to stay and make your cottage your forever home filled with memories. Congrats 25 yrs. Love your basket and cotton.

  13. Happy 25th Anniversary, Robyn....LOVE the front door of your home...and the basket of cotton is PERFECT on the door.


  14. There's no place like home! Happy Anniversary!

  15. Your home reflects your love. We can see it in every photo, every new kitchen window., every paint color...

  16. Robyn...congratulations on twenty five years of marriage....what a blessing! And, being from Texas, I LOVE the cotton basket on your door!!

  17. Happy Anniversary!!
    Your black door looks beautiful with your cotton basket.
    xo Louise