Thursday, August 7, 2014

Name Game Give-Away

This lady came to life today. My dolls are in my head...itching to get out. I am always happy when they resemble the doll I see in my mind's eye.

I usually love coming up with names for my Mugwump Woolies...something that suits their personality. Today, I am drawing a blank. I'm hoping you all might help give this sweet gal a name.

She's a tall one...thirty six inches. She's wearing an antique baby shirt...dyed black...that compliments her wool skirt. 

She's crazy for cats...especially black...and totes them about in her leather purse.

She's "old school"...her shoes match her purse.

Her stockings (legs) are made from the lining of an antique choir robe...her pumpkin noggin is made from the outside of the velvet robe. The robe, in it's advanced age, has become's color softened to a beautiful caramel.

A string of vintage buttons circles her neck...the colors the very same that appear in her skirt. Her nose is an old coverlet piece and her eyes are antique shoe buttons. 

Hopefully, all this info will help someone out there help me christen this gal.

If I pick your contribution, or am influenced by your suggestion, these little black cats will come your way...with a few surprises thrown in, as well. Perhaps a green witch?  I'll announce the winning name next Friday, August 15th. 

Rules? You must be a follower and leave a comment on this post, with a name you think might agree with this girl. Lower 48 states. 

This dolly will be going to my friend's wonderful antique store in Dade City for the fall open house on September 16.

Put your thinking caps on!

Enjoy the day,


  1. I love your posts and love your doll. I think her name should be "Miss Frieda Mae". :)

  2. Love love love her. And how cool are those stockings.
    I'm thinking Miss Kat O' Dell or Kitty O'Dell :)
    Woolie. Joy

  3. Your doll is purrfect. I can see why naming her is a big task.
    I'll call her Miss Cathyann until she gets a better name. You did a great job on her and I love her shoes and stockings. The kittens in the purse are a nice addition


  4. Isn't she beautiful! Mmm.....I think I would pick the name Penelope Pumpkin and her sweet pussy cats.

  5. How fun is this! Miss Buttercup Sprague is my nae for this cutie. Good Luck to everyone and thanks for the giveaway Robyn. Janice

  6. My first thought was Pearlie Mae. Why you might ask? I haven't a clue.
    Hugs :)

  7. She's wonderful! I don't know why, but the name that popped into my head was Penny. No good reason at all. It just somehow popped up. Any girl who likes cats is good by my book though. :D

  8. Since Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies all I can think of Louisa or ouisa as she was called. she was a grump but so soft in the middle.

  9. Hi Robyn,
    I love your sweet doll and all of the amazing things you used to bring her to life!! I actually have two name ideas for you and will let you decide which (if either of them) you might like better! The first name is Gourdelia Buttonwood and her 3 Kittykins! The second name is Chordelia (for the choir robe) Pumpkinseed and her 3 Purseycats!
    Have fun choosing her new name! She is really wonderful!!
    Sending hugs~

  10. Miss Prudence Punkinhead comes to mind. Thank you for showing her off!

  11. I think she looks like Tallulah Bankhead. Giggle
    She's just wonderful, love her shoes.

  12. Hmmm, she looks like a 'Purcell' to me. ;)

  13. Oh she is prim perfect Robyn. Maybe Gretchen Girdy will be her name, tee hee. blessings Francine.

  14. Lovely doll! How about Miss Carmela Kitty Pumpkinhead?

  15. I don't know why, but when I look at her, Penelope P comes to mind.

  16. What a grand lady Robyn! I love her from her old button necklace to her spiffy shoes. I'm afraid I'm old school too.......hard to get away from the matchy, matchy thing!
    Hugs, Lori

  17. I think she looks like "AutumnMae Doolittle.

  18. She is So Cute !!! Her nose, her legs & little purse filled with Kitty's & those shoes are so neat !!! I can't think of a clever name, but lots of the above names are really good ! Love her necklace too !

  19. Lashes is a name I came up with. She is adorable.

  20. Robyn, she is lovely...such wonderful touches you have given far as a name is concerned...Sweet Hattie Mae Pumpkinstein...Sending greetings from Maine...Hi to Annie, Julie...

  21. Hi to Robyn and Annie... Your newest young lady is quite special. I'm afraid I'm a bit of old school, too, and would give her an old fashioned triple name. It would be Cora Ora Ovalie. Whatever name you both choose, someone will be very lucky to adopt her. :)

  22. Hi Robin, I'm going with Purcilla. Honoring the fab purse and the kitties.

  23. Hello Robyn- I am a new follower of your wonderful Blog.
    Love your new doll, she is so sweet! She looks like a "Miss Autumn" to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  24. She is adorable and looks like a Patience Primrose to me.

  25. She is so sweet......Mavis Kitkins comes to mind.

  26. What a sweet Autumn offering. She looks like a Miss Sugar Punkin to me!!!!

  27. Hi Robyn, I love your lady. The name I would suggest is Ms. Bellatrix and friends (Midnight, Shadow and Boo).


  28. Hi there, I think her name should be Polly Ochre and her sweet bag of kitties. :)

  29. Hi Robyn, I have enjoyed your blog you blog for a while now.. I love to see your new window displays for each month.. I don't have a blog of my own but I love to read what other wonderful women, like you, are "up to"..
    I think that "Frannie Robin Autumn" and her "Daffy, Bubba and Boo" would be a wonderful name for this wonderful girl and her kitties. She's a beautiful creation with all of the love and thought that went into her..
    Wishing you and your family a very special Autumn and the rest of the most wonderful time of the year..
    Charlotte in Virginia

  30. Eliza Rumple , grin :)

    Hope you find a terrific one that suits her perfectly!