Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm a fan of the talented Maggie Bonanomi and have decided to hook this fun rug from her latest book.

I have never transferred a paper pattern to linen. I have some of that red dot paper and a black Sharpie ready to go.  And I've had the pattern blown up to the recommended size. Any advice would be most welcome. 


Thomas Jefferson was not the only notable person we met on our trip to Philadelphia. We paid a visit to Betsy Ross and found her sewing away in her shop.

She took time to come out to her garden area and cut a five point star for Annie. Annie was a bit intimidated as Betsy was talking "in character".  

Elfreth's Alley is a beautiful block of original 18th and 19th century houses...continually lived in for the last three hundred years.

George Washington's chair is the only original piece of furniture in Independence Hall. Lucky save!

Of course we met Rocky...on a cold and rainy day!

Then warmed up with some hot soup at the local Whole Foods. And scored some 

great Halloween cookies for dessert.

The iconic symbol for the city of brotherly love.

Annie and Clancy awaiting breakfast from room service. The kid knows how to enjoy life! The night before she even scored a bottle of ginger ale...soda is banned at our house. 

I spent a lot of time looking out this window. That's Logan Circle out there. I sat here day and night...knitting, drinking tea, watching...just being. It was a highlight of the trip for me!

Saying goodbye to the Four Seasons...Philadelphia...Annie and Clancy are anxious to get home!

It's chilly here this morning and I'm loving it!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Robyn, What a beautiful view you had from the hotel, I would have sat there for as long as possible too. Oh and what a fun visit you all had!! Thanks for sharing!
    Love that MB pattern, I would trace it onto red-dot then onto your backing.
    Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  2. Robyn,
    I just got my Maggie B book last week. I love that pattern too. I would pin your red dot to the paper pattern, making sure it's straight and trace onto the red dot. Then pin your red dot pattern on top of your linen and do the same, making sure it's on the straight of the grain of your linen. You may have to go over the design again once you pull off the red dot. I use my big quilt basting pins to pin my pattern. Can't wait to see your progress!
    Love all the pictures of your trip. So much history. Have a great day. Hugs, Lori

  3. Thank you for a wonderful post. I love seeing you with your daughter. As I have written before I have a handicap granddaughter. She would be shy if someone like Betsy Ross talked to her! The views of the city have inspired me to go there someday. I love history before the 1950's. Especially Colonial history. This year my husband and I are going to see the Grand Illumination in Williamsburg! I am so excited to see the decorations and my favorite houses again. I hope you get lots of time to work on the rugh and snuggle with your daughter.

  4. Oh Annie is so sweet, I want to give her a big hug. Wonderful trip, enjoy your travel pictures Robyn. Blessings Francine.

  5. Hi Robyn,
    Such wonderful pictures of an amazing trip!! Loved you all with the Rocky statue!! Your window certainly seemed the perfect spot to watch and dream!! I love seeing you all together on these trips.......priceless!!
    Give Annie a big hug from me today!
    Big Hugs to you~

  6. Robyn, I usually tape my pattern on a window with masking tape and pin my backing over the pattern with straight pins and I make sure the pattern line is straight on the grain of the backing and I trace with a black Sharpie. I do this during the day so the light can come through. I really love that cute pattern.

    The trip sounds like a lovely time. Too bad about the rain during the trip but some places really needs it.

    Take care,
    Hugs to you and Annie.

  7. Wow, the view from your hotel room! Spectacular! No wonder you enjoyed it so much. I would have too! I've enjoyed seeing so much of Philly. That street of 300 year old house fronts is amazing! Good luck with the rug -- I can't wait to see this one progress!

  8. It looks like a great time was had by all. Your rug looks great good luck with the transfer. I hate to transfer patterns.

  9. I love Maggie's new book! Such good pictures of your trip!

  10. Robyn What I would like to add to what's already been said about tracing your pattern from the red dot to your backing is to make sure that you have a brand new juicy Sharpie pen so that it will bleed more easily through the red dot to your backing fabric.

  11. Robyn, there is a sticky cloth you can get at Menards or a store like that we use in the Design world to repair plaster. Sounds strange, but works like a charm. It's a mesh so you can lay iy over your pattern and trace your pattern on to it and then lay it over your linen and trace over again. It works and you have a permanent pattern.

  12. Good luck with the rug..never did one before. Great pics of your trip. Those Halloween cookies look yummy! Janice

  13. *****it's very need for the extra "stuff"...simply place your pattern on
    a table, place and pin the linen on top and you can see through the holes of
    the foundation to trace the design. very simple!

  14. I found your lovely blog , life and world on the net today :) I shall add you to my list, as I cant wait to pop back and see what you have been doing. Have a lovely day and see you very soon :) xxx